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August 20, 2011

Nothing is sweeter than spending time with your family, and the Fair knows that!  With tight budgets and a challenging economy,  we know what you want: things to do with your family that are cost effective!  With tons of great admission promotions (bring a few children’s books your kids have outgrown and voila, a ticket to the Fair during Book Drive Thursdays) it’s up to you what you make of your day.  Here are some helpful hits at fun FREE family activities while at the Fair:
10.  Swing in the Trees with Mojo – It’s a jungle out here at the L.A. County Fair – literally! The hillside above the Flower & Garden Pavilion has transformed into an interactive, living jungle.
9.  Travel back to the Land of Frogs, Princesses and Knights – Escape into a land of frogs, princesses, and knights and let your imagination run wild as you embark on a journey to a place full of wonder and magical allure. Once you cross the drawbridge you will enter into a world where princesses reign, knights fight for honor and fairy tales are born.
8.  Team up with Smokey Bear at Wilderness Ridge – Discover the wonders of the great outdoors when you explore the beauty of Mother Nature right here at the L.A. County Fair. Go back in time and learn about the logging industry that took place across the United States in the early 1900s.

7.  Arr and Arf in Pet’s Ahoy – An animal adventure on the high seas- Ahoy mateys!  Well, it’s official…the pirates have gone to the dogs…and cats, and birds, and rats!  Pillaging pirates have invaded Bark Park – but don’t worry, we let the dogs out and they are fighting back!
6.  Stomp Around with the Dinosaurs – Learn all about the Giganotosaurus, Dimetrodon, Dilophasaurus, Tyrannosaurus and many more along your journey through Jurassic Planet.
5.  Celebrate Your Community with a Parade – Join us every day of the Fair as we honor our local communities and organizations with a grand parade dedicated especially for them!  Each parade will include elements from the Fair neighborhoods, high school bands, grounds acts and entertainment, classic cars, floats and much more!
4.  Watch a Milking Demonstration – Visit Daisy’s Education Barn where you’ll learn where milk comes from in the milking parlor as you watch the cows milked the old fashion way. Then walk next door to Cindi’s Curds & Whey Barn where you can learn how to make ice cream, butter, cottage cheese and cream cheese the old-fashioned way all day.
3.  Pet an Animal – In the Farm House Friends Petting Barn at The Big Red Barn you can pet some furry barnyard friends in one of the largest petting barnyards anywhere.
2.  Surround Yourself with Science in America’s Kids – Physics, chemistry and kinetics are all around us… every day. Every time we bounce a ball, bake a cake or wash our hands, the basic principles and laws of science are present.
1.  Hang out in California’s Heritage Square – Experience early California history. Tour the Little Red School House and imagine you’re a student in the 1920s, visit the Riverside Farm House which was built in 1922 and even pan for gold and meet our resident miners.
See you in 14 days!!!


  1. Where is the county fair rural stuff, like livestock competitions?
    I can’t even find the table setting competition day. ?

  2. still heart broken over the dismantling of the Giant Slide! =0( sadly, it’s not even mentioned in the fair history section on the web site that it had it’s last year in 2010!! To me the fair lost a little of its shine. As a child this was the ONLY ride my parents would give my sister and I money to ride.

  3. I have been coming to the fair since I was born (38 yrs) and I’m so disappointed at the things that have been taken away! The Toad in the Hole – the sign was an icon. Animal competitions – my dad bought me a blue ribbon winning rabbit one year. Cash prizes – I used my prize money to buy my dancing school costumes every year. And now the Giant Slide – that one ” ride” we were allowed to ride and with our daddy, which made it extra special. My boys have ridden that slide with their daddy every year. Last yr was the first fair I missed and had no idea the slide was gone. My children cried when they ran to their favorite attraction and found it gone. There was something so basically and beautifully American about those things. I’m so sad that my children have been robbed of them.

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