Good Vibrations

August 14, 2008

They line up at the Fair, discreetly tucked away between food stands or photo booths, not making direct eye contact with you but careful not to look away. They aren’t the big attraction but they know they are needed. It wouldn’t be the Fair without them. With their scintillating wit, they know they can’t compete with the big guys – sure everyone’s going to the carnival first for the super thrills or to the masseuse or the hydro-massage in the buildings for deep therapy. Theirs is a need that sneaks up on Fairguests – a spontaneous decision with a lasting effect.
That’s right – I’m talking about the Footsie Wootsie. Admit it – you’ve indulged once or twice. Maybe it’s turned into an addiction – it’s ok. Every time you visit the Fair you have to try it, even though it is the same sensation every time. This is one vice it’s ok to say yes to.
Personally, I think this is the epitome of modern mechanical technology. A shaped seat comfortably fits derrieres of most size. The foot rest tilts front and back. Plop that 25 cents in – voila! Super-speed vibrating action sets some serious relaxation into those Fair-walking weary tootsies. Move your foot to and fro, get that arch in there for some good pulsation. Sure it sounds like someone is holding a jack hammer to your ear, but what’s a little auditory discomfort when your dogs are getting some much needed R&R.
Some say it is an acquired taste – but once you try “The Ultimate Foot Massage,” it’s hard to give it up.
Make sure you keep a pocket full of quarters when you come to the Fair. And stay off the pink one – that’s mine!

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  1. Hey Fair-ey Blogster — Those footsie wootsies are my annual salvation. Near the end of the day, I snag a 10-pound bun and plop my own buns down into one of those seats, pop in a quarter for the kids and enjoy.
    It’s the cheapest ride on the fair. My daughter always wants another round!
    Now if I could just buy one (not the 10-pound bun) and install it in my garage/entertainment zone!

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