It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fairtime…

Ev’rywhere you go! Seriously! 11 days to go before the biggest SoCal September event opens its gates. Are we excited? Yes! Are we going to have mouth-watering food? Yes! Are we going to have amazing attractions that feature sharks, bears and dinosaurs? Yes! Are we going to have emo-rides (those are rides that cause all sorts of happy emotions, not depressed, stressed out rides who wear skinny jeans)? Yes! Am I going to show you some pre-Fair photos? Yes!

As readers of the Fairey Blogster you know that I love Hot Dog on a Stick – my favorite Fair food. But I also love Chicken Charlie and all his fixins’. One of his two stands is up; looks tempting already:

Chicken Charlie’s stand on Redwood.



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One thought on “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fairtime…

  1. I LOVE THE FAIR! I can’t wait until it begins…plan to spend several days enjoying everything. This is my annual excitement!

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