The Countdown Begins

May 27, 2008

There are 101 days left until opening day of the L.A. County Fair – but who’s counting? Well, we are actually! While a countdown to the big day creates some anxiety, at a certain point we all start doing it. Pretty soon our Web site will have a daily counter (which really drives us crazy, seeing it right before our eyes!). So, since we are counting down, we should make it worthwhile and remind ourselves what we are counting down to:


  • Hot Dog on a Stick
  • Giant slide
  • 72 totally excellent rides
  • 2 kiddie carnivals
  • Hot Dog on a Stick
  • A luscious Flower & Garden Pavilion featuring Escape to Hawaii
  • An erupting volcano! How cool is that! (This is so Krakatoa of us!)
  • Watusi cattle – these always amaze me, cattle with huge horns – up to seven feet in length. They look like Tim Curry’s character in the movie “Legend.”
  • Hot Dog on a Stick (can you tell I love these?)
  • A gallery exhibit dedicated to the horse in art
  • America’s Kids’ “Wild Things” Backyard Fun exhibit



 There is so much. I’ll keep adding to my list.


  1. AWESOME! I can hardly wait for the Hawaii Garden Show! I love Hawaii and it is soooooo beautiful,I can hardly wait!
    P.S. Love the Blog Name, and the Fairey Blogster, so Creative!!!! C-Ya at the Fair

  2. Very impressive Fair-ey Blogster, your blog so well organized, and intelligently done I really appreciate that!
    I am so looking forward to the Millard Sheets Photography Competition, I’m a bit of a shutter bug myself. . . Such a variety of talents, touches, creative minds at work. Chow, until the Fair.

  3. This sounds great! So much to do and see. I can’t wait for the Millard Sheets Center exhibition. It was so fabulous last year and this year’s theme with horses is fascinating. The $5 after 5 p.m. is a great way to pop out to the Fair, get a bite to eat and see some things and come back! I love it!

  4. I’m with you Fair-ey Blogster, gotta love those Hot Dog on a Sticks! Can’t wait for this year’s Fair!

  5. Hey DalLuver! Fair-ey Blogster here. Keep coming back to the blog. I’ll be posting more about Fair Food pretty soon!! Yum!

  6. Hi Fair-ey Blogster! You have made me very hungry for a hot dog on a stick and the new deep-fried White Castle Burger. Yum. I also love the pork chop on a stick but only at the place on Broadway near Park Square. And the Home and Garden Building will be more than beautiful with the Hawaii theme. Can’t wait!

  7. I’m getting hungry.

  8. Hawaii,Flowers,Volcanoes,and Hot Dogs on a Stick! OH MY . . .(I love them too.)
    Can’t wait coming from good old San Diego,CA. Looking forward to Millard Sheets, Frrrried Food, and my husband is dying for Pork Chop on a Stick, you know he tried to make one like the Fair (gave up after a couple of times.) Kids all love the animals and the rides. THE SPORTS CHALET IS A BIGGY! Fair well Fairey Blogster:)

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