You and the Fair: Finding Loving Homes for Dogs

Beginning opening weekend this Saturday and continuing every weekend wiry-haired-dogthrough Oct. 4, the Fair and local animal shelters will be offering pet adoptions at Bark Park. Go the Fair, bring home the furry love of your life. It’s better than a date with a human.

Bark Park features a dog rescue organization or animal shelter sponsored by West Coast Pet Expo with a variety of four-legged friends looking for good homes. Stop by and learn about the work of these worthwhile organizations. Welcoming a rescue dog into your family is a feel-good opportunity with a lifetime of rewards. 

Here is Bark Park’s adoption schedule:
Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 5-6
Beagles and Buddies
El Monte, CA

Saturday, Sept. 12
Mutts N Stuff Small Dog Rescue
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 19 – 20
Riverside County Department of Animal Services
Riverside, CA

 Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 26 – 27
 Greyhounds of America
 La Habra Heights, CA

 Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 3 – 4
 West End Shelter for Animals
 Ontario, CA

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75 Days and Counting…

See full size imageI am not kidding you! There are only 75 days left until opening day of the 2009 L.A. County Fair! What happened to spring? It was just here. This past Sunday was the official start of summer, and you know what that means here on the grounds of Fairplex. It’s go time! So, in honor of this being the 75th day and counting, I begin my countdown list of what we have to look forward to as the L.A. County Fair gets closer, 75 days closer. That’s 70, plus 5 more. That’s 76 trombones, minus one. That would be a diamond anniversary if we had been married for 75 years (75 years of marriage(!) – better be more than one diamond! Sorry, I digress). OK, here is a short list:

- Hot Dog on a Stick (what? you expected me to start with cute, cuddly animals? Hello! Did you forget who is writing this?)

- Cute, cuddly animals: ok, if you can recall, right behind Hot Dog on a Stick, I love, love, love all the animals we have during Fair, whether it’s the cute puppies at Bark Park or the soft, beautiful rabbits. I even love the huge rodent capybara.

- Big animals: Watusi cattle and their massive horns.

- Dinosaurrrrrrrs! I am so excited about Jurassic Planet, one of our new exhibits. It is all things paleo! We’ll have a T. Rex, Apatosaurus and a Muttaburrasaurus, which some smart-alecky 10-year-old mega genius pointed out that I was pronouncing wrong. Saw-ree!

- Food, fabulous food: besides HDOS, everything ooey, gooey, sticky, fried, frosted, toasted and deelish! This is one time when battered is a good thing.

- End of Summer Concert Series: holy cow! I cannot tell you what the lineup is, but you are gonna be so excited!

Ok, that is just a few. Things are heatin’ up here, so stay tuned! Don’t forget to follow the Fair on Twitter!! And Facebook!

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Bow wow and a little Yo Ho Ho

I told you about some of the creative minds we have here, so now let me share some of what they’re working on for this year’s Fair. In-house we’ve been getting daily updates on what the 2008 Fair has in store. Now let me whet your appetites. Upstairs here in the MarCom department we arrrrrgh so excited about A Pirate’s Life – one of the new attractions for ’08. A Pirate’s Life will have everything Pirate including a pirate show, Cap’N Calico Jack’s Pirate Academy, Ship Wreck Reef where you can dig for treasures, and special fun planned for Sept. 19 – Talk Like a Pirate Day. I’ve always wanted “scurvy dog” as part of my everyday patois. So bring your buccaneers of all ages and hop aboard.

 As an animal lover, I am really thrilled about this – Bark Park. Bark Park (the entryway is flanked by two giant fire hydrants – a dog’s dream!) is the one-stop shop for all things canine – and we mean all things! There’s spa treatments, aromatherapy, gourmet doggy treats, massages, “pawdicures,” and the finest in canine couture. Essentially, everything for your muttrosexual. Oh yeah, and custom designed dog houses (I feel like I want to say that like Oprah when she really gets into something and her voice goes deep – fabulous dawwwwg howwwsesss!). These aren’t just Rover-sleep-over dog houses – these are go-to-the-special-doggy-design-center-pick-your-favorite-granite-water-bowl abodes. We’re talking mission design, southern plantation, English countryside.

But in addition to the special treats, Bark Park is also charged with a very important mission – publicizing the plight of the thousands of homeless animals in shelters who need loving, caring homes. And this is a great thing. My husband and I adopted our beloved dog, Fiona, from the Inland Valley Human Society soon after we married nearly 15 years ago. It was a wonderful experience for us; she was an amazing member of our family. Fiona is now in doggy heaven, but she made a great impact on our lives, and we feel strongly about providing a home for one of the thousands of loving animals in shelters awaiting warm, comfortable homes. Bark Park will feature local shelters, who will offer adoptions. I can see it now – “Oh, hubby dear, can I talk to you over here by this cute, curly-haired pooch?”

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