Fred Flintstone Would Love This

August 31, 2009

ribsJust heard we’ve added Dino Ribs to the Fair Food menu. Of course, the minute I heard, I thought of that Bedrock carhop ploppin’ a slab of ginormous ribs on the side of the Flintstones car. Yabba dabba yummy!
The L.A. County Fair Dino (pronounced Dy-no) Ribs are big, juicy beef ribs, with one rib being over a foot long. Wow! that could feed Fred, Wilma, porkribsPebbles and Dino (pronounced Deeno). Oh yeah, and their sabertoothed cat, too.
This all fits in perfectly with our Jurassic Planet exhibit! We are taking the Fair back in time with prehistoric-sized fun and food.


  1. Isn’t this just a beef rib?

  2. These ribs were so good. Had them 2 days ago and connot stop thinking of them. We asked if they visited the San Diego fair. No Luck. Tried googling the restaurant. Couldn’t find a good source. Is there a place to relish these ribs in the cold non-fair seasons?

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