Yaks, Donkeys and Goats, Oh My!

August 19, 2009

gidgetthedonkeyOne of my favorite spots at the Fair, probably my most favorite spot, is FairView Farms and the Big Red Barn®. There is something serene about communing with the cows, goats and all the other critters that inhabit the farm. During the Fair we have our resident cowboy Sky Shivers who comes from his home in Oklahoma to care for the farm. He spends everyday at the farm, educating visitors about animals (like Gidget, left, the miniature Sicilian donkey) and agriculture, and the parts they play in life around the globe. He is a well of knowledge. Hang around the farm and you will learn some things you never knew before.
This year Sky has several new exhibits and attractions in the farm:

According to Sky the goal of FairView Farms is to educate people about the reality of the animal world. That includes interesting facts like, in some cultures, every part of the hog “except the squeal” is used for food. That makes the hog the perfect animal, said Sky, because it is 100 percent consummable.  Another fact: 96 percent of a car is made from animal by-products.
What can you expect to see in FairView Farms this year? The nursery is being expanded and will include such unusual critters as a baby water buffalo, baby yaks and baby miniature donkeys – all along with their moms. The entertainment barn will have goat milking. You can milk a goat then move over to the goat barn and see an expert make butter, cottage cheese and ice cream using the goat milk! See, we are very self-sustaining here at the Fair – nothing goes to waste!
There will be a miniature pony exhibit, expanded pig races and Amegiantdonkeyrican Mammoth donkeys (pictured right). The donkeys were first brought to the United States as a gift from the King of Spain for George Washington. Washington let the Colonists use and breed the donkeys and, voila, the American Mammoth donkey was born. These donkeys tend to be about 14 hands high (one hand=4 inches) but can go up to 16 hands high.
So, stop by FairView Farms. It’s edu-tainment at its best!

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