One Stitch = Giant Sock

September 4, 2011

A world record was set at the Fair today – the world’s biggest knit sock was completed. Newton’s Yarn Country of Anaheim hosted the knitting of the Giant Sock this morning and afternoon in Tapestry. More than 100 Fairguests, whether they were seasoned or newbies, got to knit a stitch or two or 20. Newton’s co-owner Helen Koshak and volunteers were on hand to help anyone who was unsure of their knitting skills.
The Giant Sock started in 2006 in England. The original idea was just a giant circular knit for National Knitting week. But days before the event, the idea to create a giant record-breaking sock was born.
The Giant Sock consists of 1,500 stitches cast onto circular needles and measures almost 23 feet in diameter and currently is 13 feet in length. The sock has traveled around the world, and will be sent back to England were the foot portion will be added. Then it will be given to the Guiness Book of World Records for display.
Thanks to LA County Fairguest who participated.


  1. Hi! How do I find the winners of the bread baking competition?

    • Hi! Amy has all the winners of contests that were judged pre-fair (and I believe that includes bread). You can email her at apond @

  2. Thanks so much!

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