From the Mind of Chicken Charlie Pt. 1

charlieTo understand the ideas of Charlie Boghosian, you must first understand the man, his philosphy and his dreams. You probably know him as Chicken Charlie, the affable mastermind behind the deep-fried goodies you treat yourself to at the L.A. County Fair. You gotta love his way of living and creating. It isn’t anything complicated, there is no self-help-book-induced formula. It’s basically this: find inspiration everywhere and if it sounds good, fry it and try it!

Man! If someone had only told me that before I entered college and majored in journalism! Charlie has been living this way for 26 years and has found enjoyment and success. He truly is a man for all seasons, or is that seasonings?

Take a look at him frying up his latest creation – the Zucchini Weenie!

I can tell you from experience, it tastes pretty darn good! He did test the Zucchini Weenie at the San Diego County Fair, where he sold 11,000, and expects to sell 25,000 at the Orange County Fair. I’m sure he’ll double that at our Fair, where he expects it to be his Number One seller! “The response has been phenomenal,” he said. (Don’t worry – he’ll still have deep-fried Twinkies, deep-fried Oreos, deep-fried avocados and the ever-popular deep-fried frog legs, of which he sold 1,000 lbs of at last year’s Fair.)

For this latest creation, Charlie went home – literally. While visiting his mother, he watched as she made a favorite dish of their Armenian clan – stuffed zucchini. “She hollows out the zucchini and stuffs it with rice, ground beef, onions, garlic. I thought I could put a hot dog in there. I tried it, put it on a stick, covered it with corn dog batter. Bam! Meat and vegetable all on a stick, Fair style!”

You can’t be that – protein plus vegetable, served with your favorite dipping sauce – ketchup, mustard or ranch dressing. Chicken Charlie has done it again! He really should be Oprah’s personal chef.

Check back for part 2 of my interview with Charlie, when he spills the details on batters, experimentation and the Chicken Charlie Deep Fryer waiting to TKO the George Foreman Grill.

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Did you get your concert tickets?

You dropped a bomb on me, baby, You dropped a bomb on me – you turned me out, then you turned me on… Oh yeah! Charlie Wilson and the Gap Band in the hooowwwwwwssssse! Tickets to the Fair’s End of Summer Concert Series went on sale to the public this a.m. The Gap Band was one of the most popular tickets on sale.

Check out what the Fair’s peeps were buying:

Get a complete list of the EOSCS acts at our Web page. Buy your tickets at the Fair credentials office, on our Web site, or at any Ticketmaster location.

See you at the Gap Band show! Early in the morning…

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We’re Going to Rock Your Socks!

eoscslogoThe End of Summer Concert Series lineup has been announced! And it is a good one! We are going to have classic rock, southern rock, country, disco soul and lots of wild entertainment. Tickets go on sale Monday at 10 a.m. Without further ado, the lineup for 2009:

• Saturday, Sept. 5 – Al Green & very special guest star The Spinners
• Sunday, Sept. 6 – Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert
• Monday, Sept. 7 – Jaguares
• Thursday, Sept. 10 – Monster Truck Madness, presented by AT&Tframpton16
• Friday, Sept. 11 – Peter Frampton & Kansas
• Saturday, Sept. 12 – Good Charlotte
• Sunday, Sept. 13 – Lynyrd Skynyrd
• Thursday, Sept. 17 – Creedence Clearwater Revisited
• Friday, Sept. 18 – WAR & Average White Band
• Saturday, Sept. 19 – LeAnn Rimes
• Sunday, Sept. 20 – MARIACHI USA® Fiesta, presented by Univision and Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa
• Thursday, Sept. 24 – TBA
• Friday, Sept. 25 – Donna Summer
• Saturday, Sept. 26 – Ciara
• Sunday, Sept. 27 – The Beach Boys
• Thursday, Oct. 1 – Demolition Derby
donnasummer• Friday, Oct. 2 – Charlie Wilson & the Gap Band, The Brothers Johnson
• Saturday, Oct. 3 – World Championships of Freestyle Motocross, presented by ASA Entertainment
• Sunday, Oct. 4 – Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, Saliva

Reserved seating is available from $18.50 to $35, box seats from $22 to $50 and stageside seating from $75 to $150. General admission seating is free with Fair admission. Tickets may be purchased at the Fairplex credentials office, 1101 W. McKinley Ave., Pomona, at Ticketmaster locations and online at and

Pretty cool, huh? I saw Peter Frampton here a couple years ago and, wow, amazing. The hair is gone but he is a fantastic musician, great guitar player. Saw Berlin last year – big wow! Terri Nunn is way amazing. Lots of variety on our lineup, something from everyone. Rock on!

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Follow Me to the Fair

wrap451 days. Yikes! Or should I say Hurray! It is T-minus 51 days before the start of the largest county Fair in the country! Signs are going up, buildings are getting painted, dinosaurs are shining their pebbly skin, dogs are barking (literally and figuratively!). Now, all we need is you!

To help you get here, we have these bright, fun Fair wrapped vehicles that you’ll be seeing on the streets. Vehicle wrapping company Graphic Installations spent a few days “dressing” our vehicles, all Toyotas, the official car of the L.A. County Fair.

So, do as the goat says – Follow Me to the Fair!




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Come to the Fair or Walk the Plank, You Grubby Land Lubber

jollyrogerArrrrgh! This is Iron Prudentilla Flint. I’m sittin’ in for that flowery maiden the Fair-ey Blogster. I ‘ear that ragin’ festival of grog and swashbucklin’ fun ye call ye ol’ L.A. County Fair be right ‘round the bend. ‘Twas a might fun last year whenst me and my sprogs took up a squadron of Fair scallywags and ‘ung our Jolly Roger at ye port. We be plantin’ the Roger one time again at this year’s Fair – ready for some roustin’ and sweet trade. Thar be boot loads of revelry at A Pirate’s Life.

Come see my mateys at ye Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean aerial show. These pirates are no lily-livered scurvy dogs – aye, they be true buccaneers.

Dig for booty at Ship Wreck Reef, but keep ye grubby paws off my treasure!capnjackandfriends

We make ye a pirate at Cap’n Calico Jack’s Pirate Academy. See youst thar, or I’ll be meetin’ ya at Davy Jones’ Locker!

The Misadventures of Cap’n Arrr willst teach ye ‘ow to walk, talk and be just like me – a fanciful, life-lovin’ Pirate!

Visit the Fair’s Web site and discover ye own pirate name!

Ahoy my friends. Sees yas at the Fair!

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A Month of Fun for $24.95

slide2For all of you hardcore fans of the L.A. County Fair, those of you that will come more than two times during our run, have you heard about the Season Pass? Well, let me tell you about it. Have we got a deal for you!

It’s like the Fair’s own stimulus package. For just $24.95, you can purchase a pass that will get you in all 23 days of the Fair, weekdays and weekends, morning to night and every hour in between. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, doesn’t it? That’s because IT IS! Just $24.95, a bargain worth more than $300. It’s good for ages 6 and older (kids 5 and younger are free everyday!).

You can purchase your Season Pass now online or at any ticket window when the Fair opens. Let the L.A. County Fair open your window to End of Summer Fun!

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Read My Blog, Win a Prize

winnerAlright Hot Blog on a Stick fans – the time has come. It’s contest time. I know thousands of you are faithful readers of the Fair-ey Blogster and fans of the L.A. County Fair, and I love you all. But just a few tend to send comments. I want to hear from you! So, to encourage a more engaging correspondence online, I am startin’ up the contests! Basically it is read my Blog, win a prize! (What? No! This isn’t a bribe to get more readers! Sheesh, such pessimists. I am doing this out of the goodness of my heart. And if I happen to get more readers because some people want to win some free stuff, well, fine. Did you know Stephen King stood at a busy intersection giving away his first novel to anyone who passed by? Well, he did! J.K. Rowling did the same at Starbucks with that first Harry Potter.)

Now, of course, not everyone can win (Fair/Fairplex employees are not eligible to win but I still love you, especially you Blondie). Periodically I will pose a question or quiz here in the Blog; the first to e-mail me the correct answer at will receive a prize. And my bag of goodies is filled with fun stuff, including sweatshirts, tees, stuffed animals and eco-friendly items.

So, question No. 1: What are the names of the Fair’s four mascots and what types of animals are they?

If you know the answer, e-mail the Fair-ey Blogster at Besides the correct answer, leave your address so I can mail you your prize! I’ll post the names of the winners right here.

Today’s prize is this cool brown pull-over hoodie with the L.A County Fair design, modeled by the runway-ready Blondie:


So, hurry up! Answer the question! Keep reading my Blog for more great Fair inside info and the chance to win more spoils!

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Be A Hero…Give Blood

If you’ve noticed the push to get Facebook fans, we’ve been telling you all that for every 500 fans we get on the L.A. County Fair Facebook page, the Fair will give $500 to the American Red Cross. Well, mark your calendars because you can give even more to the American Red Cross – you’re blood (everyone’s a vampire these days!).

The Fair and the ARC are having a blood drive Monday, Sept. 21 at the Sheraton Suites right on the fairgrounds. Donors will get a free ticket to the Fair that they can use on any weekday for the last two weeks of the Fair. More details will be posted here. Pencil us in!

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Buy Carnival Tickets Online…and Save!

kidscarnivalYou know it is getting close if we’re selling carnival tickets! Yes, the big event you’ve all been waiting for, the L.A. County Fair, is approximately 65 days away. And for some of us, ok, most of us, the Carnival is one of the top things we are looking forward. Ray Cammack Shows is back with great rides, food and midway games.

If you purchase your carnival tickets online through Aug. 31, you will receive an extra 10 percent free with your purchase. There are coupon offers to go with the carnival rides available only online. So, don’t wait – get your tickets now for better savings!

” Roll on up, see the main attraction, get your money ready, let’s take a ride.” – All the Fun of the Fair, David Essex

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