The Next Top Chef in Training

September 10, 2011

When I think of kids cooking, my mind wanders back to my childhood days when I’d play with my Easy-Bake Oven. This cooking competition is a bit more advanced then that. Last night, 22 youngsters from 5-18 years showed off their baking skills at the Farmhouse Kitchen in FairView Farms in the Favorite Cookie competition. The cookies were judged on taste and appearance, with several original flavors (Almond Joy Cookie? Yum!). The judges certainly had their work cut out for them, but in the end four overall winners emerged in each category. Congrats to our winners and thanks to all our participants—each cookie was definitely a treat! We look forward to seeing you on future episodes of Top Chef.

2011 L.A. County Fair Favorite Cookie Contestants

Best of Division Winners
Youth (ages 5 through 8): Dylan made Dream Cookies with chocolate and cinnamon.

Pre-Teen (ages 9 through 12): Sarah of Covina made Gingersnap Cookies that the judges said were the best they had ever had.

Teen (ages 13 through 18): Katlyne made an Almond Joy Cookie that the judges said was "very, very, very good"

4-H (any 4-H member age 5-18): Julius of the Pomona 4H made an Almond Roca Cookie

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