World War II Veteran Joins Parade

Earlier today we were honored with the presence of World War II veteran Fernando A. Torres and his wife Gail Torres. The two love the Fair and have attended every year since 1966, which is where they had their first date.

Here are some pictures that were captured from this very special day & parade:

Fernando and Gail have one son and one daughter, and three grandchildren who love coming to the Fair.

Fernando, Thank you for your service to this country and CONGRATULATIONS on your 51st Fair.  

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Blue Ribbons Galore at the DIY Design Studio

Looking for old-school Fair fun? Look no further than the DIY Design Studio, home to dozens of competitions. From photography to knitting to baking, this is the place where our most creative guests can show off their talents (and compete for a coveted blue ribbon!)

la county fair home arts Many competition entries are submitted beforehand; participants don’t know who won until they walk through our doors and see their work on display (a long-time Fair tradition!)

No matter how many times we’ve walked through the DIY Design Studio, we’re always impressed with the level of care participants put into their projects.

Minor details — the smallest rose on a cake, the finishing touch on a tablescaping piece, the perfect color on a crotchet blanket — are distinct reminders that the home arts are truly alive and well in our community.

la county fair home arts Guests check out the tablescaping entries on display

Fairplex CEO & President Miguel Santana takes a look at our culinary competition winners so far

In addition to the entries that have already been judged, new blue ribbons are being awarded every single day in our live culinary competitions!

Iron Chef and Chopped-like competitions, where guests have to create dishes on the spot with a secret (Fair-themed) ingredient, and traditional contests like the grilled cheese and salsa competitions are held on a weekly basis.

The first, second and third place winners have their picture taken and placed on our board in the competitions arena (pictured in the photo above).

To learn more about the DIY Design Studio competitions, visit us at!

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Old School Fair Contests

Winning a blue ribbon is one of our Top 10 Fair Dares, and one of the best ways to do that is by participating in a contest at the Galaxy Stage.

From pie eating to hula hooping and bubble gum blowing, there is a chance for everyone to win a blue ribbon and have fun at the same time. So take a break from the funnel cake and come over to the Galaxy Stage for some old fashioned fun.

Our star Hula Hoopers were so good we had to add 2 more hoops before they dropped them.

Another favorite is the water balloon tossing contest. Grab a partner and get ready to be splashed. As you step farther and farther away it gets harder and harder not to pop your balloon. But if you do, no problem, it is a great way to cool off.

And the winners are….

Frank and Samantha Mendez from Pomona played as a family team, and were the winners of our blue ribbons. Our Crazy Cosmic Contests are even better when you play with friends and family, so come visit the Galaxy Stage and view our schedule of contests here.

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Giveaway + The Little Red Barn [Contest Closed]

Hey fair fans!

What’s cuter than animals? Miniature animals! And the Little Red Barn is full of them.

From miniature pigs and donkeys, to baby doll sheep and pygmy goats, the Little Red Barn will definitely make you wish you lived on a farm.

If you don’t feel like this little pig after you went to the Fair, did you really go to the Fair?

This cow jumped over the moon and found his way to the LA County Fair.

What goes better with mini animals than nursery rhymes? This is one of our favorite. We even have mother goose hanging out with a miniature hen, which is sure to take you back to your childhood readings of The Little Red Hen storybooks.

Come visit these miniature pals in the Farm at the Little Red Barn. They are waiting to greet you with snorts and hee-hawing.


Congratulations to our winners Gregory Kenyota, Tiana Mitchell and Alexandra Razo for being selected as our winners. Gregory said the baby sheep are his favorite, Tiana enjoys watching the racing pigs and Alexandra Razo loves the baby chicks because they are so fluffy.

Thank you everyone for playing!

Giveaway time! [CONTEST CLOSED]
What is your favorite animal at the Fair?
Comment below for your chance to win a family 4-pack of admission tickets, carnival ride passes, and one of our Fair stuffed animals!
Winners are selected randomly and the contest will close Friday, Sept. 15 at 3 pm PDT.

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#DareToFair Round-Up: Week 2

If last week felt like a heat apocalypse, the weather this week was absolutely heavenly, especially in the evenings!  Here are some of our favorite #DareToFair photos from you, our guests :)

Use #lacountyfair and #daretofair in your photos and you could be featured on our blog this month! Thanks to everyone who braved the heat to come hang out with us. It should be cooler in the days to come :)

REMINDER: We are closed on Monday and Tuesday Tuesday, but reopen Wednesday at noon! Visit for hours, special offers, prices and more! Dare to Fair!

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America’s Kids’ Adventures in Literature

“This world is but a canvas for our imagination”
– Henry David Thoreau

Some of the greatest adventures ever told take place on the pages of a book. With America’s Kids’ Adventures in Literature you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into an enchanted library where giant books, costumed characters and hands-on activities come together to create a literary adventure of your own.

At America’s Kids, you’ll see thousands of entries from talented students ages 3-18.  From coloring page contests to collections to dioramas, students have worked hard on these projects and earned ribbons to prove it!  

Play games, dress up, and open your imagination at one of our most creative exhibits at the Fair! Here are some pictures of our stroll this afternoon:

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It’s always a good day to Dare to Fair!

Right before the Fair started, we shared our Top 10 Ways to Dare to Fair (old-school style.) Since then, we’ve had a blast living out classic Fair fun like riding the Tilt-A-Whirl and eating (a little too much) funnel cake. Share your best #DaretoFair memories with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #LACountyFairDare! 

Here’s a little inspiration to get you started:

For more information on the LA County Fair, including ticket prices, hours, attractions and our concert schedule, visit us at!

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Join us for Celebrate ’28

Join us for Celebrate ’28 as we congratulate the City of Los Angeles on its expected awarding of the 2028 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

We will have a special celebration parade on Saturday, Sept. 16  with LA 2028, LA48 Foundation, VIPs, Olympians and Paralympians. Then enjoy the day at the LA County Fair.

For more informatio visit

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Run for the Fair Culinary Competition

Contestants dashed around the fair to compete in our Chopped-style Run for the Fair contest tonight, and the results were delicious.

Six fair guests were given two mystery ingredients, puff pastry and bacon, and $10 in food vouchers to make an appetizer. Contestants had 30 minutes to shop for food from vendors and then had 15 minutes to create their dishes.

The creativity was flowing!

In first place: Laura Whisler

In Second Place: Bouakeo Mertz

In Third Place: Erik Mortensen

Dishes were awarded based on 50% creativity and 50% appearance. The top three received monetary prices. First: $75, Second: $50, Third: $25.

Winners from left to right:  Laura Whisler, Bouakeo Mertz, Erik Mortensen.

Fair guests will have another opportunity to partake in this fast-paced culinary competition on Sept. 22nd at 7 p.m. The contest will be dessert themed.

Dare to Fair!

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Esports Gaming World: The Ultimate Gaming Show

Esports Gaming World is a a premium, interactive gaming show with professional gamers, high-end virtual reality systems, great gaming items and more! The non-stop gaming action will be available at the LA County Fair until Sept. 10.

Check it out:

Take a picture with Darth Vader!

Experience VR Gaming!

Experience this exclusive LA County Fair video game show featuring dozens of gaming retail vendors, indie developers, virtual reality stations, professional teams, main stage and much more! You can even see appearances by top professional ESports organizations including Counter Logic Gaming and the LA Immortals.

Located in Expo Hall 8. All tickets include One-Day admission to the Fair. Get your tickets, here.

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