Giveaway + The Little Red Barn [Contest Closed]

Hey fair fans!

What’s cuter than animals? Miniature animals! And the Little Red Barn is full of them.

From miniature pigs and donkeys, to baby doll sheep and pygmy goats, the Little Red Barn will definitely make you wish you lived on a farm.

If you don’t feel like this little pig after you went to the Fair, did you really go to the Fair?

This cow jumped over the moon and found his way to the LA County Fair.

What goes better with mini animals than nursery rhymes? This is one of our favorite. We even have mother goose hanging out with a miniature hen, which is sure to take you back to your childhood readings of The Little Red Hen storybooks.

Come visit these miniature pals in the Farm at the Little Red Barn. They are waiting to greet you with snorts and hee-hawing.


Congratulations to our winners Gregory Kenyota, Tiana Mitchell and Alexandra Razo for being selected as our winners. Gregory said the baby sheep are his favorite, Tiana enjoys watching the racing pigs and Alexandra Razo loves the baby chicks because they are so fluffy.

Thank you everyone for playing!

Giveaway time! [CONTEST CLOSED]
What is your favorite animal at the Fair?
Comment below for your chance to win a family 4-pack of admission tickets, carnival ride passes, and one of our Fair stuffed animals!
Winners are selected randomly and the contest will close Friday, Sept. 15 at 3 pm PDT.

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Farm Animals in the HOUSE…

Hello, Fair Lovers!

We hope you are having a FABULOUS Sunday! If you haven’t checked out the Fair, we hope you come soon – there’s lots to see and lots to do, especially at the Big Red Barn. Check out some of our follower’s’ posts with our furry friends:

We’re always looking to feature our guests’ pictures, so tag us on all of your posts AND don’t forget to use #DARETOFAIR.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Animals of the Fair (All 500+ of them!)

One of the most popular reasons guests visit the LA County Fair is the animals. But have you seem them all? There are more than 500 animals at the Fair every year, located throughout the grounds.

We break it down for you in the infographic below:

fair animals la county

Want to know more about our Fair animals? Ask us in the comments below! We hope to see you next year at the 2017 LA County Fair :)

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Tick-Tock…Fair is Coming to an End + GIVEAWAY [CONTEST CLOSED]

By now I’m sure many of you have already visited the Fair at least once, but for those of you who haven’t taken the time to #DARETOFAIR, continue reading as I go over the top 5 things to do at the 2016 LA County Fair.

1)      Indulge – We love food and know you do too! With such concoctions as deep-fried hot sauce, chicken IN waffles (served on a stick), spaghetti ice cream, guacamole balls – battered and fried, bacon-wrapped everything and the belly-buster Krispy Kreme triple cheeseburger, take the day off and eat. Don’t fight it. The Fair only comes around once a year.

2)      Roar! – The LA County Fair takes you back 65 million years with life-sized dinosaurs roaming the hillside behind the Flower & Garden Pavilion. Jurassic Planet features 35 animatronic creatures from the mighty T-Rex to the lovable Maiasaura, so realistic you’ll truly think you’ve stepped back in time. Everyone becomes amateur paleontologists with a dino dig pit and fossil hunting. A real paleontologist is on hand to answer any and all questions. A nominal admission fee required for ages 6 and older.

3)      OUR BODY: The Universe Within – Go under the skin of human anatomy – literally! – with this fascinating, educational exhibit of 200 uniquely preserved human specimens offering a vibrant, 3D view of our bodies usually reserved just for doctors.

4)      The Igloo – Chill-out in our Arctic Village with Polar Ice Rink* and Penguin Sled Run* made with real ice and snow!  Shop the Arctic Promenade for cool products and come back after 6pm for an all-ages dance party featuring DJ Cool and periodic snow storms.  *. A nominal admission fee required for ages 6 and older.

5)      The Farm – One of the favorite attractions at the LA County Fair, The Farm features a five-acre organic urban garden and the Big Red Barn, home to familiar and not-so-familiar barnyard critters. Children (and adults) love hanging out with our sheep, pigs, goats, chickens and cows.


LA County Fair Giveaway


Congratulations to ARMANDO for being selected as our winner! Armando says his kids would like to see all the animals, while he and his wife would enjoy trying all the Fair food before our season comes to an end. 

Thank you to everyone for playing!

What would you like to see before the Fair goes away?
Comment below for your chance to win a family 4-pack of admission tickets, carnival ride passes, and a #DARETOFAIR swag bag!
Winners are selected randomly and will be announced Friday, Sept. 23 at 2 pm PDT.

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Sheep, Cows & Pigs, Oh My! #farmatthefair

Did you know it’s the last week at the fair? If you haven’t checked out the animals in the farm, you are missing out. Here are some fun things to check out while you are here at the fair with our furry friends.


  • Did you know this is the largest farm in California? Home to about 160 animals?
  • When a baby chicken is born, it takes about 3 weeks for them to be fully grown.
  • Did you know baby cows, sheep, chicks and more being born every day here at the fair?
  • Once a baby sheep is born it can walk after only a couple of hours.

 Are you ready to check out the Big Red Barn? 

Here, you can see where all the magic happens. Ever wanted to milk a goat? Stop by the Goat Milking Demo in the Big Red Barn, be careful don’t get it in your eye!

The ultimate dream for every child is the Petting Zoo. They may get a little messy, but will have tons of fun feeding all their favorite animals.

Learn all about farm animals at Max’s Country Farm Show. They will surprise you with backyard animals like a possum and wow you with this beautiful owl. The best part is you get to take photos with all the animals. #daretofair

There is more than you can imagine at the Farm this year, don’t forget there are only a few days left. Make sure you visit for tickets, special offers and to see more of what we have to offer this year!

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Got Milk?

When I came in to work this morning, everything was great and peachy. However, after a few minutes in the vicinity, my stomach was tied up in knots and I felt the need to go back to my house and just sleep! The strangest feeling ever – and I had no idea why!

Today seemed like a typical Sunday…I clocked in, said hello to everyone I came across, turned on my computer and checked my email. Normal enough, right?

Well, it wasn’t until one of my coworkers reminded me of my goat-milking session with Stella (goat) that my blood rushed to my hands and feet and I almost fell off my seat!

You see, I love Farm animals, but I’ve always preferred to give them their space and let them carry on with their business.

Since I was worried about hurting the goat, I arrived to an hour earlier to talk to Sarah, the Goat Handler!

Here are a few things I learned from Sarah’s class:

  • A female goat (aka Doe) produces milk for their babies. Once the babies have been weaned, the mothers need to be milked 1-2 times per day in order to continue producing their milk for the next 10 months of the year.
  • The amount of milk produced depends on the size of the goat.
  • Temperature of the milk is typically above 100°F – which is body temperature.
  • Diet is high in protein — alfalfa hay should be available 24/7. This is what helps their regularity.
  • Diet also includes occasional grain mixture (aka goat candy), that includes barley, grains and sunflower seeds.
  • Sunflower seeds help produce sweeter tasting milk because of the additional fatty oils.
  • Takes about 5-8 minutes to do an average milking.
  • Goat milk is stored in mason jars in the freezer. Best if used within 30 days.
  • Goat milk can be used to make ice cream and goat cheese too.

***BONUS: Always be gentle when you’re milking a goat and NEVER pull on their teats!

It’s true what people say…Sunday is the best day to try something new. :-)  If you ever decide to milk a goat or a cow (same process), there is no better place than the LA County Fair!

Have you ever milked a goat (or a cow)?
Tell me about your experience in the comment section below. 

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Beneath the Sea + Giveaway [CONTEST CLOSED]

We have a winner!
Congratulations to Dominick for being selected as today’s blog giveaway winner.
Thank you to everyone who played! Make sure you like/follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more contests and fun Fair photos/videos. ____________________________________________________________

What better way to cool off in this crazy heat than a little dip in the ocean?  Beneath the Sea is the traveling show with sea lions, rays, sharks, and even a mermaid!  Found near Red Gate, behind Thunder Alley, this is a world of adventure.

Watch sea lions cavort and play in the several daily shows that go on, courtesy of trainers Xania and Jimmy.  According to Xania, the show is actually a sea lion rescue that focuses on entertaining crowds while the performers educate you a little bit about the difference between seals and sea lions, and the importance of recycling. One lovely show girl is a South American sea lion that enjoys hamming for the camera and performing for big crowds!

Pet a real live Atlantic ray, and talk a little bit with their handler, Joe, about the care and keeping of these wonderful creatures.  For the last few years, Joe and his family have brought fair guests the wonders of these little critters, which you can touch and view up close.  This show is a rescue, too.  Joe rescues the rays from shrimping boats in the Gulf of Mexico, tours them for eight to nine months, and then releases them back into the wild!

Gaze in awe at the sharks, swimming in their tanks, and take a picture or two with the resident mermaid!  She’s available for pictures after her educational show in a wonderfully cool misty grotto.

Now, for a fun Blog Giveaway!

Beneath the Sea Giveaway
Four any-day admission tickets
Two RCS ride wristbands
1 Parking Pass

To enter our contest, tell me at least ONE of the sea lions’ names from the show. Winner will be announced Monday on this blog at 5 p.m. Best of Luck!

What are you waiting for?  Swim, don’t walk, on down and join us Beneath the Sea.

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Cinnamon, Spice and Sage arrive to LACF!

During one of our daily walks to The Big Red Barn, we ran into Sky Shivers and the following baby goats! Sicne it has become a Fair tradition, Sky named our new furry friends….say hello to 2-weeks old Cinnamon and Spice…they are brother and sister.

And now, meet Sage! She may seem a few days old, but she is actually 3 weeks old! We hope these three adorable creatures become good friends!

Fair wouldn’t be the same without the newborns!
How many do you think we’ll have this year?

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First Round Of Animals Are Here!

You know Fair is a few days away when Sky Shivers, our resident cowboy and Livestock Superintendent, arrives to our grounds with the first round of Fair animals.

In this particular case, these goooats were the first ones to arrive! We have no idea how they beat the pigs, sheep and cows! Now that I think about it, the cows probably just stopped somewhere along the way to take a break and eat some grass. But not to worry, Sky said they will all be here in the next couple of days! We are so excited to welcome our friends to LACF!

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New animals at The Farm

For all animal lovers stopping by the Farm, you will be so surprised by what we have in store for you that we guarantee you will create long-lasting memories at this fun and educational experience.

There will be activities for people of all ages that include milking goats, seeing pig races, and potentially seeing a live animal birth! You name it, we have something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

As usual, our petting zoo will be a great opportunity for children and adults to pet over 150 animals. If you are feeling a little adventurous, purchase animal food and see animals race to you to be fed and pet! The smile on your child’s face will be a lasting memory you will never want to forget.

In addition to the petting zoo and our typical farm animals, this year’s Farm will introduce a new show highlighting two zebra hybrids: one zorse and one zonkey. Confused? Well, you shouldn’t be because you read correctly. You will learn more than you could possibly imagine about the historical upbringing of zorses and zonkeys. A zorse is derived from breeding a horse and a zebra together, while a zonkey is derived from a zebra and a donkey.

A Zorse (left) and a Zonkey (right)

The show will also highlight horses, mules and zebras. Many people are under the impression that there is only one type of a zebra, but that is not true. When you visit the Farm you will learn about the different breeds of zebras and their historical uses in Africa.

There will also be a new chicken show where guests will learn about the origin of these phenomenal animals, the oddness of some breeds, designer chickens, and egg production. Learning more about chickens will surely blow your mind away.

As if this was not enough, this year’s Farm will also host a new breed of sheep, known as the Royal White Sheep. This unique breed of sheep was developed in Texas and is not seen west of the Rockies, so it will be a real treat for our guests.

On top of seeing animals bred in other states, Max’s Barnyard Show will bring it back home by featuring animals seen roaming around your backyard such as chickens, rabbits, tarantulas, opossums, red foxes and California Kingsnakes.

Guests will also have the opportunity to see how ice cream, butter, and cream cheese can easily be made from milk at home. Who knows, you may decide to make your own milk-derived products after you absorb all of this new information.

And we could not possibly forget to mention the all-time Fair favorite pig races that will be held seven times a day, every day.

Ultimately, the number one goal of the LACF Farm is to entertain our guests and to remind them that agriculture is part of our daily lives! So, brace yourself to have the most fun you have ever had!

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