A global panel of judges just finished selecting the best wines from around the world at the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition, held here at Fairplex. The event has been part of the Fair for 69 years, presenting gold, silver and bronze awards to the best the wine world has to offer. And while the event, a private judging, is held in May, the winners will be announced June 14 at the Wine & Cars Under the Stars gala, which is open to the public. The winners will also be showcased at the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Marketplace during the L.A. County Fair.


The Wine & Spirits Marketplace (presented by Ralphs, who also sponsored the wine competition) is a great opportunity for all of you armchair wine connoisseurs to learn about award-winning wines, olive oil, cheese, ice cream and beer, and sip some of the winning wines and shop in the Crushed Grape. Our wine department, led by our indefatigable cellar master Mary Ellen Cole, always organizes an interesting cadre of wine experts to present classes like wine pairings, “Guess Which Wine?,” wine and chocolate, and cooking with olive oils. We also offer cooking seminars with professional chefs.


But if you can’t wait until September to try some of these fantastic wines, get yourself to Wine & Cars Under the Stars, a fun evening where vintages of the grape variety meet up with vintages of the four-wheeled variety. For information on that, visit winecarsstars.com.


As the venerable Plato said, “In vino veritas (In wine is truth).”


  1. Hey, Fair-ey Blogster, how could I go to this event if I’m under 21? It would make a great gift for my parents for their anniversary, but I’m a car guy! I want to go, too! Help, Fair-ey Blogster!!

  2. Hey Hot Rodder – Fair-ey Blogster here. I am checking on the under 21 guests at Wine and Cars. Check back for more info.

  3. Hey Hot Rodder. It’s the Fair-ey Blogster. Finally received an answer to your question. Wine and Cars Under the Stars is for guests 21 and older. Sorry. However, you can still get tickets for your parents for their anniversary, and you can come to the Fair to see great cars at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum and all the other fun stuff we’ll have in Thunder Alley!

  4. I wouldn’t miss WC&S. It was great last year and I’m looking forward to finding out the top wine of the competition this year. I usually buy some for Christmas gifts.

  5. Wine & Cars Under the Stars – Wow, sounds so fun and interesting. I will be able to taste all of the winners from the wine competition. How exciting! Why have I never heard about this? Do you promote the event in OC?

  6. Wine & Cars is a great event! I went last year and not only did I try some fantastic wines, I enjoyed amazing food, including none other than Dr. Bob’s ice cream milkshakes! Plus I purchased a wine lot in the silent auction… not only was I supporting a good cause, I also took care of some holiday gifts. Can’t wait for next Saturday!

  7. Thanks for finding out for me Fair-ey Blogster!

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