America’s Kids & The Land of Frogs, Princesses and Knights: The Whimsical Side of the Fair

Dare to imagine in Expo Hall 5! Enter the Land of Frogs, Princesses & Knights, where the adventures are non-stop, from the brave and daring acts of the Knight School, to the fun and fancy antics of Wonderland.

Also in Expo Hall 5 is America’s Kids. This world is full of nostalgia, enchantment and wonder for guests of all ages. Children will see some of their favorite stories come to life while parents will get a tad nostalgic seeing some of their classics up close and personal.

Earlier this year we took you behind-the-scenes of this exhibit. Thousands of local children submitted creative projects to be displayed during the Fair.

When we last checked in, all the entries were spread on long tables, shelves and various storage spaces. Fast forward to September and our hard-working team has given out ribbons, awards and hung every submission out for our guests to see.

Play games, dress up, and open your imagination at one of our most creative exhibits at the Fair!

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Behind-the-Scenes: Load-In Day at America’s Kids!

Have you ever been to our America’s Kids exhibit? Each year thousands of students submit works of art, creative writing, DIY projects and more to the LA County Fair, all based around a specific theme.

Our Creative team organizes all the projects and displays them inside America’s Kids for our 1.3 million guests to see for the duration of the Fair!

Today is the official load-in day for America’s Kids and we’re expecting about 8,000 submissions to be dropped off today. Here’s a quick look at what the exhibit currently looks like: