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Sky High

Up in the air…is it a bird?  A plane?
No, it’s the Sky Ride here at the LA County Fair.  Hop aboard for only 8 tickets, purchasable from a plethora of booths that sell carnival tickets.  Up to three people may ride at a time, so whole families can take part!  You must be a certain height to ride, but children under the limit may be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
UP you’ll soar, over the crowded fair streets, where a cool breeze blows and the entire festive place is laid out at your feet.  The ride goes from Blue Gate to Green Gate, or vice versa, for a quicker trip around the fair.
To your left, the carnival.
To your right, lanes full of vendors.  Everywhere is the smell of wonderful food, drifting up to you as you float by.
Come fly with us, even if only for a little while. Remember, only ONE week left of the 2015 LA County Fair.
Have any pictures from your own experience at the Sky Ride?  Show us on social media using #LACFNaturalHigh. We’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Plaza de las Americas

As you enter through Blue gate, you are greeted by the sounds of horns and accordions….
Welcome to Plaza de las Americas, where Latin heritage (and food) flows abundantly.  Shop keepers sell all kinds of goodies everywhere you turn.  Take the sky ride, and find a margarita bar waiting for you as soon as you exit.  Fountains gurgle, and offer a cool little spot to fight away the summer heat.
Best of all is the music stage, where the sound never stops.  You never know who you might see, like rising Latin music star, Luis Coronel, who stopped by to please ears and break hearts.
Come along on a little Latin adventure, right here at LACF.  Remember, next week is your last chance!
Do you have a favorite Latin band?  Tell me in the comments below!


Daily Parades

If you haven’t seen the daily parades held at LACF, you’re not having as much fun as possible.  Every day of the fair, either at 12 or at 5 PM, there is a parade down the main thoroughfares.
In keeping with our Mardi Gras theme this year, the float riders throw bead necklaces to spectators.  Crowds line the avenues with raised hands in order to catch these flashy baubles, giving a fun souvenir to remember the experience.
These parades are held to give our guests an incredible memory, as well as to celebrate the community heroes from the surrounding cities.  These folks have been exemplary citizens in contributing to their communities, so when you see them, send up a cheer!
Party on down to LACF, and enjoy our daily parades!

Cupcake Crazy

Sooo good!
September 12th was the annual fair Cupcake Contest, and wow, did all the entries look delicious.  Contestants submitted their recipes in July, all of which were homemade with ingredients you can find at your local stores (Them’s the rules!).  On the big day, each contestant brought six delectable offerings for this year’s judges.
Regina Young, Marissa Ceja, Carlos Velesqez, and Laurie Brandler were our four distinguished experts for today’s event.  All four were beyond pleased to take part, and were full of smiles throughout the event.
Participants were graded on four different aspects, of varying importance:

  • Overall Taste                        40%
  • Originality/Creativity             30%
  • Appearance/Presentation     20%
  • Ease of preparation              10%

After sampling from each of the 11 contestants, the judges picked three outstanding examples of this culinary delight.
In 3rd place, with her light and fluffy Lemon Blueberry with Lemon Buttercream cupcake, is April Burton!
2nd place goes to Pepper Parker, with her scrumptious Banana Pudding cupcakes.
The coveted 1st place is awarded to Monine Zerby, for her Boozy Caramel Apple cupcake.  Need I say more?  All participants then began a cupcake trading bonanza, and who could blame them, with all of the entries looking so mouth watering?
If you think you have what it takes to be top baker here at the fair, check in online for next year’s entry forms.  Who knows, it could be you taking home that colorful Rosette with your cupcake supreme~!


Transgenic Animals – The Art Classic

By Guest Blogger, Patrick Bollinger
A profile series on the artists and individuals of The Art Classic, one of this year’s exhibitions at the LA County Fair – September 4-27, 2015
the art classic
“Manipulation. Biotech, cloning, Dolly. Creating our pets. New species, unique breeds. Intensified features and traits.” –Josh Levine from his artist statement.

Josh Levine (aka Copyright 1972) is a multi-media artist that is originally from Miami. He attended art school in Chicago, then moved to Los Angeles.

He is interested in the blending of biology and technology. Technology has allowed us to cross breed animals to create non-natural new animal species.  An example of this in real life would be in house pets. Humans have cross bred dog species to make new dogs with desired traits such as friendliness, size and beauty.
In his sculptures he is expanding on the idea of cross breeding to create striking animal hybrids. Some of these hybrids resemble the original animals enough where you can guess the animal species that are being combined.

Some times the hybrid creature is so unique that the original animals that it was based on are not easily identifiable.
When asked whether these non-natural creations made from technology are good or bad for the world, he says neither. “Technology is inherently neutral. What we do with it is the issue.” It’s not the technology that is good or bad, it is what we humans

decide to use it for. Technological advancements with Nuclear energy have shown us that it can be a cheap and renewable energy source, or a super destructive bomb. The potential for this technology to be good or bad resides in what we decide to use it for.

Kids generally enjoy these pieces because of their flourishing imaginations. There are many similarities between these figures and fictional animal like characters from cartoons. “If kids had the financial decision to buy my art, I would be a rich person.”
Josh Levine’s work will be featured in the Millard Sheets Art Center’s upcoming exhibition The Art Classic.
Please join us this year at the LA County Fair to view Josh’s work and the other artists profiled in this series from the Los Angeles Art Association who were selected for this year’s exhibition.

Visual Confusion – The Art Classic

By Guest Blogger, Patrick Bollinger
A profile series on the artists and individuals of The Art Classic, one of this year’s exhibitions at the LA County Fair – September 4-27, 2015
the art classic
“I do a lot of commercial work, and over the years I have accumulated tons of line drawings. I take these line drawings, scan them into my computer, then mess with them and twist them all up.” – Tanner Goldbeck

Tanner Goldbeck is a contemporary artist from Los Angeles whose style originates from comic book art, but has now progressed to fine art. Tanner went to comic school in New Jersey. Once he graduated, he got a job with the skateboard company Powell Peralta and moved to Santa Barbara. While there he drew skulls and monster designs for skateboard decks and T-shirts. After a while he decided to move to LA and become a fine artist. In LA he has multiple freelance jobs for which he makes line drawings. He then scans these drawings to his computer, where he distorts the images, then uses it in his large-scale paintings.  “I can layer them in Photoshop and duplicate them, and I start making these weird abstracts.”

“I’m starting to go in the direction now where I slowly move away from recognizable images and go to completely abstract art.”

His newest project is drawing faces. This project started out with him drawing the faces of people he saw in a coffee shop on paper coffee cups. He then realized coffee cups were hard to preserve so he moved to drawing them on other mediums like paper, canvas and even vinyl records.

“Sometimes they are realistic, sometimes they are not. It depends on what mood I’m in that day.”

Tanner Goldbeck’s work will be featured in the Millard Sheets Art Center’s upcoming exhibition The Art Classic.
Please join us this year at the LA County Fair to view Tanner’s work and the other artists profiled in this series from the Los Angeles Art Association who were selected for this year’s exhibition.

You Know You Want a Blue Ribbon

Sure, the Fair is still six months away but it’s not too early to be thinking of entering your best cookie or salsa recipe or your best photograph into one of our fun & exciting contests and competitions. Entries are open for all categories in Culinary Styles, Tapestry and America’s Kids. You look great in blue (ribbon, that is), so what are you waiting for?
Culinary Styles features preserved foods, baked goods and several specialty categories like cheesecake recipe, all-American pie, BBQ, cupcakes and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Every year the judges have a blast tasting all the goodies, and Fairguests love seeing who runs away with a first place. Deadlines for entry are:

  • Preserved foods – June 25
  • Baked goods and other featured contests – Aug. 2
  • Tablescaping – July 19 (hurry, this one fills up fast!)

Tapestry, which includes jewelry, arts & crafts, needle art and photography, has a June 25 deadline.
America’s Kids is themed A Living Library of Fun (part 2) – a continuation of last year’s fun adventure where books came to life. Competitions include magic shoes (turn an ordinary pair of shoes into something spectacular), build a model hot air balloon, creative cakes, build a scarecrow, crafts, writing and so much more. Deadline for America’s Kids competitions is June 27.
Details, including rules & regulations and entry forms, for all the contests and competitions can be found at lacountyfair.com.
Ok, ready, set – cook and create!

Thanks For the Memories

And so we end another Fair….and a great one it was! Thank you all for coming to our party. We enjoyed having you. What a way to celebrate our 90th anniversary! Here are some take-aways from this year:

  • 1,473,371 guests – and you were one of them! It was our fourth biggest Fair ever.
  • Food & shopping continued to be the two biggest reasons for coming to the Fair.
  • Guest satisfaction was the highest ever
  • Guests donated more than 110,000 cans of non-perishable food to Helping Hands, Caring Hearts Ministry, Foothill Family Shelter, Caring for the Hills, Inland Valley Hope Partners and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank in exchange for free admission
  • In honor of 9/11, the Fair donated more than $9,300 in proceeds from the Weekend for Heroes promotion to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation
  • City of Hope, Cedars-Sinai, American Red Cross, Huntington Hospital and Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital held blood drives resulting in 734 pints of blood donated
  • Guests donated more than 16,000 books, 13,000 school supplies, 300 shoes and 2,400 pairs of socks to local charities in exchange for free admission
  • More than 140,000 students and teachers experienced the Fair educational exhibits through the FairKids Field Trip program at no charge
  • The Fair honored 17 communities and 31 community heroes on their dedicated days
  • Local universities also benefitted from special promotions and dedicated days with more than 10,000 discount redemptions

You helped make all this happen -so thanks again. Thanks, too, for reading Hot Blog on a Stick. We had a ton of fun giving away tickets and T-shirts. Keep reading us and pencil in the Fair for next year, Aug. 30-Sept. 29.

Last Weekend – Stay a Little Later

Well, it’s the last weekend of the 2012 Fair. It’s been great, but we still have 2 days to blow this puppy out of the water with the best food, carnival and attractions. As an added bonus so you can get that last deep-fried red velvet funnel cake in or one last spin on Disk-O, the Fair will stay open until 1 a.m. today. Buildings will close at 11 p.m. but the rest of the Fair will have that extra rockin’ hour.
So, get out here and enjoy before you regret missing all this fun!

101 and Enjoying the Fair

101 was the big number at the Fair today, and it had nothing to do with the temperature. Longtime Pomona resident and Fair fan Beth Page came out to ride the Ferris wheel – something she has enjoyed doing for much of her 101 years. Yes, Beth is 101 and Ferris wheels are her favorite. She took a spin on La Grande Wheel, but was a little disappointed to discover that the gondolas are enclosed. She wanted an open bucket! So onward she moved to the open-bucket Ferris wheel, taking another spin and rockin’ the buckets for fun, much to the dismay of her friends. You go, Beth!