We’re on Carnival Eats!

The Cooking Channel’s Carnival Eats show covers the craziest food in the world, and they’re starting their journey tonight at the LA County Fair.

la county fair food

Photo Cred: @carnivaleats (Instagram)

The Carnival Eats crew visited us during the 2016 LA County Fair and — in line with our Dare to Fair theme — tasted the wildest, juciest, gooiest, strangest foods our Fair has to offer. You can watch it all on The Cooking Channel tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

We look forward to reliving the 2016 Fair! Stay tuned to see what wild foods we have planned for the 2017 Fair…


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Fair Snapshot: Duff Goldman & Haylie Duff

Today we had some special guests film here at the Fair: Duff Goldman and Haylie Duff! The two stars are currently filming for “Haylie’s America,” a new show debuting on the Cooking Channel.

haylies america

Duff Goldman and Haylie Duff prepare to film for "Haylie's America" Cooking Channel show

Chef Duff Goldman and Haylie Duff are in the middle of a Duff vs. Duff cook-off as we speak. Both stars spent the afternoon gathering Fair food ingredients from different booths and convened in our DIY Design Studio kitchen to film their segment. 

You can watch the full episode this October on the Cooking Channel!

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