Going Back to the Time of Knights, Damsels and Castles

July 7, 2010

akGood day good sirs and ladies! How fare thee? I, the mistress Fair-ey Blogster, doth agree to indeed bring cheer through the sharing of delights regardeth A Time Long Ago...Ok, my Old English Renaissance speak is pretty plague-sore. What I am trying to say is I want to whet your appetite for this year’s Fair by previewing our America’s Kids exhibit – A Time Long Ago…The Fair brings medieval times back to the future and a fantastic time will be had by all, be you knave or knight, damsel or dragon.
A big Huzzah is bestowed upon Mistress Nancy Bates and her excellent well staff who are creating what is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages (meaning arthuryou, too, mom and dad). Fairplex building 10 is being transformed into a lavish castle and village, complete with a forest right in the middle. By completion, it will have taken Nancy and crew three month to paint, nail and reconstruct this medieval majesty. Nancy, a most excellent seamstress by profession, even designed and sewed the 30 period costumes you will see staff wearing during the Fair.
Inside the building, one section will be the village, with peasants, games and archery. The other side will be nobility, with a king, queen and wizard (who will join in the Fair’s daily parades) and the town with a library and the medieval kitchen where some interesting cooking (using no modern appliances) will take place.
The forest, which will inhabit the middle of the building, will be an interesting place, as it is the magical spot where myths and legends and fairy tales were born. There will be tons of activities involving fairies, unicorns, trolls and there will even be real dragons!
Kids can enroll in Knight School. We’ll have costumes to try on, so even you can be king or queen for a day. It’s going to be amazing, so don’t miss A Time Long Ago…presented by King Taco. Keep coming back to the blog as we post the “transformation” photos of how one building turns into a complete village of the Middle Ages!
Now, off with you!


  1. I do hope that the time period that you guys are re-creating that you are not mixing the time periods of “The Rennaisance” and medieval time periods are 2 different things.
    Curious if this is a learning tool or just for entertainment?
    I realize that if this is geared toward children they will not know the difference. But they will be learning the wrong things about what is being presented.
    This is just my opinion.
    If you are familiar with the Ren Fair at the Dam in Irwindale then this sounds similar but there are some other things that you are trying to cram in.
    It will be interesting to see.
    Come over and visit the Garden railroad when you get a chance during the Fair.

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