Find the Wonders of Nature at the Fair

August 23, 2011

Ever wanted to wander the meadows of Yosemite? Marvel at the Grand Tetons in Wyoming? Behold the ancient trees of the Sequoias? Or relive your vacations to all of these places? You’re in luck—the 2011 L.A. County Fair will dazzle and delight you with the flora and fauna of America’s national parks at the Flower & Garden Pavilion.
The Wonders of Nature: A Tribute to National Parks will have you traveling through some of America’s most treasured sites. From deserts to lush forests, there are a variety of landscapes that will be on display. Of course there will be plenty of plants, trees and vegetation from our national parks, but will also have real wildlife you can see in our new Wildlife Preserve. Meet our birds of prey, visit with the our very own owl Bandit, see Tut the king snake, Rickey the rabbit, Pockets the opossum, and more!
You can visit the exhibit with our guides and get a closer look at what fascinating foliage and animals live in our national parks. You’ll see how so many amazing and different species live together.
The Wonders of Nature: A Tribute to National Parks runs throughout the Fair and is open during Fair hours. Entrance is free with admission to the Fair!
Tell us what you think: Which is your favorite national park and why? Respond below for a chance to win a fun Fair prize!


  1. As an old geezer, I have been to several national parks in my lifetime. They all offer something different and they are all great. I think I’d have to put the Grand Canyon at the top of my list. It is awesome on several levels, a geological history of the planet, continuously occupied from ancient Anasazi to present, varied flora and fauna in several ecological zones, the beauty and the grandeur, that old river that is a water source for millions of people. I could go on and on. Anyone can access this natural wonder in multiple ways–tourist, hiker, photographer–wheelchair bound or not.

  2. Such great answers… I guess you all get a prize! Thanks for sharing your national park memories. We’re excited to celebrate their history and majesty at the Fair this year. Hope to see you all there, too. Contest is closed, but would still love to hear more memories!

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