Last Chance to #discoverLACF

With only one day left to visit LACF, I decided it was time to go on the grounds and talk to some guests about their top four things to do while at the Fair— also known as LACF’s Fantastic Four. Ready to have some fun? I hope so, because we are about to go over some of fair-comers’ all-time favorite things to enjoy.

4. The Farm: Our farm was recently expanded to 5 acres, which means we have a lot more things for you to enjoy! In addition to petting over 150 animals and learning how ice cream and butter are made, you could cheer pigs as they race to the finish line, learn about Zonkeys and Zorses, or catch a live birth. I’m not lying about the live births…just watch this!

3. Flower & Garden Pavilion: Can you think of anything at LACF that smells better than our Flower & Garden Pavilion? Didn’t think so. This year’s flowers and plants are absolutely breathtaking and unique. See for yourself.

2. Shopping: LACF is home to the largest shopping place in the West, hosting more than 1,000 booth spaces and offering tens of thousands of items. No wonder more than 75 percent of Fair attendees come to shop while at LACF. From everyday home appliances to automobiles and spas, we have it all.

1. Luminasia and Mojo’s Lagoon: This brand new and unique Chinese lantern exhibit features thousands of lights in an extraordinary display of engineering and larger than life characters. As you walk through the exhibit you will see dragons, pagodas, coral reefs, a replica of the Statue of Liberty, and so much more! If you need something to do before Luminasia opens its doors at 6 p.m., you could very well stop by Mojo’s Wild and Crazy Lagoon. Some of the exotic animals you will see include but are not limited to crocodiles, camels, zebras, hedgehogs, monkeys and snakes. Definitely worth the time and seeing your child smile.

Remember to use #discoverLACF when you stop by the Fair in the next few hours or tomorrow. Happy last two days!

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Food Friday at LACF

Over the last few weeks we brought to you the wonders of Luminasia, the magic of World of Wonders, the beauty of our Flower & Garden Pavilion, and now, we are taking the time to show you some of the delicious foods you could eat before the wrap up of this year’s Fair.

LACF Food Adventures

In case you haven’t heard, we have more than 200 food stands and every possible type of food you could imagine. From deep-fried, bacon-wrapped zucchinis and Krispy Kreme Triple Cheeseburgers, to gluten-free foods and anything on a stick, we have what your heart aches for.

Although I promised myself that I would not have Chicken Charlie’s juicy Krispy Kreme Triple Cheeseburger, I broke my promise today. The temptation was too great and I finally just gave in.

Here are a few pictures of some of our all-time favorite Fair foods.

FAIR WARNING: We are not responsible for mouth watering or the irresistible need to drop everything you are doing to come to the Fair!

Krispy Kreme Triple Cheeseburger

Chicken Charlie's Pineapple Express

Deep Fried Oreos

After seeing these foods, are you sure you don’t want to come to the Fair? You have three days to make up your mind, so choose wisely! As for me, I think its time for dinner. Bon appétit.

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A Trip Through Esmeralda’s Circus + Giveaway [CONTEST CLOSED]

There are all kinds of adventures waiting at Esmeralda’s Traveling Circus! You could easily spend a whole afternoon here, watching the antics of The Conjurer, checking out the world’s largest (and smallest) horses and seeing all the fun shows! Here are some of the things we saw on our visit:

Venardos Circus

Venardos Circus is new to LACF this year. Ringmaster Kevin leads his talented troupe of performers in a show full of singing, dancing, fire breathing and aerial acrobatics.

GoPro POV of the Aerial Arts Circus Show 

If you hear pop music and the cheering of the crowd, it probably means the Aerial Arts Circus Show has begun.

Trapeze artists perform amazing feats as they fearlessly flip, leap and spin in the air for a captivated crowd.

If you feel so inclined you can even try doing the trapeze yourself! Harness up and let the experts show you how to swing on the trapeze. Previous experience not required :)

Mango and Dango, favorites from Fairs past, also put on shows, pulling antics like dancing silly tangos, balancing on towers of chairs and pulling the audiences (quite literally) into the show! Other acts include This End Up and the Circus School. 

And if that wasn’t enough adventure for a day… did you know you can also ride camels at Esmeralda’s?

We want all our fans to experience the fun at Esmeralda’s Traveling Circus and the rest of LACF which is why we are doing another blog giveaway!

Esmeralda’s Giveaway

*Four LACF admission tickets
*Four RCS ride wristbands
*1 giant stuffed donut

To enter to win, leave a comment on this blog post telling us why you want to attend the Fair this year! Winner announced today on this blog at 5:30 p.m. PST. Good luck!


We have a winner! Congratulations to Wendy Munoz for being selected as today’s blog giveaway winner. Wendy says: “My family & I would love to go to the fair this year, we haven’t been yet and who doesn’t love a circus show? My kids would be thrilled!”

Thank you to everyone who played! Make sure you like/follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for our final giveaways for the year!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles visit the Fair

We’ve seen our fair share (no pun intended) of superheroes come through LACF over the years. Iron Man, Spiderman and Thor always make sure to say hello to us every year and this year we welcomed a few new faces…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at Hall of Heroes

Last Sunday, who should turn up at Hall of Heroes but Raphael and Michelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Fans of all ages showed up, wearing their TMNT gear and lining up to take photos with their favorite characters:

After taking photos with fans, the turtles spend some time checking out Hall of Heroes before hopping back into their van and heading off to their next adventure. Just another day of discovery here at LACF!

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A Blacksmith’s Act of Kindness

Earlier this month we witnessed volunteers, philanthropists, LACF staff and board members, homemakers, and other community leaders join their strength and raise the walls of the veteran home being built by Pomona Valley Habitat for Humanity.

The day was filled with joy, tears, and the promise of hope. Building part of the home at LACF was very meaningful to many of our staff, especially our blacksmith, Alex Bashta. His passion for the blacksmithing craft knows no boundaries, which is why he made a beautiful dinner bell for the home.

Everyone at LACF was touched by this noble gesture, and we are sure the family will appreciate Alex’s act of kindness and friendship.

Thank you Alex for taking the time and doing this! Without further ado, here are a few pictures of Alex’s dinner bell creation and the wall-raising event.

When you visit LACF stop by Alex’s show and learn about this admirable craft and it’s role in our continued existence! Watch the video below to see Alex at work right here at the Fair:

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Interactive Shows at Beneath the Sea: An Underwater Adventure

LACF is known for having some of the most exotic and unique animals on this planet, but did you know about our amazing interactive exhibitions/shows at Beneath the Sea: An Underwater Adventure located in Building 5?

I just came back from there, so allow me to introduce the four interactive shows you will see when you stop by:

Sea Lion Splash: This entertaining show brings out the natural comedic behavior of four loving and friendly sea lions. When you stop by, you will catch them perform balancing acts, sing, and even dance. You will also learn the difference between sea lions and seals. ***Many people tend to confuse the two. I would love to tell you the differences, but I don’t want to spoil the fun.

Mermaid Linden: Linden, a very caring mermaid, has swam all over this world so make sure you stop by and listen as she shares her knowledge about the ocean and all of her sea animal friends. This is the perfect show to take children and have them learn about the importance of maintaining our oceans clean. Have to teach them when they’re young!

Live Shark Encounter: Come face-to face with three nurse sharks swimming around in a 5000-gallon tank. During the show, you will watch as our Shark-Master goes into the tank to interact with these slow-moving bottom-dwellers.

Live Stingray Encounter: I really enjoyed stopping by this show because I got the opportunity to pet and feed a couple stingrays. I also enjoyed learning about their feeding and living habits.

For more information about our interactive shows, please click here.

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Ahoy, it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy, mateys!

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and I could not be any happier to share some of the things you will see when you stop by LACF’s Pirate Adventure.

Located between Luminasia and Mojo’s Wild and Crazy Lagoon, this high-action area is the perfect place to find Sinbad’s High Dive Show, Pirates of the Sky, and the one-and-only Street Drum Corps pirate band.

In the spirit of today, here are a few common pirate expressions. Enjoy!

Aye: Substitute for yes.
Aye, there is no place like LACF.

Arrr: Used as an exclamation.
Arrr! I can’t wait to go to LACF.

Fire in the hole: A warning before a cannon is fired.
Clear the way…fire in the hole!

Give no quarter: Do not show any mercy.
Come on; give no quarter…he can still eat another Bacon Wrapped Zucchini.

Bucko: Another word for friend.
Arrr! Don’t be silly and get your bucko and head over to LACF.

Although I understand if you forgot about today, I trust you will stop by Pirate Adventure this weekend. In fact, I also want you to share your best poses with one of our pirates on social media using #discoverLACF and #pirateadventure.

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Everything On A Stick Contest

You can find almost every type of food on a stick at the Fair. It’s one of our staples! It doesn’t matter if it’s turkey legs, corn dogs, waffles, pickle poppers or gansitos, if you can stick it, it’s here. It only makes sense that we have an ‘Everything On A Stick’ food contest!

Culinary Styles, located inside the DIY Design Studio, invited guests to create their own “on a stick” treats. Watch the video to see what creative concoctions our fans came up with:

Everything On A Stick competition at LACF 

Culinary Styles also features cooking demonstrations with Chef Leslie and fun food competitions, where guests with a flair for cooking and baking can compete for first, second and third place ribbons. To see a full list of competitions for the day, check your Daily Fun Guide, also available on our website:

What food would you try to eat on a stick? Tell us in the comments section below! 

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Hidden Gems of LACF

One of the best parts of the Fair is the new discoveries guests make, year after year. Whether it’s your first visit or your 50th, there is always something new to experience.

Of course traditional favorites like funnel cakes and farm animals are a must but there are hundreds of hidden gems waiting for you to find. Arthur, Haley, Kara and Trent spent a full day at the Fair. Here’s what they found:

Visit the miniature trains at the Garden Railroad, walk through the beauty of the Flower & Garden Pavilion: China, discover your own amazing superhero powers at Hall of Heroes and when the sun sets, catch an iFlip acrobatic show or dance the night away at the Grinding Gears dance club!

What discoveries have you made so far? Share your hidden gems you’ve with us using #discoverLACF.

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LACF Goes Retro at Mid-Century Modern + Giveaway

If Mad Men, classic cars and Frank Sinatra sound like your cup of tea, we recommend taking a stroll through the Mid-Century Modern art exhibit, located in the Millard Sheets Art Center. Take a break from the heat and disappear into simpler times…

Mid-Century Modern Home Exhibit 

Upon entering you are greeted by the soothing sounds of Sinatra’s voice, along with other musical favorites from the 1960s. To the left is a timeline that includes groundbreaking moments in history like landing on the moon in 1969.

Walking further into the gallery you will find a treasure trove of art, history and mid-century modern memorabilia.

Craftsmen are here every day, creating beautiful pieces of art including woodwork, paintings, ceramics, sketches, jewelry and other unique works. Guests can get a first-hand look of the creation process and speak with the artists themselves.

History buffs will enjoy a vast collection of treasures including clothing, furniture, posters, magazines, knick knacks and other memorabilia.

Familiar cultural icons like Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball (I Love Lucy) and others are easily recognized in their respective exhibits.

Two classic car models are also on display, although true car enthusiasts will want to visit the NHRA Motorsports Museum next door for models of cars throughout history.

The Millard Sheets Art Gallery is open year-round featuring student and local art exhibits. Educational classes are also provided through our career and child development centers with The Learning Centers at Fairplex.

We love seeing the different themes the art gallery has every year during the Fair, and this one is one of our favorites! Take a virtual tour of Mid-Century Modern in the gallery below:

Mid-Century Modern Giveaway

Come experience Mid-Century Modern for yourself! We are giving away an LACF Family-Four Pack, just for you! Enter for a chance to win:

*Four LACF admission tickets
*Four RCS carnival ride wristbands
*Four 5D attraction passes

To enter, leave a comment below answering this question: What is your favorite part of the Fair? Winner announced on Thursday, Sept. 18 at 3 p.m. Good luck!


We have a winner! Congratulations to Matthew Basset. Matthew’s favorite part of the Fair is taking his kids and watching their faces light up with all the fun things to do at LACF. We hope his whole family enjoys making new discoveries and memories this year at the Fair!

Thank you to everyone who participated! Believe it or not, we read each and every entry and it makes us so happy to see how much fun you have with us. More giveaways coming soon so keep reading :)

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