The Fair Goes Prehistoric with Jurassic Planet

Jurassic Planet is home to prehistoric creatures returning from extinction just for the Fair. The dinosaurs have started moving in and will be enjoying the sunshine before fair-guests come to visit them beginning Sept. 1. They may look vicious, but don’t worry, they’re too full on funnel cake to eat you.

Check out their progress:

Jurassic World will host more than 40 dinosaurs with long necks, massive talons, sharp teeth and everything in between.

Real paleontologists will be on site to teach about the history of dinosaurs and even show off some of their distant relatives in the Chamber of Living Dinosaurs. Jumbo lizards, tortoises, alligator and turkey are just some of the descendants of the dinosaur family tree.

Between an interactive game show, hands-on experiences and a comedic show from Dr. T-Rex, Jurassic planet is full of prehistoric fun!

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Tick-Tock…Fair is Coming to an End + GIVEAWAY [CONTEST CLOSED]

By now I’m sure many of you have already visited the Fair at least once, but for those of you who haven’t taken the time to #DARETOFAIR, continue reading as I go over the top 5 things to do at the 2016 LA County Fair.

1)      Indulge – We love food and know you do too! With such concoctions as deep-fried hot sauce, chicken IN waffles (served on a stick), spaghetti ice cream, guacamole balls – battered and fried, bacon-wrapped everything and the belly-buster Krispy Kreme triple cheeseburger, take the day off and eat. Don’t fight it. The Fair only comes around once a year.

2)      Roar! – The LA County Fair takes you back 65 million years with life-sized dinosaurs roaming the hillside behind the Flower & Garden Pavilion. Jurassic Planet features 35 animatronic creatures from the mighty T-Rex to the lovable Maiasaura, so realistic you’ll truly think you’ve stepped back in time. Everyone becomes amateur paleontologists with a dino dig pit and fossil hunting. A real paleontologist is on hand to answer any and all questions. A nominal admission fee required for ages 6 and older.

3)      OUR BODY: The Universe Within – Go under the skin of human anatomy – literally! – with this fascinating, educational exhibit of 200 uniquely preserved human specimens offering a vibrant, 3D view of our bodies usually reserved just for doctors.

4)      The Igloo – Chill-out in our Arctic Village with Polar Ice Rink* and Penguin Sled Run* made with real ice and snow!  Shop the Arctic Promenade for cool products and come back after 6pm for an all-ages dance party featuring DJ Cool and periodic snow storms.  *. A nominal admission fee required for ages 6 and older.

5)      The Farm – One of the favorite attractions at the LA County Fair, The Farm features a five-acre organic urban garden and the Big Red Barn, home to familiar and not-so-familiar barnyard critters. Children (and adults) love hanging out with our sheep, pigs, goats, chickens and cows.


LA County Fair Giveaway


Congratulations to ARMANDO for being selected as our winner! Armando says his kids would like to see all the animals, while he and his wife would enjoy trying all the Fair food before our season comes to an end. 

Thank you to everyone for playing!

What would you like to see before the Fair goes away?
Comment below for your chance to win a family 4-pack of admission tickets, carnival ride passes, and a #DARETOFAIR swag bag!
Winners are selected randomly and will be announced Friday, Sept. 23 at 2 pm PDT.

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T-Rex Invasion at Jurassic Planet

Our gates are closed for the day, but it seems someone managed to find his/her way into Jurassic Planet…

If you liked what you saw, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see everything that the LA County Fair has to offer.

Have you visited Jurassic Planet?
What were your thought on it?

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Jurassic Planet

In case you haven’t heard, WE HAVE DINOSAURS at the LA County Fair…and we are LOVING the love we’re getting from our Fairgoers. Here is a sneak peak into Jurassic Planet.

Jurassic Planet, the Fair’s new outdoor prehistoric attraction, goes back 65 million years and is home to nearly 40 life-size animatronic dinosaurs. Are they domesticated or do they still rage with the fury of the largest inhabitants on earth trying to survive? I guess Fairguests will have to find out for themselves.

Discover how these giants from the past made the Fair their new home. Learn the idiosyncrasies of these extra, extra large reptiles. Fascinating facts are part of the experience; you’ll learn more than you ever thought possible about dinosaurs, like the fact that their closest living relatives are birds.

Outside the gates of Jurassic Planet is an interactive play park where adults and children can dig for fossils, visit the touch table and talk to a real-life paleontologist.

This attraction has a $5 admission fee. Open all day and perfect for all ages.

Have you visited Jurassic Planet? What did you think of it?
Let us know in the comment section.  

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Dino Roar

I was walking the grounds this morning when I stumbled upon (or rather, it nearly stomped on me) this giant T. Rex standing outside the Jurassic Planet attraction. The Lizard King, as he is known, has “broken” out of building 8 and is trying to escape. You won’t want to miss this fella when you visit the Fair. He is moving and roaring already. I took a little video of him talking to Kristy Jo and me:

Nine days til the Fair my friends!

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Got the Mojo Going at the Fair

2010jurassicOh my stars! Has it really been that long since the last time I posted? Sorry. But it’s because we have been soooo busy planning an awesome Fair! You guys are going to be so excited when you hear what we have going on this year.  Monkeys (including one named Mojo), dinosaurs (bigger and better than last year for all our giant reptile fans), damsels in distress and knights to save them (oh, Prince William, drop that Kate Middleton and bring thy self to Pomona already!), and a circus. Yes, that’s right, I said a circus – inside a Fair! That’s almost like a turducken. Crazy, right?

Well, stay tuned as I post more frequently (promise!) and pique your interest with little tidbits on the 2010 Fair.

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Dinosaurily Speaking

trexI trekked out to the land that time forgot this morning, also known as Fairplex 8, aka Jurassic Planet. Exhibits designer Michael Converse, our resident dino expert and artist extraordinaire, has done a fantastic job of planning the exhibit. Kids, and adults alike, are going to be thrilled. check out the videos below, which will give you an idea of what to expect with the animatronic dinosaurs. Theatrical lighting and a soundtrack will enhance Fair visitors’ experience:

Above was a T-Rex and Torosaurus. Check out this one:

I’ll see you, all my paleontological friends, at Jurassic Planet. Better hide your Kettle Korn; I heard Kentrosaurus loves Kettle Korn!

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A Fair-Weather Friend

facebookWhat’s better than a friend who comes bearing the best in Fair-time gifts? Mackinac Island fudge, Hot Dogs on a Stick, super-absorbent chamois, great entertainment, Monster trucks, dinosaurs, horse racing and everything deep fried. And the answer is that same friend on Facebook.

Yes, even the L.A. County Fair has a Facebook page. We post all the latest 2009-color-logo-with-datesand greatest info on the upcoming Fair. You can also see photos and connect to our various blogs (including this super spectacular one. Hey, maybe the Fair-ey Blogster should start her own page!). Fairplex also has a page, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Add the Fair as a friend!

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Bigger and Better in ’09

Happy New Year L.A. County Fair fans! The Fair-ey Blogster and everyone at the Fair wishes you a happy, healthy 2009 – and we can’t wait to see you in September! We have so much in store for you – food, fun and some of the most exciting entertainment in Southern California. You will not be disappointed at this year’s Fair!

September sounds like a long way off, but it’s like a blink of the eye to us as we prepare new attractions, design new exhibits and plan a ton of fun. Keep checking Hot Blog on a Stick as I’ll be posting updated information on a more regular basis about attractions, contests and everything else Fair related.

If you don’t recall, our dates are expanding this year. We will open on Labor Day Weekend. Opening day is Saturday, Sept. 5, and we will remain open through Labor Day. Then we will return to our regular Wednesday through Sunday format, Sept. 9 through Oct. 4 (closed Mondays and Tuesdays after Sept. 9).

Just to whet your appetite, I want to let you know of one of our attractions, one of gigantic proportions. What huge, threatening predator is an ancestor of the lovely little birds we see singing outside our windows? Ever wonder what it would be like to walk amongst beasts as large as three-story buildings or with such long necks they could eat leaves off the tops of the tallest trees? OK, you’ve probably already guessed it. Yep, we will be featuring dinosaurs at the Fair!! Jurassic Planet will quench the thirst of all dinosaur fans, and create some new ones I’m sure. More about this later.

So, return to the blog often to see how the nation’s largest county fair comes to life!

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