Food Truck Festival Feeds Fairgoers

September 11, 2011

Today we hosted over 20 of Southern California’s tastiest food trucks at the infield of the Fairplex Park– that’s right, we were noshing on food as horses raced around the track. Too cool! America’s love affair with the food truck is in part because they are just, well, fun. And their names are probably some of the most fun. Shrimp Pimp, Truck Norris, Great Balls on Tires… who comes up with this stuff? The food is also pretty great too.
If you owned a food truck, what would you serve and what would you call it? Answer below for the chance for some fun fair prizes!


  1. I would call my food truck chunky monkey because I would serve all my entrees with a side of my version of this ice cream as a desert… I would serve comforting dishes like nachos with asada meat, guacamole (freshly made) with chips, bacon wrapped hot dogs made with Nathan weiners and served Mexican street style, charbroiled cheeseburgers, and pizza.

  2. MMM, sounds delicious Frances! Please let us know when it opens. 🙂

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