It’s All about Community

The foundation on which the L.A. County Fair was built can be summed up in one word – community. Back in 1922, the year of the first Fair, the purpose of the Fair was to promote the agricultural, horticultural and animal husbandry interests of the great Southwest – to the community, for the community.

Zoom ahead 87 years later and that foundation remains solid. The grounds have changed but the purpose remains to give back to the community, to entertain the community, to offer the community an educational adventure that cannot be matched. Yes, the community has changed - it’s much larger now, more diverse, encompassing a region not just a small city. But we love it, and love being apart of it.

Each year we celebrate several neighboring communities and the local heroes who live there. So, start thinking about a deserving individual who contributes to her/his community and keep them in mind when we start seeking nominations in late Spring/early Summer. Don’t forget to come out on your cities’ day and celebrate with your community. Some of the cities have an Expo that features several service organizations, community agencies, churhces, schools and more who offer information on things you might not know about.

Right now we have a partial list of Community Days for 2009:

  • Pomona, Friday, Sept. 11
  • Glendora, Wednesday, Sept. 16
  • Diamond Bar, Thursday, Sept. 17
  • San Dimas, Friday, Sept. 18
  • La Verne, Wednesday, Sept. 23
  • Claremont, Thursday, Sept. 24
  • Chino Hills, Friday, Sept. 25

More will be added for a total of 22 Community Days. Community Days include a parade, a Community Heroes ceremony, a day at the races and lots more fun. Save the date!

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Welcome 2009!

Hi everyone! Remember me? I know… it’s been awhile, but I have been out with our amazing team cooking up some of the wonderful new attractions and competitions that you will see this year at the L.A. County Fair.

2009 is a year for change, and one of the biggest changes for the L.A. County Fair is the days and hours. We have expanded our Fair fun to a total of 23 days, opening on Labor Day weekend! You guessed it…. this year bigger is better!

Many of you are already wondering how you can get in on the Tapestry and Culinary Styles competition fun. Well, I’m here to help! Contest and competition information is just about ready to hit the Web for you all to see. It’s not up yet, but I promise to keep you posted. You can expect to see the oldies but goodies as well as some brand new competitions for the New Year! So stay tuned for more Fun Fair Contest and Competition information!

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Bigger and Better in ’09

Happy New Year L.A. County Fair fans! The Fair-ey Blogster and everyone at the Fair wishes you a happy, healthy 2009 – and we can’t wait to see you in September! We have so much in store for you – food, fun and some of the most exciting entertainment in Southern California. You will not be disappointed at this year’s Fair!

September sounds like a long way off, but it’s like a blink of the eye to us as we prepare new attractions, design new exhibits and plan a ton of fun. Keep checking Hot Blog on a Stick as I’ll be posting updated information on a more regular basis about attractions, contests and everything else Fair related.

If you don’t recall, our dates are expanding this year. We will open on Labor Day Weekend. Opening day is Saturday, Sept. 5, and we will remain open through Labor Day. Then we will return to our regular Wednesday through Sunday format, Sept. 9 through Oct. 4 (closed Mondays and Tuesdays after Sept. 9).

Just to whet your appetite, I want to let you know of one of our attractions, one of gigantic proportions. What huge, threatening predator is an ancestor of the lovely little birds we see singing outside our windows? Ever wonder what it would be like to walk amongst beasts as large as three-story buildings or with such long necks they could eat leaves off the tops of the tallest trees? OK, you’ve probably already guessed it. Yep, we will be featuring dinosaurs at the Fair!! Jurassic Planet will quench the thirst of all dinosaur fans, and create some new ones I’m sure. More about this later.

So, return to the blog often to see how the nation’s largest county fair comes to life!

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