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The Engines Roar

Can you hear that rumble?
It’s coming from Thunder Alley, sponsored by the NHRA Motorsports Museum, and back by popular demand!
If you love anything fuel injected, engine exposed, or are just into gorgeous classic style cars, why are you still reading this?  Owners and former racers bring their babies for you to see and marvel at.
Have a seat in the helicopter on display at the Air Force Flight Museum, and gawk or gaze in wonder at the other machinery and flying marvels they’ve brought for you to see.  Don’t worry….nothing is armed!
Marvel at the dragsters, both the ones for adults, and those made for children!  I have to admit, the thought that 10-year-olds are going up to 85 miles per hour makes me wonder what I’ve been doing with my life!
Other exhibits include military vehicles, Drag safaris, trucks, and even boats!
Remember, Thunder Alley drives off into the sunset on our last day, September 27th.  Speed (not really!) on down before they’re gone!!

Plaza de las Americas

As you enter through Blue gate, you are greeted by the sounds of horns and accordions….
Welcome to Plaza de las Americas, where Latin heritage (and food) flows abundantly.  Shop keepers sell all kinds of goodies everywhere you turn.  Take the sky ride, and find a margarita bar waiting for you as soon as you exit.  Fountains gurgle, and offer a cool little spot to fight away the summer heat.
Best of all is the music stage, where the sound never stops.  You never know who you might see, like rising Latin music star, Luis Coronel, who stopped by to please ears and break hearts.
Come along on a little Latin adventure, right here at LACF.  Remember, next week is your last chance!
Do you have a favorite Latin band?  Tell me in the comments below!


Daily Parades

If you haven’t seen the daily parades held at LACF, you’re not having as much fun as possible.  Every day of the fair, either at 12 or at 5 PM, there is a parade down the main thoroughfares.
In keeping with our Mardi Gras theme this year, the float riders throw bead necklaces to spectators.  Crowds line the avenues with raised hands in order to catch these flashy baubles, giving a fun souvenir to remember the experience.
These parades are held to give our guests an incredible memory, as well as to celebrate the community heroes from the surrounding cities.  These folks have been exemplary citizens in contributing to their communities, so when you see them, send up a cheer!
Party on down to LACF, and enjoy our daily parades!


When you think of art, what’s the first thing that comes into your head?  I’m willing to bet most of you thought of a rare painting or sculpture, something you can experience through sight.  Maybe some of you considered a particular song of great beauty.
The Art of the Senses exhibit here at the LA County Fair takes the concept of art far beyond a single sense.  Here, visitors explore art in it’s many facets, and experience it with all of their senses, rather than just one.  Exhibits for sight (like comic artists and sculptors) sit next to a violin maker who then plays his beautiful works.  Follow the winding paths of the room to find different ways to experience art with your whole body.  You’ll even explore how your senses help you navigate the world around you.
This was an adventure in fun, with plenty of interactive areas for guests of all ages.  Come join us, and perhaps you’ll discover that your  favorite way to experience art……………is to smell it!

Cupcake Crazy

Sooo good!
September 12th was the annual fair Cupcake Contest, and wow, did all the entries look delicious.  Contestants submitted their recipes in July, all of which were homemade with ingredients you can find at your local stores (Them’s the rules!).  On the big day, each contestant brought six delectable offerings for this year’s judges.
Regina Young, Marissa Ceja, Carlos Velesqez, and Laurie Brandler were our four distinguished experts for today’s event.  All four were beyond pleased to take part, and were full of smiles throughout the event.
Participants were graded on four different aspects, of varying importance:

  • Overall Taste                        40%
  • Originality/Creativity             30%
  • Appearance/Presentation     20%
  • Ease of preparation              10%

After sampling from each of the 11 contestants, the judges picked three outstanding examples of this culinary delight.
In 3rd place, with her light and fluffy Lemon Blueberry with Lemon Buttercream cupcake, is April Burton!
2nd place goes to Pepper Parker, with her scrumptious Banana Pudding cupcakes.
The coveted 1st place is awarded to Monine Zerby, for her Boozy Caramel Apple cupcake.  Need I say more?  All participants then began a cupcake trading bonanza, and who could blame them, with all of the entries looking so mouth watering?
If you think you have what it takes to be top baker here at the fair, check in online for next year’s entry forms.  Who knows, it could be you taking home that colorful Rosette with your cupcake supreme~!


Jessica & Alvaro's Fair-y Tale Wedding

Jessica & Alvaro are officially the first couple to get married at our new Farm venue! You can read the story of how they met here.
Jessica & Alvaro’s wedding took place on an absolutely gorgeous day at the Fair! A light breeze, fleecy white clouds, a bright blue sky and not a trace of the humidity that pervaded most of September. Perfect weather conditions for an outdoor party.

Our creative team designed a rustic, country-style theme, to match the Farm architecture. Sunflowers, miniature honey jars as party favors, lace and plenty of wooden decor created a romantic, outdoorsy wedding ceremony and reception.

Special thanks to Cucamonga Cakery for providing the adorable teacup cupcakes and wedding cake, and to Carol’s Secret Garden for the beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements! For more information on weddings at Fairplex, please visit www.sheratonfairplex.com.

Wrapping up LACF 2014

Another Fair season has come and gone. It seems like only yesterday that we were beginning our adventures at LACF!
We loved seeing all your #discoverLACF posts on social media, from carnival ride thrills to deep-fried food ventures, and meeting new animals to exploring new exhibits, it looks like all of you had a blast!
Here are our top five favorite memories from this year’s LACF:
1. Luminasia

Luminasia was a completely new experience for us at LACF. In fact, this was only the second time Luminasia has ever been in the United States, period. We will never forget the feeling we had when we saw the lanterns light up the hillsides for the first time. It was a truly one-of-a-kind experience!
2. The Farm 
If you visited the Fair this year, you would have seen the new Farm expansion:

It was nice to escape from the hustle and bustle of the carnival and shopping halls and enjoy the peace and quiet at The Farm. With dozens of specialty crops, gorgeous skies and the sound of pig races in the background, The Farm felt like a world away from the other parts of LACF. The flatbreads at the new Farm Kitchen were one of our favorite things to eat at this year’s Fair!
3. Mojo’s Wild & Crazy Lagoon 

Mojo moved her crew down to the Lagoon this year and set up shop on Monkey Island. It was fun to see the wallaby, lemurs, zebras, camels, porcupines, Lily the Spider Monkey and Mojo herself playing all day at the Fair!
4. Zorses and zonkeys 

Farm animals are a staple of the Fair and this year was no different. Alongside the pigs, cows, sheep, goats and chickens were zorses and zonkeys! Our resident cowboy Sky Shivers introduced thousands of guests to these cute fellas:
We made sure to say hello to them as often as we possibly could.
5. Grinding Gears 

After a long day of parades, shopping, petting animals and other Fair activities, it felt nice to unwind at Grinding Gears. Whether it was watching The Steam Punkers play live, dancing with the crowd to the Gizmologist’s sick beats, or being wowed by the antics of the iFlip crew, there was non-stop entertainment all night long. And it never got old!
Those were our top picks for this year’s Fair, but everyone has their own personal favorites at the Fair. Share your favorite LACF moments in the comments section below!
Thank you for a great Fair season!

A Trip Through Esmeralda's Circus + Giveaway [CONTEST CLOSED]

There are all kinds of adventures waiting at Esmeralda’s Traveling Circus! You could easily spend a whole afternoon here, watching the antics of The Conjurer, checking out the world’s largest (and smallest) horses and seeing all the fun shows! Here are some of the things we saw on our visit:

Venardos Circus

Venardos Circus is new to LACF this year. Ringmaster Kevin leads his talented troupe of performers in a show full of singing, dancing, fire breathing and aerial acrobatics.

GoPro POV of the Aerial Arts Circus Show 

If you hear pop music and the cheering of the crowd, it probably means the Aerial Arts Circus Show has begun.

Trapeze artists perform amazing feats as they fearlessly flip, leap and spin in the air for a captivated crowd.

If you feel so inclined you can even try doing the trapeze yourself! Harness up and let the experts show you how to swing on the trapeze. Previous experience not required 🙂

Mango and Dango, favorites from Fairs past, also put on shows, pulling antics like dancing silly tangos, balancing on towers of chairs and pulling the audiences (quite literally) into the show! Other acts include This End Up and the Circus School. 

And if that wasn’t enough adventure for a day… did you know you can also ride camels at Esmeralda’s?

We want all our fans to experience the fun at Esmeralda’s Traveling Circus and the rest of LACF which is why we are doing another blog giveaway!

Esmeralda’s Giveaway

*Four LACF admission tickets
*Four RCS ride wristbands
*1 giant stuffed donut

To enter to win, leave a comment on this blog post telling us why you want to attend the Fair this year! Winner announced today on this blog at 5:30 p.m. PST. Good luck!


We have a winner! Congratulations to Wendy Munoz for being selected as today’s blog giveaway winner. Wendy says: “My family & I would love to go to the fair this year, we haven’t been yet and who doesn’t love a circus show? My kids would be thrilled!”

Thank you to everyone who played! Make sure you like/follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for our final giveaways for the year!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles visit the Fair

We’ve seen our fair share (no pun intended) of superheroes come through LACF over the years. Iron Man, Spiderman and Thor always make sure to say hello to us every year and this year we welcomed a few new faces…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at Hall of Heroes

Last Sunday, who should turn up at Hall of Heroes but Raphael and Michelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Fans of all ages showed up, wearing their TMNT gear and lining up to take photos with their favorite characters:

After taking photos with fans, the turtles spend some time checking out Hall of Heroes before hopping back into their van and heading off to their next adventure. Just another day of discovery here at LACF!

Everything On A Stick Contest

You can find almost every type of food on a stick at the Fair. It’s one of our staples! It doesn’t matter if it’s turkey legs, corn dogs, waffles, pickle poppers or gansitos, if you can stick it, it’s here. It only makes sense that we have an ‘Everything On A Stick’ food contest!
Culinary Styles, located inside the DIY Design Studio, invited guests to create their own “on a stick” treats. Watch the video to see what creative concoctions our fans came up with:

Everything On A Stick competition at LACF 

Culinary Styles also features cooking demonstrations with Chef Leslie and fun food competitions, where guests with a flair for cooking and baking can compete for first, second and third place ribbons. To see a full list of competitions for the day, check your Daily Fun Guide, also available on our website: http://lacf.com.

What food would you try to eat on a stick? Tell us in the comments section below!