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May 14, 2008
Hey there! Welcome to the place for everything L.A. County Fair. My name’s Renee, also known as the Fair-ey Blogster (stop laughing). I’m a writer in the marketing and communications department of the Fair, but more than that I am a HUGE fan of the Fair – always have been. As a native of the Inland Valley, the Fair is like my own mini-Happiest Place on Earth, something to really look forward to at the end of every summer. Now that I work here, I’m amazed (still!) at what goes into putting this 18-day extravaganza together each year. This new blog offers you a pipeline to all the behind the scenes frenzy and a constant 411 on what awaits you at the largest county fair in the country.

 To start off, I want to remind all you artists, photogs, cooks, potters and quilters of all ages that the deadlines for entries into our vast array of contests and competitions are coming up. One of the best parts of the Fair is having the opportunity to display your work/craft and possibly win a blue ribbon for thousands to see. Since I started seven fairs ago, I’ve written about and photographed some great events – the annual SPAM competition, kids’ cooking contests and amazing handmade quilts. The deadline for the Millard Sheets Center for the Arts photography competition is May 16, so I hope you got your stuff in. The center is planning another photo competition – Paw Prints – featuring your best photos of your dog, or any dog. That competition is in conjunction with our Bark Park feature (all things dog).  For the kids competitions, the deadline is Aug. 1, and we have so many cool things for kids to enter this year – decorate a butterfly, design a sock monster (put those stinky gym socks to good use!) or write a great story about your personal backyard adventure. Check it out – lacountyfair.com. In the Village on Broadway, the culinary and arts & cr division of the Fair, there is cultural cooking, all-American pie, quilting, pottery, and my favorite – the best chocolate chip cookie. The deadline for Village on Broadway entries is Aug. 8 – lacountyfair.com. The Fair runs Sept. 5-28. We’re closed Mondays and Tuesdays.


So, if you haven’t done so already, think about entering your creative talents into the L.A. County Fair. Wait – don’t think about it – Just Do It!


  1. Sounds like so much fun. I’ve only been to the Fair once and didn’t know all this was at the L.A. County Fair in Pomona! Pretty crazy! What activities would you suggest for a 5-yr old? There is so much fun that I want to make sure he will thoroughly enjoy the entire day or days.

  2. I love the Fair, came as a kid and brought my kids. The smell of the cinammon rolls makes my mouth water!

  3. My kids love the LA County Fair. They can’t wait every year to enter the contests, chomp on ice cream, scream on the rides, take photos in the photo booth, coo at the animals and tackle whatever new exhibit dominates America’s Kids. I can’t wait for the butterfly and sock monster contests this year — it sounds really, really fun.

  4. I love the fair! I come down from Northern California and spend 3 days and still can’t get it all in.
    Last year I was able to get “up close and personal” with the Budweiser Clydesdales. What a treat!
    I also spent time in the pottery clinic and met a potter who started working with clay after having spent 30 years as a police officer. He is quite talented and has only been working with clay for a few years. He was just one of many fascinating people I met last year.
    Those are just two of the more memorable things I encountered at the fair. I could write a whole separate blog on the food.
    Altogether a great way to spend a day – or two, or even three!

  5. SPAM competition – regular or low sodium? That is so awesome!

    You site is so easy to follow, I look forward to checking it out daily. Yahooooo, I love your Fair by the way . . . Talk to soon Renee

  7. Love the name of the blog, so very fair.

  8. Aren’t you the clever one, Fair-ey Blogster! Love reading your posts. Looking forward to this year’s Fair and whatever new deep-fried concoction Chicken Charlie comes up with.

  9. I too love the name. It’s fun and of course, the Fair is too fun. What a So. California institution. Can’t wait for it to arrive. I love the Flower & Garden Pavilion, concerts, and the Millard Sheets Center for the Arts. Can’t think of anywhere you can see so much and have so many choices. Of course, I need to buy the annual supply of chamois!

  10. I have been to the Fair for the past eight years, I have to go year after year because there is so much to see and due! The rides are super fun and all that yummie food, emmmm the freshly roasted corn on the cob, loaded with butter!

  11. I have been a huge fan of the Fair since I moved here in ’84. My husband and I had our first kiss on the Ferris Wheel and it’s been the ride of my life ever since. Food definitely is the highlight for me – Tasti Chips with cheese, BBQ’d corn, an ice-cold beverage and a concert – the PERFECT evening!

  12. I went to the Fair for my 1st time in 2007 and it was an amazing experience! We had such a great time and were able to witness the birth of piglets in the Fairview Farms area! The kids were so thrilled and I highly recommend the Fair to kids of all ages! I can’t wait for the 2008 Fair.. see you all there!

  13. I love the fair and cant wait to come this year.Every year there is something new which I really look foward to. And like an old friend,there is tradition to.We always go and see the animals first. And then go for the exicment of the new venues cant wait for fair.Thanks for telling us about all that is waiting us.

  14. I just love the fair. Can’t wait till it’s here.

  15. I love the Fair! I have been coming every year since I was born. It was a tradition for my Mom & Grandma and it is now a tradition for my Mom and I.

  16. My 2 grandsons and I have never been to your annual fair before. Are their activities we can share together? What type of professional entertainment acts are you planning to have?

  17. Dear Fair-ey Blogster,
    In addition to bringing me eighteen consecutive days of a county fair that is so fun it feels criminally reprehensible, can you get a couple orangutans at the petting zoo? Also, I want a pony for by birthday, Fair-ey.

  18. Hi everyone! i just have to say that i love the LA county fair also, it is the best fair around. i live in San Diego, the fair over here is a huge deal also, but still no competition for the LA county fair.
    We drive to the LA fair every year, we can’t wait for this year’s fair to start.

  19. Hi Harrington Chung. Fair-ey Blogster here. There are so many exciting activities for you and your grandchildren to experience! FairView Farms is so much fun, with all the animals and info on agriculture. Also, America’s Kids has a ton of activities and the theme this year, “Wild Things” Backyard Fun, is really cool. Plus there is A Pirate’s Life adventure, Going Green, the Millard Sheets Center for the Arts – so much you’ll need more than one day. As far as entertainment, the End of Summer Concert Series lineup will be announced soon, but we always have great acts for every taste. Previous Fairs brought the B-52’s, Hall and Oates, Rihanna, Mariachi USA, Toby Keith. Keep checking out web site for more info!

  20. I love going to the L.A. County Fair in Pomona. It is so much fun to walk around the Barn area with the petting zoo and drink fresh milk. I also enjoy eating all of the Fair Food. I’ve also entered baked goods and items I sew in the Fair competitions…it makes it even more exciting! Can’t wait for this year’s Fair!

  21. Kudos on the blog… very well done and great sense of community with all the other full-time fans of the fair

  22. Hi Fairey Blogster, love the name!
    I take my mother to the fair every year, we diet and lose 10lbs before we go to the fair, that way we can eat all the goodies we want and not worry about gaining any weigth . . .
    By the way what NEW foods are they having this year? I look for the food items and my mother goes for the junk food! P.S. You’ve done a great job with your blog, give yourself a pat on the back! Look forward to more!

  23. Love the blog name and your Fairey Blogster (too cute.) I am so ready for the L.A. Fair! I’ve been to Victorville Fair, Orange Co. Fair, and none of them compare to good old LA Fair.
    I really enjoy the Summer Concerts, I would love to know who you are having this year. Please, put it on your blog asap which, by the way is very nicely done, it’s bright, cheery, easy to follow, and very intelligently written (hello that is why your a writer,der)and such a variety of interests. Well, Ta-Ta Fairey Blogster I am getting excited already!

  24. I’ve been goign to the fair since I was a kid and now live conveniently close. I’m excited because this year I plan on entering the arts and crafts competition for scrapbooking. I can hardly wait to see all the other entries.

  25. Ahhh…memories of the Fair! Good memories: Performing dance routines on stage from 5-12 years old. First ‘official’ date with my husband, 28 years ago – We went on the ferris wheel and walked all through the ‘Fun Zone’. Not-so-good memory: Tripped and fell coming down the stairs of the grandstand as a teenager and ended up with a severly bruised ego! Must-do’s: Gingerbread House, Sky Ride and the commercial exhibits.

  26. I do I do enjoy the fair
    The Fair every year is always there
    I would if I could go every day
    I wish I wish that it could stay
    Would you could you ride all the rides
    Could you would you eat everything deep fried?
    I would not could not eat deep fried frog
    I do however like this new blog
    I’ll see you all this year at the Fair
    Hope the staff has fun! Don’t stress and lose your hair!
    See you in September! emmmmmm (wink wink)

  27. Can hardly wait for Sept!!!! I have been dying for a deep fried snickers.

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