Goldfish-flavored Mac n’ Cheese. Can you say y u m?

Here at the L.A. County Fair we are firm believers in being creative with food. So you can imagine our heads nodding with approval when Pepperidge Farm announced they would be making goldfish crackers in the form of … wait for it … Mac & Cheese.

Goldfish Mac & Cheese

According to an article from Brand Eating, the new line (launched exclusively in Wal*Mart stores nationwide this past Monday) features four flavors: Cheddar, Nacho Cheese, Cheesy Pizza and Butter Parmesan. The cheesy, gooey pasta is shaped like Goldfish and contains no artificial preservatives.

I’m going to be bold and say this new invention will be better than the kind in the blue box.

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We’re Hiring!

Have you ever wanted to work for the L.A. County Fair?

We are seeking more than 1,000 applicants to join our team for the 2013 L.A. County Fair! Join Thummer, Daisy and the rest of the Fair crew for a month of rides, games, concerts and traditional summer fun. Whether you want to be a server, ride attendant, admissions seller, IT technician, customer service representative or a number of other things, we have plenty of openings!

Come to the L.A. County Fair job fair next month on Monday, July 8 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Fairplex, Expo Hall 6. Parking is at Gate 1 off McKinley Ave. Come on in and see whether we have anything that might match your needs. Keep in mind that most positions require applicants to be 18 years of age and older.

Call (909) 865-4308 or (909) 865-4309 for additional information. For a full list of jobs, visit

Hope to see you come September!

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Now THIS is a stunt to remember

Last week we posted about Nik Wallenda (of The Flying Wallendas famous circus act) and his attempt to tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon without a harness or safety net. We are happy to see that he succeeded!

Despite unexpected winds and the nerve-wracking 1,500 feet drop beneath him, Nik walked the 1,4000 feet distance without a slip (obviously…)

Check out the video from Discovery Channel’s live telecast and see for yourself!


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Walking a tightrope… across the Grand Canyon

We are no strangers to stunts here at the L.A. County Fair. At Esmeralda’s Traveling Circus it’s common to see trapeze artists flying through the air and men juggling flaming bowling pins and hula hoops. But that doesn’t mean we don’t take notice when something fabulous happens outside of our circus zone!

This Sunday, tightrope artist Nik Wallenda is performing the breath-taking stunt of walking a tightrope across the Grand Canyon.1,500 feet above the Little Colorado River. (That’s a height taller than the Empire State Building, folks.)  No harness. Just guts and skill.

You can watch his act live on the Discovery Channel on Sunday, June 23 at 5 p.m.

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Wine & dine this weekend at Fairplex

There are many things to enjoy at the Fair, wine being one of them. And spirits. And beer. No, we’re not talking your typical 12 oz. cup of Budlight, nor are we referencing the margaritas you can pick up near the grandstand (although we do recommend those options for cooling off for the 21+ crowd.)

I am talking about the beverages you can enjoy and learn about at the Wine & Spirits Marketplace. Some of you may remember our Wine Wednesday posts from last year. The Fairey Blogster and I have learned quite a bit about the art of wine making and food pairing thanks to the classes offered by our wine experts!

All of our wines, spirits and beers at the Fair are from the Los Angeles International Competitions, which are held in the spring and early summer months at Fairplex. Each drink is analyzed and rated by a panel of esteemed judges. From mixologists to wine journalists to sake makers to restaurant owners, the list is vast and the expertise endless.

You can join in the fun early when you come to Fairplex this Saturday from 7-11 p.m. for Cheers – L.A.’s Wine, Spirits, Beer & Food Festival. The event features multiple tastings of all our award-winning beverages and an array of food trucks including the Grilled Cheese Truck, Downtown Dog, Me So Hungry and Suite 106 Cupcakes. Tickets are $50 pre-sale and include free tastings and $10 food truck bucks. Proceeds benefit The Learning Centers at Fairplex.

If you have some extra time and cash to spare, we highly doing your weekly wine & dine at Fairplex and fill up on all the wines, spirits & beers that will be featured at this year’s Fair. It will be a blast, we promise!


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Chicken Charlie’s 2013 — Deep-fried isn’t going anywhere

Last year Chicken Charlie brought the debut of deep-fried cookie dough. Novelty runs high every year at the Fair, and 2013 is no different!

If you’re planning on pigging out with deep-fried Kool-Aid, Oreos, cereal and any other number of yum, you might want to save room for these guys:

Bacon-fried pickles

Waffle dogs

And the creme de la creme of all sticky, gooey, sweet, rich Chicken Charlie creations:

Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joes

Which of Chicken Charlie’s dishes are you excited to try? I for one, am leaning towards the waffle dogs. We hope you’re excited for the L.A. County Fair! It’ll be here very soon :)

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Where The Wild Things Are

One of my favorite Google Doodle’s to date! Visit the Google homepage and press the “play” button to relive the beloved childhood story of Max as he ventures into Where The Wild Things Are.

We would like to wish the late Maurice Sendak a very happy birthday today and look forward to bringing Where The Wild Things Are back to the L.A. County Fair at America’s Kids — A Living Library of Fun. This year’s exhibit celebrates the 50th anniversary of the book.

We feel honored to be able to take part in the festivities of one of the most popular storybooks of our time, written by a very talented author.


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Throwback Thursday: L.A. County Fair map [PHOTO]

It’s crazy to think that the L.A. County Fair has been around since 1922. That’s more than 30 years before Disneyland was built! The memories and stories that originated from the Fair are endless. It would take years to hear them all! We love to hear about your memories whether it’s  in the comments section on the blog or on our other social media sites.

Since it’s Thursday we thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse of what our old Fair maps looked like (way before our L.A. County Fair phone app was even thought of.)

One of our Facebook fans sent us this:

You certainly don’t see these anymore!

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Hello, June.

Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone. You know what that means… Summer is officially HERE!

Okay, okay, technically the summer solstice doesn’t happen until June 21 but since we live in Southern California where we have fabulous weather all-year-round, why not start the party a little early?

For a lot of people (including Hot Blog On A Stick readers), summer means BBQs, theme parks, time with the kids and of course, the Fair.

We know the start of our Fair marks the wind down of our warmest season but what a way to end it, right?

We can’t wait to open our doors again for all of you and we are excited for everything we have planned for the year.

You might as well start the countdown now. Only 3 more months until the 91st annual L.A. County Fair :)

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