A Month of Fun for $24.95

July 9, 2009

slide2For all of you hardcore fans of the L.A. County Fair, those of you that will come more than two times during our run, have you heard about the Season Pass? Well, let me tell you about it. Have we got a deal for you!
It’s like the Fair’s own stimulus package. For just $24.95, you can purchase a pass that will get you in all 23 days of the Fair, weekdays and weekends, morning to night and every hour in between. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, doesn’t it? That’s because IT IS! Just $24.95, a bargain worth more than $300. It’s good for ages 6 and older (kids 5 and younger are free everyday!).
You can purchase your Season Pass now online or at any ticket window when the Fair opens. Let the L.A. County Fair open your window to End of Summer Fun!


  1. I tried to buy season tickets to the fair but the system kept rejecting my credit card because the security number on the back was wrong. I entered it correct about 10 times!
    Do I have to wait until the fair opens?

  2. I’ve never bought a pass before, but it maybe I should this time since I usually go 2-3 times.

  3. I bought 2 passes today & was hoping that my friend & I can go one day, then a different friend & I can go another day, but I see you have to put the person’s name on each ticket. Why is it like that? As long as the right amt of people go, who cares if it’s the same person?
    Also, can I print more tickets for each visit because I know it said after 1 print, the rest of the prints are invalid, but after the ticket’s been folded up in my purse all day, it will get ripped, etc. for the next visit. Is there no way to pprint more?!

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