Dare To Care: American Red Cross

Today we had the pleasure of donating $12,625 to the American Red Cross, San Gabriel Pomona Valley Chapter! The ARC was the recipient of proceeds from our Week For Heroes.

american red cross la county fair

The American Red Cross and LA County Fair teams pose for the presenting of the check (October 17, 2016) 

Our Week For Heroes honors military and law enforcement with special admission, a portion of which goes to  ARC for general relief services. It was an honor to partner with them, alongside our Week for Heroes guests this year at the Fair.

In addition to this partnership, as also worked with ARC for blood drives throughout the Fair. A total of 1,765 pints were collected during these Fair drives.

Neither of these donation partnerships would have been possible without you — our guests. We would like to take this time to thank not only the American Red Cross for being our partner again this year, but all our Week For Heroes guests and Fair blood donors.

Dare to care!

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2016 DIY Blue Ribbon Winners

Despite the many changes the LA County Fair has seen over the years, some traditions remain tried and true, like our community domestic arts competitions.

Every year we receive hundreds of submissions in the categories of ceramics, interior design, quilting, embroidery, scrapbooking, embroidery, photography and a number of other skills.

All these wonderful entries are on display in our DIY Design Studio, underneath the Grandstand. Thank you to everyone who participated this year — this is truly a community effort and we enjoy seeing your entries every year.

A few of you have been asking to see the names of all the Blue Ribbon (1st Place) winners, and we thought, what better place to do this than on our Fair blog! So without further ado, your 2016 DIY Design Competition Winners:


April Zermeno
Claudia Cook
Douglas de Wet
Dr. Robert Krause
Joan Simonelli
John Schuessler
Judith Gale
Louise Trevino
Lupe Lutz
Nadya Selix
Takuji Yamamoto

Decorative Painting
Anne Heyne (senior)
Ashley Hurst/Robb (novice)
Ashlee Wyatt
Carole Young (senior)
Debra Doyle (senior)
Donald Martin Jr. (novice)
Elizabeth Butterfield (novice)
Emma Green (senior)
Ginger Platt (novice)
John Kume (senior)
Marjorie Martinez (senior)
Marzetta Alexander (novice)
Ray Fry (senior)
Savannah Ramirez (senior)
Sharon Bray (senior)
Taylor Kowalczyk (novice/senior)
Terri Mullin (senior)
Tina Armijo (novice)
Tom Oliver (senior)

Emily Do
Jacque Rabieaux

Hand Painted China
Donna Wigert
Ji Shim
Karen Taylor
Mary Wallace

Daniel Kelley
Ginger Platt
Jeanne Varney
Patricia Burns

Polymer Clay
Brittany Olivieri
Ginger Platt

Stained Glass
Mark Nelson
Patricia Burns
Peter Williams
Sandra Guizado
Sharon Grossman

Joyce Robinson

Debbie Mead
Earl Scott
Francisco Rodriguez
Jim Umbarger


Christmas Tree Decorating
Ashley Hurst/Robb
Marjorie Brown

Other Crafts
Alice Aguilar
Amber Espy
Ash Martin
Ashley Hurst/Robb
Christa Waydo
Debra Doyle
Diane Munsten
Donna Lee-Watson
Ginger Platt
Jerry Damon
Kathi Edstrom
Leona Axe
Leslie Olson
Lugene Haynes
Lynne Wolfson
Marjorie Martinez
Pranee Bettencourt
Richard Barrientos
Tracy Ramirez
Vern Clayton

Pumpkin Decorating Contest
Ashley Hurst/Robb
Ginger Platt

Rubber Stamping
Bronwyn Velazquez
Gayle Ness
Josie Garcia
Nikki Turnour
Suzanne Cook

Bronwyn Velazquez
Donna-Lee Watson
Kelene Nix
Lakesha Robinson
Linda Pulido
Suzanne Cook


Debra Barrell
Lori Oseguera
Rita Blue-Storck 

Costumer Guild West Authentic Costume
Darrell McIntyre
Lori Oseguera

Crocheted Clothing
Carole Hamburger
Cecilia Gomez
Colette Vahle
Esther Rodriguez
Jacque Rabideaux
Kathy Kloman
Margie Ramirez
Maria Luisa Romero
Mollie Avila
Natalie Welts
Patricia Staley
Tamara Dixon

Embellished Clothing & Accessories
Cyrene Massouris

Linda Firenze
Michele Ruley
Nan O’Donnell
Tawney Osejo

Hand Knitted Clothing
Debbie Mead
Ella Taylor
Ginny Mateen
Karen Frazer
Lori Wat
Madison St. John
Mary Beth Kelso
Nelda Ferrell
Susie Umbarger
Tamara Dixon
Vicki Miller
Virginia Van Osdel

Handmade Purses
Joyce Robinson
Kim Garlow

Pet Attire
Joanne Oliva

Wearable Art
Patty D’Amore

Wedding Attire and Accessories
Debra Barrell
Lori Oseguera


Diane Musten
Ginger Platt
Joyce Robinson
Linda Treadway-Dillmon
Maria Escobar
Nikki Mueller
Sharron Neyer

Gourd Art
Debra Doyle
Olive Moore

Jewelry (General)
John Kumpe
Joyce Robinson
Lynne Christianson
Vicky Jenkins


Alice Michele Dwinell
Ann Daush
Casandra Estrada
Frank D’Amore
Genessi Torres
Gilbert Piron
Isamura Cuellar
James Dyer
Janet Thomasser
Jillian Matzner
John Yeski
Jonathan Choi
Michelle McCartney
Paul Gutierrez
Ron Penrose
Savannah Ramirez
Shirley DeBraal
Shirley Goodwin
Stevie Stevonovich
Tammy Reynolds Wilson
Tracy Ramirez
Ty Foster
Virginia Violette
Welma Fu


Free Form Knitting or Crocheting
April Sweet
Carole Hamburger
Christine Gonzalez
Susie Umbarger

Free Motion Machine Embroidery
Judy Phillips
Virginia Rodriguez

Group Quilts
Carolyn Bradley
Joyce Robinson
Leslie Burghardt
Susan Buck 

Hand Quilting
Chika Yamamoto
Deborah Hamilton
Geraldine Mohr
Juanita Byerly
Sharon Jergens
Wendy Duncan

Long Arm Quilting
Gloria Flores
Janine Miller
Maria Rodriguez
Pat Johnson
Susan Vite
Wendy Costello

Machine Quilting
Barbara Hennessy
Barbara Wells-Roberts
Chika Yamamoto
Diane Wilkins
Dorene Wilkins
Jan Huber
Judy Phillips
Melinda Stenger
Melody Lutz
Patti McCormick
Victoria Peyton 

Quilted Articles
Adelina Portillo
Gigi Volkoff
Jackie Bauder
Melody Lutz
Susan Buck

Quilt Block Challenge
Donna Owens
Jackie Bauder
Michelle Case

Quilts & Quilted Items
Diane Nielson
Dorene Mittwer
Elizabeth Muir
Joyce Robinson
Juanita Byerly
Yolanda Barrozo


Brazilian Embroidery
Beatrice Garcia
Dorothy Rucker

Crocheted Afghans and Articles
Catherine Anders
Cecelia Furukawa
Colette Vahle
Esther Rodriguez
Irene Clark
Kathy Kloman
Linda Treadway-Dillmon
Mary Gray
Patty Vredenburg
Pauline Martinez
Shirley Garcia
Sue Coggins
Susan Holdren
Tamara Dixon
Victoria Peyton

Counted Cross Stitch
Anne Vogel
James Birdwell
Jennifer Newkirk
Kandace Nunn
Katherine Braker
Marlane Kroner
Nancy Godfrey
Patrick Barnes
Pauline Yawitz
Teri Wilkinson
Tony Mendoza
Valerie Reece

Free Form Knitting or Crocheting
April Sweet
Carole Hamburger
Christine Gonzalez

Hand Embroidery
Audrey Morris
James Birdwell
Lillian Hu
Marlane Kromer
Mona Sumioka

Hand Knitted Afghans and Articles
Debbie Jensen
Esther Fairris
Ginny Mateen
Hatsumi Nomura
Pauline Yawitz
Susie Umbarger

Hand Spinning
Annie To
Debbie Mead
Nan O’Donnell

Hand Spun Finished Article
Ginny Mateen

Darlene Kincaid
Doris Thompson
Sarah Maloof

Colette Vahle
Lilli Witczak
Mollie Avila
P. Melanie Vliet
Stephanie Kleinerman
Valerie Reece

Needlepoint & Petit Point
Betty Ortiz
Christina Kelleher
Dolores Osborne
Joyce Cohen
Kim Griffin
Margo Schenstrom
Marlane Kroner
Pauline Yawitz
Susan Fitzsimons
Terry Traver
Virginia Van Osdel


Brenda Hines
Caroline Gonzales
Katherine Dodd


Help A Child Smile
Donnice Brown
Krystina Kyle

Jane Artinian

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INFOGRAPHIC: Fair Food 2016

There is one thing our team has in common, and that is our love of food. Every year we look forward to trying the newest, craziest Fair foods out there, and many of you are the same way!

This year, Fair fans consumed two fields of corn, 6,000 deep-fried bacon s’mores and 1,000 lbs (yes, POUNDS) of butter. Take a look at our infographic to see what else you ate this year:

What was your favorite Fair food experience this year? Tell us in the comments below! For more information about the LA County Fair, visit lacountyfair.com.

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The LA County Fair Gives Back

The LA County Fair has always been a proud community partner. In fact, we actively look for ways to serve the needs of our communities. This is why we are proud to announce that thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, staff members and guests, we were able to accomplish the following during the 2016 LA County Fair: 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the numbers above and who believes in our mission to enrich lives by entertaining and educating the diverse community while creating unique and memorable experiences. See you all in 2017 for another great LA County Fair.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest Fair news, giveaways and so much more.


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#DareToFair Photo Round-Up: The Last Week

And just like that, we’re on our last day of the 2016 LA County Fair! Between visiting Stanley, exploring Jurassic Planet, and going into food comas on a daily basis, it’s no wonder time flew by. Here is our final photo round-up from your wonderful posts!

#DareToFair Photo Round-Up: The Last Week

1. This cool view of the Fair 

la county fair

Photo Credit: @estephansky

2. This gorgeous shot of the carnival 

la county fair

Photo Cred: @caitlyn.kve

3. This mouth-watering view of Street Corn In A Cup 

la county fair

Photo Credit: @la_foody

4.  This selfie with a goat 

la county fair

Photo Credit: @lalalindsey.814

5. This super intense photo of our emu 

la county fair

Photo Credit: @alex8oa

And these are just a few of the amazing pics we saw on social media this year! Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences and memories with us. We had a blast embarking on this Dare To Fair journey with all of you :)

We’re open until 10 p.m. tonight! Get your final Fair fix before we close for the year. For more info, visit lacountyfair.com.

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America’s Kids & The Land of Frogs, Princesses and Knights: The Whimsical Side of the Fair

Dare to imagine in Expo Hall 5! Enter the Land of Frogs, Princesses & Knights, where the adventures are non-stop, from the brave and daring acts of the Knight School, to the fun and fancy antics of Wonderland.

Also in Expo Hall 5 is America’s Kids. This world is full of nostalgia, enchantment and wonder for guests of all ages. Children will see some of their favorite stories come to life while parents will get a tad nostalgic seeing some of their classics up close and personal.

Earlier this year we took you behind-the-scenes of this exhibit. Thousands of local children submitted creative projects to be displayed during the Fair.

When we last checked in, all the entries were spread on long tables, shelves and various storage spaces. Fast forward to September and our hard-working team has given out ribbons, awards and hung every submission out for our guests to see.

Play games, dress up, and open your imagination at one of our most creative exhibits at the Fair!

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Art + Water + LA County Fair = One Fun Experience

What happens when art, the LA County Fair and water come together? Simple. A breathtaking art exhibition surrounding water is created for guests to enjoy as they visit this year’s Fair.

The Millard Sheets Art Center’s 2016 exhibition The Art Classis: Oasis addresses water as seen through the eyes of Los Angeles artists. The interest in this topic stems from the fact that over the last decade California has seen a severe decrease in rainfall that has led to consequences throughout the state. Since the Los Angeles region, which is comprised of mountains, rivers, ocean shores, farms, cities, and suburbs has had its own unique reaction to the rise and fall of the water levels, The Art Classic: Oasis focuses on how these areas are affected and beautified by the world’s most precious resource – water.

The Art exhibition, a longstanding tradition at the Fair, is perfect for all ages, especially kids, so head to the LA County Fair and learn more about water, the land we live in and how you can have a role in keeping our communities beautiful and healthy.

Fair closes tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 25, so come check out The Art Classic -
it’s your last chance!

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Fair Snapshot: 2016 Marching Band Competition

It wouldn’t be Fair without our annual marching band competition! Every year, high schools compete in our parades for a chance to win a cash prize and recognition in the LA County Fair Marching Band Competition.

We wanted to take this time to congratulate our 2016 winners: 

1st Place: Chino High School
2nd Place: Glendora High School
3rd Place: Diamond Bar High School

It was a blast seeing all the schools come out this year and march in our parades. Thank you to everyone who joined us for this wonderful event!

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Fair Food Friday: Dare To Indulge

With only two days of Fair left, it’s safe to say we’ve tried nearly every food item there is to try here (although there are some we haven’t reached yet… 1,200 choices are a lot to choose from.)

For this week’s Fair Food Friday, we are taking you through the most decadent, indulgent, sweetest, gooiest, craziest Fair foods we have had so far. Check it out!

Fair Food Friday: Dare To Indulge

1. Gourmet Milkshakes 

la county fair milkshake

Served in a mason jar, these super sweet, delicious treat is customized to your personal preferences. Whether you prefer whipped cream and a cherry on top, or crunched cookies mixed into your shake, there are a number of options to choose from.

2. Ice Cream 

la county fair ice cream

There are a number of places you can buy ice cream here at the Fair, and each stand has their own specialty, but we can guarantee you that all of them will leave your sweet tooth satisfied and reaching a sugar high in no time. We recommend Dr. Bob’s and Old Time Ice Cream for starters!

3. Texas-Size Donuts 

la county fair donut

These donuts are literally the size of your face. Served in a number of colors, sprinkles, and flavors, you won’t find these at your local Krispy Kreme! The only question is, do you share with your friends and dare to try and eat it all by yourself?

4. Chicken & Waffle On A Stick 

la county fair waffle on a stick

Chicken Charlie NEVER fails to create something new, fun, and absolutely delicious at the Fair! While there are a number of items we could choose from (deep-fried bacon s’mores for one…), we had to go with the Chicken & Waffle On A Stick invention!

These are just a few of the amazing foods to try here at the Fair. There are tons of other indulgent choices, like the Dino Rib, bacon-wrapped pork belly, Mexican funnel cake and all the other delicious things we’ve covered in our past Fair Food Friday posts.

But enough from us… what were your favorite Fair foods this year?

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