MonthSeptember 2009

A 'Tisket, A 'Tasket, An Auction Full of Baskets (and Other Impressive Items)

cdcauctionAn autographed poster of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift?  Going once…
A private dinner or weekend getaway? Going twice…
A basketball signed by President Barack Obama?  Sold!
These impressive items, along with hundreds of themed baskets and other selections will be available for auction on Oct. 1. For the past 18 years, fans of the Child Development Center at Fairplex have joined together to support the high-quality preschool located right on the L.A. County Fairgrounds through the auction, this year themed Literacy for Life.
More than 200 young children go to the preschool  throughout the year, gaining a foundation that will lead them to success in school and in life.
The evening begins at 5:30 pm at the Sheraton Fairplex and in the tradition of the past 18 years, promises to be a fun-filled evening for a good cause!
Tickets are still available by visiting the event website  – don’t miss out on this annual tradition and see what kind of incredible finds you can win!

Holy Hole in a Texas Donut Batman!

batmobile3If you haven’t seen it, the original Batmobile from the 1960s Batman television series is on display at the NHRA Museum here at the Fair. If only the Dynamic Duo were sitting in it. Call me odd, but Adam West – sigh! Holy young girl’s heart fawning over a man in tights Batman!


batmobileRiddle me this Bat fans – who played the Riddler in the television series? The first to email me at will win a Fair sweatshirt. Include your name, complete address, phone number, and size. Good Luck Bat fans!


Check Out the Headlights on These Beauties

carshow4California Classics Car Show is in the infield of Fairplex Park today at the Fair. There are some real beauties out there – shined, polished, with sparkling chrome. It’s amazing how much people love their cars (as I do – love their cars that is). You can see the pride of ownership.carshow1

We have everything from an early 1970s bright orange Bronco (way cool) to a yellow Cobra with enough horse power to get me in soooo much trouble!! Come out and take a look.

Classic Car Show Revs Up

car1If you are a car buff you will want to head out to the Fair tomorrow for the second annual California Classics Car Show on the infield of Fairplex Park. Bet on the ponies and admire a nice set of wheels all in one location. The Car Show runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Classic older cars, newer cars, muscle cars even a Bronco will be on display. The show features car clubs from throughout Southern California. The show is free with fair admission.


Ridin' With the Top Down

vetteFor the last five years, the Foundations at Fairplex and the Rotary Club of Pomona have joined forces during the Fair to raise funds for community programs and give one lucky Fairgoer the opportunity to drive home in a beautiful classic car!
For just $20, you too can purchase a chance to win a 1966 Corvette Convertible at the raffle booth on Palm in front of Building 6.  For the last two years, the winner of the car purchased just ONE ticket.  Stop by and check out this amazing ride for yourself – someone is going to win, and it could be you!
The winning ticket will be drawn on closing night of the Fair, Oct. 4, at 7 pm, and all of the proceeds benefit local causes like the education programs  at the L.A. County Fair!

True Blood Donors

bloodyblooddropA big thank you goes out to all the donors at Monday’s L.A. County Fair/American Red Cross blood drive. We had an overwhelming response with more than 155 donors saving 297 lives through their donations!!! That is fantastic. Donors received a free ticket to the Fair – and the gratitude of many.

T-Rex Walks Among Us

It looks like a T-Rex, it walks like a T-Rex, it roars like a T-Rex – as least, as far as I know. The Los Angeles County Natural History Museum brought its very life-like baby T-Rex puppet to the Fair today to visit Jurassic Planet. Fairguests were mesmerized (some a little too much – I heard some screaming). Take a look:

Pretty cool, huh? The Natural History Museum conducts presentations with the T-Rex and a baby Triceratops Wednesdays through Sundays at the museum. The T-Rex will be back at the Fair on Oct. 3. Don’t miss it!


blue_gate_resizedThe number of cans donated Sept. 18 for Ralphs Food Drive Friday. Bring five cans of Ralphs brand canned goods Friday, Sept. 25 and/or Friday Oct. 2 and get one FREE Fair admission for that date. Donations go to Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

Husband vs. Wife – Who Wins the Blue Ribbon?

the-waagesOne of the traditions of the Fair is the Culinary contests and competitions – we still give out blue ribbons for Grandma’s apple pie. What’s fun is watching contestants compete against each other at the on-site competitions – especially when the contestants happen to be married to each other.
That was the scenario today at the Tamale! Tamale! Tamale! competition. Camille and Erik Waage of San Dimas arrived with their entries at the same time (well, they did drive together from home). they placed their competing tamales at the judges’ tables. You could see the competitive fires burning inside husband and wife. Ok, fine, they sat together, relaxing and chatting. Sheesh, work with me here, people!
After tasting Camille’s red chile pork tamales and Erik’s Tilamook pepper jack cheese tamales, the judges compared notes. It took only a fetamalesw minutes of discussion before a winner was revealed: the blue ribbon goes to (drumrollllll) Camille! It was tough, but the judges liked the flavorful pork a little more than the cheese, although they did say the cheese recipe was a good, tasty simple recipe.
The Waages revealed there is no fiery discord in their kitchen. Camille is the true family cook; for Erik, cooking is more of a hobby. Their love of culinary adventures comes from both of their mothers, who, the couple said, are excellent cooks. And both Erik and Camille are previous winners at the Fair. The couple are passing down their cooking abilities and competitive edge to their 5-year-old daughter, who took home a blue ribbon in the Fair’s America’s Kids chocolate chip cookie contest.
The family that cooks together, wins a lot of ribbons!

And the Wiener Is…

Ever see a bunch of short-legged dogs run in thick dirt? Very funny. The Wiener Dog races had several heats at the L.A. County Fair – all very funny indeed. One racer, Blazer from Newport Beach, well, it was a miracle he made it to the end. At 35 lbs, he was the biggest contestant (he eats cat chow! Who knew cat chow was so high caloric?). Take a look:

Sally from Orange won this heat. Take a look at Blazer: