Fair Food Friday: Just Desserts

It’s our last Fair Food Friday! And my last weekend to eat the perfect fair meal. I’ve been dreaming about a turkey leg, roasted corn and a big Coke to wash it down. It’s simple, but exactly what I want from the Fair!

So far, this weekly posting has mostly covered savory items. For this last blog, we are going to entirely devote ourselves to the best part of every meal—dessert. The Fair really shines in this department, with many quirky and traditional treats. Here are a few you will want to make sure you sample in our last weekend.

  • Dr. Bob’s Handcrafted Ice Cream: Did you know that Dr. Bob’s makes their ice cream right here on the fairgrounds? It is some of the best ice cream you will ever have. Flavors include Tahitian Vanilla, Brown Sugar Pecan, Dulce de Leche, Dark Chocolate and many more ingenious combinations. You can get it in the Wine and Spirits Marketplace and over in FairView Farms.
  • Maple Bacon Donut from Texas Donuts: This is one of our wackier desserts. You might need to develop a spirit of adventure to taste it, but you will not be disappointed.
  • Funnel Cake: Always a classic. And now they’ve gotten real fancy with what you can get on it too. I’m a powdered sugar purist, but you might also want to try it topped with strawberries, chocolate sauce, whip cream, honey, cinnamon and more.
  • Handmade Gelato: It’s called Legendary Gelato and we think that fits. You can watch it be made before your eyes. Or just marvel at the stuff piled high and swirled into delicious-looking displays. They also have the world’s largest waffle cone (per the sign!).
  • Shave Ice: Now, we know there are heated battles over which kind of shave ice is the best. Luckily there are several stands at the fair for you to choose, including Hawaiian Shave Ice, Jamaican Shave Ice and just your regular shave ice and sno cones. The funnest part is you customize your own flavor creation.
  • Indian Fry Bread: This international delicacy is consumed in large quantities by the office staff. Cinnamon sugar and strawberry cheesecake are their most popular flavors, but they’ve got many more to choose from.

Do you have a favorite dessert at the Fair?

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East Meets West at the Asian Festival

Our last weekend at the Fair is also our last cultural festival. We welcome this mini Asian marketplace to our grounds this weekend. There will be great shopping (imagine if you could bring the amazing shops of Little Tokyo, China Town and Korea Town together in one place) and some fantastic entertainment. Food vendors will also offer authentic Asian cuisine.

At the Coca-Cola Stage, check out DJ Icy Ice along with Toquon tha MC and the beat boxer Musical Mammal who will wow crowds as they MC some of So Cal’s up-and-coming artists featuring America’s Best Dance Crew winner We Are Heroes and ABDC finalists Instant Noodles and Fanny Pak. American Idol finalist Andrew Garcia will sing a set before his record is released later this year. This is all happening Saturday, Oc. 1. Here’s the schedule:

1:00 – DJ Icy Ice
1:15 – We Are Heroes
1:30 – DJ Icy Ice
1:45 – Fanny Pak
2:00 – DJ Icy Ice
2:15 – Instant Noodles
2:30 – DJ Icy Ice
2:45 – Andrew Garcia
3:30 – DJ Icy Ice
3:45 – We Are Heroes
4:00 – DJ Icy Ice
4:15 – Fanny Pak
4:30 – DJ Icy Ice
4:45 – Instant Noodles

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Green Magic

The Energy Wizard greets the audience and reminds them it's cool to go green.

Over in Wilderness Ridge, you will see what makes the great outdoors so great. You’ll also learn how to preserve our natural resources to keep our outdoors looking beautiful. As always, because it’s the Fair, you will have some fun doing it.

In Paul Cash’s Environmental Magic Show, kids learn how they can do simple things like turning off the lights to help conserve energy. In fact, the “magic words” to make things happen in the show is “conserve energy.” From the jumping light bulb to the invisible bunny made visible, your kids will be delighted by the humor and fun tricks in the show.

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It’s Our Last Weekend!

Starting tomorrow, it’s the last weekend of the Fair.  We hope you’ll join us as we say so long for 2011! While the Fair may be winding down, the number of activities is not. It might just be one of our best weekends yet. But we’d also like to take a look back. Here’s a tally of some of the fun we’ve had so far!

Can’t wait to rack up some more fun with you all this weekend!

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Shop ’Til You Drop

“We’ve got everything want all under one roof!” It sounds like a cheesy commercial, but it’s actually true at the Fair. Well, maybe not under a roof, but definitely within our 543 acres. In the market for a new car? Got ‘em! Looking for clothes, handbags, hats and other accessories? All right here. Want to see the latest “As Seen On TV” products up close and demonstrated? We’ve got that too. From home goods to hand massages, shammies to spas– you’ll find what you are looking for at the Fair. Plus, you can do it all while taking a break to catch a show (Chinese Circus of Beijing in Building 4, anyone?) or nosh on some savory fair food. It’s really a shopper’s paradise.

Find new ways to everyday things... like grate cheese and other foods!

After all that grating, why not whip up something special in new cookwear?

Watch spray paint art made before your eyes.

Load up all your purchases in your new car!

I'm sure all this shopping has made you tired, so why not try out a new bed?

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T. Rex is Coming!

Jurassic Planet is getting a new dinosaur tomorrow and this one will not just be fenced in in our bio research facility–it will be on the move and walking among us!

The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles has generously let their living, breathing, moving T. rex spend Friday, Sept. 30 at the Fair. I mean, even dinosaurs get a hankering for a funnel cake and a roller coaster, right?

The T. rex will be out visiting with guests for about 20 minutes at time over by Jurassic Planet. He’ll be there during the following times:

The T. rex is only here Friday, so make sure you stop to say hello! Below is a video of Mr. Rex, on the loose at the Natural History Museum. You can also find out more about how they’ve brought a dinosaur to life on their website.

View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com.

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Start a Love Train

People all over the Fair now, join in! The Hit the Road Stage is making its way around the Fair for the last time this week. If you haven’t had the chance to catch this awesome traveling song and dance train, you will be delighted by the infectious ’70s tunes and the enthusiasm of the band–Person to Person. Front woman Vikki Gurdas gets you groovin’, stepping down from the stage and into the crowd. It’s not uncommon to see whole families dancing to beat when the Hit the Road Stage comes around! Look out for it evenings when you come to the Fair this week.

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Milking It

We take our dairy pretty seriously here at the Fair. We’ve got lots of cows, baby calves and even milk! That’s right, our cows also provide milk that Fair guests can enjoy. Pop over to FairView Farms and enjoy some of the freshest milk you’ve ever tasted. We’ve got chocolate, strawberry and the plain-ol-good-for-you white stuff. The ladies at Moo Market told me that chocolate is the most popular.

You can also watch the stuff come right from the source at the milking demonstrations by the Dairy Council of California at 1:30pm, 3:30pm, 5:30pm and 7:30pm. You’ll learn all about milk production and why milking is healthy for the cows.

Students participating in FairKids field trips get a free milk when they use their coupon! Proceeds of the Moo Market benefit the Dairy Education and Training Center in FairView Farms. Hurry! Fresh milk ends when the Fair does on Oct. 2!

Here's milk in your eye. Dairy Council member shows the audience how a gentle tug releases milk for the udder.

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These Deals Won’t Last!

It’s our last week ladies and gentlemen, but we’ve still got plenty of ways to save at the Fair! Here are some of our deals…

Plus we have some other great promotions on our website. Check them out!

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Wine Wednesday: Demystifying Dessert Wines

For some reason, when you look at a wine list at most restaurants you only get the choice of one dessert wine. This is a shame because there so many amazing and different dessert wines. From the bubbly Moscato to a rich Port, L.A. International Wine & Spirits Competition judge Mark Newman took us on a tour of some of the best.

Mark first educated us in his “no frills” method of wine tasting. While it seems standard to hold up your wine to the light and inspect for color and clarity, he says this is not necessary. This used to be standard when long ago filtration systems were not as good and you didn’t want dirty wine. The real keys to the tasting are smell and taste. Smell is such a key part of tasting that sticking your nose right in the glass is going to give you a much better taste of the wine. Mark also encouraged the class to go after wines they find delicious, not what you are told is good by experts.

In tasting you go from driest to sweetest and lightest to fullest. We started with a Moscato d’Asti by La Badia (my personal favorit!), then to a G. Marquis Riesling Icewine, after that a Brachetto di Acqui by Rosa Regale, then a California Raspberry Wine by Raspberry Regale, next a Rancho de Philo’s Triple Cream Sherry (made locally in the Cucamonga Valley!), and last a Petite Sirah Port by Bogle. It also happened to be from least alcohol content to most, generally. The Moscato was about 5.5%, really nice for a low-alcohol brunch. The Port was at 20%, so handle with care!

All were lovely wines and the tasting also used Dr. Bob’s ice cream, in vanilla and chocolate and a bar of dark chocolate, along with cheeses. One of everyone’s favorite duo was the Raspberry Wine (a pure fruit wine that is syrupy and intense) with the chocolate items. The man next to me suggested pouring the wine over the chocolate ice cream and I’m sure over pancakes or anything else that needs a sweet kick would be great!

This week is your last chance to take one of our fabulous wine education classes! Each class features a minimum of six wines and three cheeses, plus tasting ticket for a Gold Medal Winner at the International Tasting Bar.

Classes you might want to check out this week include:
-Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered by Beguiling Italian Wines (Thurs., 9/29)
-Sexy, Seductive, Sensuous Sangiovese (Fri, 9/30)
-Wine, Cheese & Chocolate (Sat., 10/1)
-Guess Which Wine? (Sun., 10/2)

A full list of classes and times can be found our website. Cheers!

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