Hi everyone! Remember me? I know… it’s been awhile, but I have been out with our amazing team cooking up some of the wonderful new attractions and competitions that you will see this year at the L.A. County Fair.
2009 is a year for change, and one of the biggest changes for the L.A. County Fair is the days and hours. We have expanded our Fair fun to a total of 23 days, opening on Labor Day weekend! You guessed it…. this year bigger is better!
Many of you are already wondering how you can get in on the Tapestry and Culinary Styles competition fun. Well, I’m here to help! Contest and competition information is just about ready to hit the Web for you all to see. It’s not up yet, but I promise to keep you posted. You can expect to see the oldies but goodies as well as some brand new competitions for the New Year! So stay tuned for more Fun Fair Contest and Competition information!

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