The meal to end all meals: The Deep-fried Twinkie Burger

We walked you through the gnarly process of eating a Krispy Kreme double-cheeseburger. We expounded on the joys of Fair food. We even gave a shout-out to the Ramen Burger craze. But even our jaws dropped when we heard about this one.

We, the L.A. County Fair bloggers with a craving for Chicken Charlie’s latest and greatest, have to give a nod to these East Coasters for their latest invention: the deep-fried Twinkie burger. Yes. Deep-fried Twinkie burger. That’s a thing.

Deep-fried Twinkie Burger - PYT

PYT, a burger joint in Philadelphia introduced the Deep-Fried Twinkie Burger to their menu this past weekend. The bun consists of a total of four deep-fried Twinkies with a beef and pork-belly burger sandwiched in between. The burger is covered in gooey American cheese with a few slices of bacon thrown in for good measure.

We can only gawk at our screens at this point but we wouldn’t be surprised if something akin to this makes it’s way to the Fair for next year. (No promises but hey, we brought you bacon-wrapped pickles and Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joes didn’t we?)

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