[Contest Closed] Fair Food Giveaway 2013!

Hot Blog On a Stick is ready to celebrate the Fair!

Well guys, it’s about that time. We are starting Fair season by¬† giving away four VIP passes to our exclusive, annual Fair Food Preview Day, being held at the end of this month! This event is closed to the public.

From Chicken Charlie’s deep-fried novelties to the crunchy delights at Tasti Chips, it will all be available for two winners and their guests to sample food and drinks at their leisure. The Garden Railroad will also be available and some of our best competition wines, spirits and beers will be served.

For a chance to win, submit a comment of your favorite memory at the L.A. County Fair! We will be accepting submissions through Tuesday, August 20, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random and will be announced on Wednesday, August 21, 2013.

Just leave your name, email and a brief description of your memory in the comment section below to enter.

Good luck!

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390 thoughts on “[Contest Closed] Fair Food Giveaway 2013!

  1. So many great memories from my visits to the fair! One of my favorites was having my picture taken with my grandson with the live giant python wrapped around us. I hate snakes but couldn’t say no to the little dude. Can’t wait to make new memories this year!

  2. Fondest memories of the LA County Fair are so numerous as I have been a P-Town girl since 1964 & the fair has been a yearly activity in our families lives…

    Living within walking distance as a youngster I have memories holding my parents hands as we made what I thought was a long journey (3 blocks) down Arrow Hwy & in the back gate @ Fulton Rd entrance.

    Memories of receiving our ‘free’ school tickets, sneaking in behind the bushes at the maintenance entrance on White, to using the burlap sacks as surf boards on the Big Slide…

    High school years included working at Hot Dog On A Stick with all my girlfriends & walking around the fair in our colorful striped uniform thinking we were all ‘hot’ stuff…

    On to legal age found most of us tasting our first margarita in Fiesta Village!!!

    Years later…bringing my own children become a yearly patronize as well!

    The joy of seeing my own children’s excitement when we paid a visit to the new babies in Fairview Farms, panning for gold in Heritage Square & who could point out the farm, mission, vineyard, red engine & yellow caboose at Garden Railroad quickest…

    But the greatest joy & memories were found with my daughter, Vanessa & I, as we participated in the now defunct ‘Mother-Daughter Look-Alike’ contest beginning in 1986 – 1999.

    During that time, we walked away with 2 – Sweepstakes Awards, 4 – 1st place ribbons, 3 – 2nd place ribbons, 3 – 3rd place ribbons, 2 – 5th place ribbons. Getting dressed up alike & receiving the ‘star’ treatment by fair officials, judges & fair goers was our yearly 15 minutes of ‘fame’…

    Contest day always brought out all our family & friends to cheer us on, allow all the kids to run amok around the fair, the adults the opportunity to socialize & visit the wine pavilion for ‘tastings’…

    Fast forward to today & you’ll find me taking my grandchildren, w/my children closely following, to the yearly festivities of the fair & I know from past memories we will have no problem creating new ones of our own…

    LA Fair has always been my home town fair!

  3. My favorite memory at the L.A. County Fair was when my family became close again. We had been arguing a lot for months. We fought about the smallest things and were always tense near each other. On our way to the fair we were all quiet because of a disagreement of what we were going to eat once we got there. As we entered the park we started to roam around the fair and I noticed we were all enjoying our time. I hadnt experienced such a fun time with my family in a long period of time. It was such a great experience!

  4. My favorite memory at the L.A. County Fair was when I bungee jumped for the first time ever! I am not the type of person that lives off of the moto “yolo” but for once in my life I wanted to do something extreme! It was such a fun and thrilling experience! I will never forget it.

  5. I’ve been in love with the LA County fair since I was a child. My father raised 3 girls on his own and every year he would take us and the first thing we would do is go to the BIG yellow slide. We would pass a few slides on the way but nothing compared to the BIG yellow slide!!! With excitement pulsing through us we would present our tickets and then grab out potato sacks and make the climb to the very top. We would all line up and on the count of 3 we would race to the bottom. Those few seconds racing down embodied the fair… Family, fun and tradition! I will never forget it!!

  6. My favorite moment at the L.A. County Fair was arriving early ready for a full day of fun. Filling up on delicious food only offered at the fair. I rode rides all day like a big kid and by the end of the night, I enjoyed a great concert performed by Earth Wind and Fire. I was in the 5th row dancing and singing (do you remember the 21st night of September?) Philip Bailey said, “some of y’all ain’t even old enough to know these songs but you do I see you out there”. Of course I thought he was talking about me and my girls seeing as how we were the youngest people in the front rows 24 years young at the time. The L.A County Fair is a tradition I’ve enjoyed for many years something for everyone young and seasoned!

  7. My favorite memory at the L.A. County Fair was when me and my family were watching a parade and I got hit with some beads in the face. My eye was injured since it landed directly on it. But this isnt the point in why its my favorite memory… Someone from the staff at the fair witnessed the two trouble maker boys who did this. The guy from the staff was so sweet, he made sure I was okay and made sure the two boys were kicked out of the fair. He even gave me as many beads as I wanted. I have never been treated so nicely from a staff member anywhere. It made the rest of my day better even though I had a swollen eye.

  8. My favorite memory at the L.A. County Fair… actually.. all of the times ive visited the L.A. County Fair I have made the best memories!

  9. What memory could I select, there are so many. My husband, son and I have been going every year since before we were married in high school. We all love going to the fair. From the packed tunnel, to get into the fair at the Mexican village to the smell of all the BBQ’s, trying to figure out when we will see the acrobats and then how the fair changes at night with all the lights. One of my favorite memories is actually when we leave. We are usually very tired and walking back up towards parking from the Mexican village can be such a challenge. My son, when he was little (like 8 & 9) would “push” us up the ramp, taking care to help his “tired” parents up the walkway, he worked very hard. As he got older (and he got much bigger) it became easier and easier for him to help us up the walkway. He still enjoys doing this, even though he is 27 now, its a family tradition :)

  10. Each year I attend the LA County Fair it brings a new favorite memory. I’ve attended the Fair almost every year since I was in grade school (many years ago). It was ALWAYS a special treat to get a free ticket through school and since My birthday is at the end of September I’ve always been able to request a special birthday trip to the fair from my parents (when I was a child) and now with my own children. It’s so great to be able to share and experience the fair every year with my own children, to see their faces light up as we walk around the entire fair, through them I am able to relive the excitement I had when I was their age. Those are the memories I treasure yearly!

  11. I have been a fan of the LA County Fair my whole life. When I went to college in the bay area I tried out other fairs but none could compete. When I moved back to Pomona in July of 2008 nothing said home like the opening weekend of the fair. I invited my whole family. Even my elderly grandparents came. That day at the fair not only welcomed me back home, but it left so many happy memories that it has become our family tradition to go together every opening weekend since. Last year we were blessed with an addition to our family. Getting to see the joy the fair brought to my one year old niece creates a certainty in my mind that our tradition will continue for a long time.

  12. As a child my parents would take us to the fair each year to walk the buildings. We would spend all day there. We would then perform there with our dance group from the time I was 6 to 22 years of age. My childhood and adulthood have such beautiful and colorful memories of the fair. So when I became a mother I wanted my kids to experience the fair also. From the food, to the animal , to the buildings and rides, my two children are getting the beautiful memories that the fair is supposed to be… a great memory to pass on through your family’s generation. I hope that my children will one day pass one this beautiful tradition to their children. It is not just a place to go … It is part of my family’s tradition. Thank you so much for my beautiful memories and time shared with my family!

  13. It was the first time 3 years ago I along with my sister where able to take my parents, brothers, sister and niece and nephews from out of state together for a full day of fun and great food. It is not often we are able to get all 15 if us together and that day was the best for me at the LA County fair. Getting on the rides, eating the new creations like the deep friend oreos, deep fried avocado and enjoying the day of shopping, walking, looking at the exhibits petting the animals and seeing my nephews and nieces and parents expressions in photos and lots of laughter. I look forward to it every year and to again, getting as much family together to make new memories of fun times.

  14. My favorite memory was walking through the flower exhibit hall during the 2012 fair and seeing the pictures made from seeds of Queen Elizabeth, then taking a walk through the livestock barn and witnessing a calving–two extremes and yet they both celebrate life in L.A. because of the variety in the county! Looking forward to this year at the fair! :)

  15. My favorite memory was when I first went to the fair and saw this place full of fried food. What more can a young teenage boy ask? I sure ate a lot of food that day and multiple turkey legs. One day at the fair is not enough…I will be going to the fair many times this year! Hopefully there are new food trucks to try new foods!! My belly is ready!!

  16. My memories of the county fair are Amazing!! As a teenager was introduce to the Family tradition by my boyfriend , now, my awesome husband of 23 years. We been bringing our kids since they were babies…now 21yrs old!!!! It bring families together and share wonderful memories of their own. I The night are amazing the multi culture come and share the beautiful

  17. My best memory of the fair was attending as a little girl with my mother and entering the “Mother Daughter Lookalike Contest”. Now a mother myself I will bring my daughter for her first visit this year.

  18. My best memory of the fair was,last year when I took my 2 girls and watched them dress u like princesses the smiles on there face were priceless!

  19. My best memory of the fair was last year, the first year my son was old enough to take the sky ride with me. My son was amazed by the view above the fair. We went at night, so we had a chance to see all of the lights of the fair, as well as look up at the night sky.

  20. My favorite memory is when i took my 3 year old niece to the LA County Fair she had never been there when we went through the gate she wanted to do everything she could see and wanted everything see seen and when it got dark her eyes told the whole story see was a mazzed and rode everything she could and keep saying my face painted and i drove the car auntie that is my favorite memory and i have been to the LA County fair for the last 10 years

  21. Omg……experiencing deep fried kool-aid for the first time last year. Hope to get it again this year!! :-)

  22. Rewind to 8 years ago: about 8 ladies from church heading to the fair. Full of Starbucks, chattering with excitement, anticipating the food and contraband of the LA County Fair. What was even more funny is we called our group, “church girls gone wild” the PG version. What we didn’t expect was the 100 degree weather and each girl wanting to buy something in almost every aisle. We sweated over our BBQ, jumped up and down with excitement while sipping our cherry lemonade, posed with the animals and fought over funnel cakes. :) . The highlight that still brings a smile to my face is the 25 cent foot massage. We all sat in the chairs and inserted our quarters and did the wave. I kept screaming, this is my favorite ride! :) . I still chuckle when I see those chairs at other venues. That was the perfect way to end an evening to our PG girl group.

  23. One of my favorite things about going to the fair is taking home a goldfish every year. I loved that I got to share that experience for the first time with my daughter at last years fair. It was the highlight of her night after being told she couldn’t go on any of the rides because she was an inch too short.

  24. My favorite memory of the fair is taking my 2 daughters to their first concert. The whole day was special. The look on their faces and all the fun they had I’ll always remember.

  25. My favorite memory is from 2 years ago when I had the chance to take two international students from Brazil with me. We were all students at the University of La Verne and they truly enjoyed all the weird food us “Americans” eat. We all enjoyed rattle snake chili and it was def. great to eat things that they never had before. Their favorite was the deep fried snickers and they even attempted to make it once they got back to Rio.

  26. When I was in grad school my father took my sibling and I to the L.A. County Fair every year. In reality he never really stopped taking us, our family just kept growing. We would all go together, it just took a few more cars for us to all be together. Once we get there we walk around together and then we all split up for a few hours and meet right back up to eat together. I know I should be talking about my most memorable moment. And I will right now. So, it would be when I was in the fourth grade my dad took the day off of work and took my siblings and I out of school early so surprise us by taking us the L.A. County Fair. My uncle Stanley (a.k.a mustache man) came with us as well. My brother and I loved riding the big rides and I was tall enough to do it too, but my younger sister wasn’t. She thought they were to scary for her. So my uncle Stanley would take her to ride to baby rides and my dad would take us to ride the big rides. After 3 rides they switched. My uncle would come with us and my dad would go with her. That day my uncle Stanley pay for all of us to play a game so one of us can win a prize to bring it back home to mommy. I won and it was fun. I remember this the best because this is one a good memory that I will always have of my uncle Stanley.

  27. Memories of watching the model trains circling and circling until I fell asleep.

  28. My favorite memory was to see Rihanna in concert at the fair for free with my family.

  29. I would have to say my favorite memories of the LA County Fair besides the rides, games and all that delicious food is being there with my family. Now that my children are grown it’s not cool anymore to hang out with Mom but when the fair comes around all that changes. Capturing all those priceless memories to me is the best gift a mother can have.

  30. Best memory out of all is being younger and my grandpa who is no longer with us taking the entire family (20 +) to the fair and buying us everything to eat from BBQ, funnel cakes galore, shopping, and all of us getting on the giant yellow slide while my grandma watched from the Garden building :) I love the fair (even volunteered once) and always look forward to the new memories made each year.

  31. I want to enter the contest because I have never been to the LA county fair so my first trip will be the most memorable.

  32. Favorite memory of LA County Fair was last year seeing the smile on my sons face as we visited the Dinosaur Exhibit. Thank you La County Fair for creating family memories that will last a lifetime.

  33. My favorite memory at the LA County fair is my now husband and I – our first date! What a great place to have a first date, right?!?! Well, it was! And now we are married! My favorite part was definitely the amazing fair food like the huge corn dog and the fried oreos then we washed it down with some amazing wine at the wine tasting area!

  34. It’s not easy to recall just one favorite memory for the LA County Fair…but since my husband and I are always busy with work and our kids, we decided to take a day off from work and spend it together at the fair. It was the nicest alone time we’ve had in a long while and we were able to explore all the areas of the fair that our kids don’t like to see, since they want to be at the carnival or with the farm animals. I enjoyed seeing all the entries for the many different areas to be judged such as crafts, baked goods, dining table set-ups and collection of hobbies. Our kids weren’t too happy when they found out we for the day without them, but we did take them to the fair on another day. The LA County Fair is overall the best time to spend with family, friends for good eats, entertainment and of course shopping!!!

  35. I have a great memory of going to the fair in appx. 1975 and my dad bought me a Viking sewing machine!! I still have it!!

  36. The best memory I have of the fair is when my sisters and I ran into a lost child and made sure he was brought to safety and bumped into their worried parents.

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