No GPS Needed to Navigate Our Fair

July 22, 2010

When you visit the L.A. County Fair this year, you’ll notice something is a little different. Actually, a LOT of things are different! We’ve been building, moving, grading, shifting and lifting many things around the grounds to make all areas of the Fair easier for our guests to navigate. We are shaping up beautifully and I think you are going to love the results! It’s like we went to a 12-month Day Spa and came back refreshed and ready to greet our more than one million guests.
The first big change you’ll notice is the carnival has moved a bit southeast. It will be located closer to the center of the fairgrounds, in between the Flower & Garden Pavilion and the grandstand. The Grandstand Pavilion shopping area and the bbqs and spas have moved to make way for the carnival. The fabulous Ray Cammack Shows carnival will be back again for its 26th year with all the great rides, games and food you’ve come to enjoy – just in a new locale!
For all you shopaholics like me, we’ve located all the shopping in one convenient spot – the Shopping Place. This isn’t completely new. The Shopping Place has always been located in the shopping buildings. But now ALL products and vendors will be in that neighborhood, including along the thoroughfares between the buildings. There will be the Shopping Shuttle Express, presented by Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics, that will take shoppers from Yellow Gate and back. The Grandstand Pavilion was removed to make way for the carnival, so all vendors who were in the pavilion are now at the Shopping Place.
The Sunset Cabana is gone, replaced by Outdoor Living, were all the spas and bbqs will be located. This is located on Broadway, near the clock tower.
A Pirate’s Life has moved to behind the Shopping Place, near Red Gate. Esmeralda’s Traveling Circus, a new attraction, will be on Redwood Street. Behind the circus will be the new Gypsy Camp, near the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel and Red Gate entrance. The camp will be full of unusual and strange sights to behold!
See? Lots of new things in new settings. I know you will love it! Forty-four days!


  1. Just a quick note to say that I hope you have made the right decisions as to making all these changes to the La County Fair. while, I know and understand that fair attendace is down, and prices have gone up expecially on renting space. However, people don’t like change. I walked through the Fair today looking for work and was shocked to learn that they actually tore down the “food court” When asking why? The comment was cause it had termites. This place has been in place in the same location since the La County Fair started in the 50’s. You couldn’t make some repairs to leave the history?
    Then I find out your making changes to the “Fun Zone”. Your r emoving the rides and making it a parking lot and moving the rides across the grandstand area. How sad it that? Also, the Giant Slide? Please don’t take it down!
    Fair-goers have seen many changes throughout the years, but nothing like this. I hope this doesn’t completely change the minds of the Fairgoers to not want to come to the Fair and it eventually will go bankrupt!
    Heard that the City of Pomona is wanting to build some housing on this property. I hope this is not next!
    I certainly hope that Thummer and his pals are back next year!
    Looking forward to your reply!

  2. Hello,
    Where can I find my favorite vendors formerly located at the old Grandstand Shopping Pavilion area?
    Are they all in the same building or outdoor area?
    I’m trying to be open minded about the changes, but boo hoo hoo

  3. I must say that the new changes that have been made are not great. Navigating the fair grounds have become much more complicated. I generally attend the fair at least 2 times a season, however, I do not believe I will be going back, at least this year. I’m hoping that fair officials make the decision to return it to its former state.

  4. Changes…Changes.. forget the history.. Hope and change is the new mantra. I have to say I miss the old days of the fair where you had
    a feeling that you were welcome. Only the dollar seems to matter there. You cannot even get a free cup of water there.
    I miss the central clock it was a meeting place and people could leave messages and wait for others that might meet you. No place to sit now, in the central clock’s place are new cars to shop for. Great for one car maker. Might as well make it auto row.
    The food court was also a familiar site. In its wake we have more
    vendors now to sell the exact same foods at the exact same $8 hot dog prices, hooray. The beer vendors seem to be thriving all over the park. You can find beer, but free water… forget it. You have to try and bring your own or pay $4 for a cup of lemonade.
    I saw a live radio show at the fair where the radio host was broadcasting some type of contest involving passing balloons. It
    would have been fun for all had it been in English. Only those
    that understood the language were able to participate.

  5. Change is good, but in this case, not so good. I go twice a year, the first with family, the second with my best friend. This year was different. First, we found out that there was not going to be a firework display. We always looked forward to that, it was then that we knew it was time to hit the swap meet type venues that are no longer there. I used to shop there because it was closer to the exit and they had the best deals, but it’s gone and replaced with the extention of the carnival rides. This was the first time I left the fair with only one item I purchased and I ate it on the way out. I thought the shopping was a bit confusing. If it wasn’t broken, why fix it? Can we bring it back and not spread it all over the fair, my feet were so sore after searching for the venues only to find out the changes were not so great and mostly disappointing. And what happened to the clock? It was a great meeting place if you got separated from your group.

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