Rufffff! Goalllll!

David Beckham better watch out – the Soccer Collies are on his tail.


The Soccer Collies are coming to the L.A. County Fair with shows opening day Friday, Sept. 5 at noon, 2:30 p.m., 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., then Wednesdays – Fridays 11:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 5:30 pm and Saturdays – Sundays 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. through the run of the Fair.

If you haven’t seen these sport-tacular canines, they’re amazing. They dribble, pass and shoot using their paws and noses, all without shin guards, or paw guards.

This is not just a show that will captivate the imagination of young soccer players . . . it’s a real competition.  Human vs. canine go head to toe, paw to hand in an all-out battle of speed and agility unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The Soccer Collies do all the running while the human competitor tries to stop these very determined, highly skilled soccer playing canine athletes from scoring a goal.  Find out how easy it is to train a soccer dog of your own and get information on rescuing one of the many fabulous soccer dogs looking for a great home.  Come out ready to have some fun as we choose boys and girls and moms and dads to play goal keeper as we learn all about this new exciting sport.

Goaaaalllll! Arfffffff! We have so much fun at the L.A. County Fair! Join us!

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40 Days and Counting

Did someone say 40 days until the L.A. County Fair? Really? Alrighty then. On with the countdown!

40 days until:

-          – Hot Dog on a Stick (you so knew that would be first!)

-          – You can milk a goat

-          – You can try this totally cool ride where you lay down on your stomach and hold on to bars in front of you and it whisks you around and around. The closest to flying you’ll ever get.

-          You can see a Trojan horse

-          Deep-fried frog legs

-          Tasty chips with jalapeno cheese sauce

-          Bamboo clothing (you can find this in Going Green)

-          Weiner Dog races

-          Homebrewed beer at the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Marketplace

-          Gavin Rossdale

-          $1 opening day (until 5 p.m.)

-          Heart-pounding horse racing

-          Winter Wonderland, where it snows in September!

-          Holstein cows

-          Great entertainment in Plaza de las Américas

-          High school marching bands


There is so much more! What are you looking forward to?

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Getting an Education at Ed Expo

There is a great exhibit that shares space with America’s Kids – Education Expo. Ed Expo offers schools and teachers the opportunity to enter projects into the L.A. County Fair as a class. Projects follow a theme, like California history. Walking through Ed Expo during the Fair offers wonderful insight into what students are doing, their creativity and imagination.

Drop-off for this year’s entries was held earlier this month. I walked over to Fairplex 10 to see what was in store for this year and I was simply amazed at the talent I saw. From missions to photography to sewing projects to scrapbooking – everything looked great. There are 1,225 entries this year from students in grades K – 12. Beverly Oates from West Covina Unified School District delivered the entries from her district, everything from totem poles to photographs. “The teachers incorporate (the Education Expo project) into the mandatory part of the students’ California history lesson,” Oates said.
“Then some is done as part of the science curriculum.” She said the students enjoy participating. “They get to show their work off and their families come out to the Fair to see. It’s an honor for their work to be here.”

Teacher Christy Passoth from Chaparral Middle School in Diamond Bar has her students enter every year. This year they did poetry notebooks. “I couldn’t be prouder. They’ve gone way beyond the parameters of my expectations. The kids who entered are just amazing.”

It’s heartening to see youngsters so excited about their studies. Drop by America’s Kids/Education Expo during the Fair to see what our school children are doing.

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Rock, and Roll, with some Country and Soul

 It’s finally here! The announcement of the 2008 L.A. County Fair End of Summer Concert Series, presented by Toyota. We’ve added a new moniker to part of the lineup – Adrenaline Nights, which will feature an expanded extreme sports series. Great entertainment for a great price. Check our Web site for full details. So, without further ado, here you go:
• WAR – Friday, Sept. 5
• Sugarland – Saturday, Sept.  6 (totally hot right now!)
• The Doobie Brothers and Grand Funk Railroad – Sunday, Sept. 7 (“South City Midnight Lady, I’m much obliged indeed…” OMG, if they sing this, I’ll faint! Memories of a 9 year old listening to her brother’s albums)
• Monster Truck Madness – Thursday, Sept. 11
• Smokey Robinson – Friday, Sept. 12 (That’s the Legendary Smokey!)
• KC & The Sunshine Band with Village People – Saturday, Sept. 13 (That’s the way, uh huh, uh huh we like it!)
• Jaguares – Sunday, Sept. 14
• American Daredevils-Random Acts of Recklessness – Thursday, Sept. 18
• The Bangles, Berlin featuring Terri Nunn and The Motels featuring Martha Davis – Friday, Sept. 19 (Ah, the ‘80s – I miss ‘em! “Just another Manic Monday, ooowwwo, wish it were Sunday!”)
• Jessica Simpson – Saturday, Sept. 20 (Yes, that Jessica Simpson!)
• MARIACHI USA®FIESTA, Presented by Univision and San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino – Sunday, Sept. 21
• Guilherme Marchi Classic Professional Bull Riders , Presented by Jeffrey Scott®Fine Magnetics – Thursday, Sept. 25
• Charlie Wilson & the Gap Band, Rose Royce and Lakeside – Friday, Sept. 26 (The Gap Band! “You dropped a bomb on me, baby, you dropped a bomb on me” – I’m dancing already!)
• LG World Championships of Freestyle Motocross, Presented by ASA Entertainment – Saturday, Sept. 27
• Lifehouse, Gavin Rossdale – Sunday, Sept. 28 (Yes, that Gavin Rossdale! Former front man of Bush, heavenly voice, husband to Gwen, father to Kingston, “Love Remains the Same,” Oh, yes it does, Gavin!)

Don’t miss out. I’ve seen several concerts here and they’re always great. Sound is great, seats are good pretty much anywhere you sit. If you see some brown-haired woman dancing and singing in the audience, that’s me. See you there!

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Competitive Cooking at its Best!

So, if you have not entered your mouth-watering brownie or your Grandma’s best apple pie or your amazing leftover turkey dish recipes into the Culinary Styles contests and competitions, what are you waiting for? The deadline is coming up – Aug. 8. The cooking competitions are one of my favorite traditions of the Fair. The women and men who compete – be it salsa, cheesecake or breakfast made on the spot – are majorly serious! There is some big-time competitive spirit going on here. With something like the BBQ contest, which is an all-day affair, entire families compete. One of the most interesting is the Great American SPAM Championship. I know! SPAM? That canned meat thing we took on camping trips? You can’t imagine the creative ways these in-home chefs prepare the canned meat camping food. One year we had SPAM sushi, then SPAM lettuce wraps, SPAM-stuffed mushrooms, SPAM quiche and SPAMbalaya! Last year’s third place was a sun-dried tomato pesto SPAM torte. Fun stuff.

Gingerbread House is always great to see. The houses come in already constructed and prepared for judging. Some are really cool. After the competition the houses are on display in Culinary Styles until the end of the Fair. Cookies, cakes, breads, jams, pickled veggies and more are also on display. Perusing the display cases is how I discovered a great turkey cookie for Thanksgiving, using a Nutter Butter for the body and candy corn for feathers. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The Live! Dessert Contest is Sept. 26. This is where contestants have to make their dessert entry right in front of a live audience. No pressure! Stick with Canola Oil Fry it for the Fair is also fun. Participants can use up to 10 items to come up with a great deep-fried food idea that can be stuck on a stick.

Chef extraordinaire and Culinary Styles coordinator George Geary keeps the competitions light and fresh with his commentary and wit – our own Emeril! I’m hoping to get George to blog here in the near future. One cool thing from last year, an 83-year-old Pacoima resident entered her chocolate chip cookies and took third place. She and her daughters were so thrilled! The woman was resting in a wheelchair but walked up to get her award. So sweet, so fun.

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Horticulture Heaven

We have a guest blogger today. Don Delano is Fairplex’s resident horticulturist. The plants, greenery, fruit orchards and flowers are in large part due to Don’s designing and truly green thumb. Don is extremely passionate about gardening and very interesting to chat with. Here is his update on what’s going on in preparation for Fairtime:


Well, the Landscaping Department is busy prepping, cultivating, ripping out and generally getting ready for the upcoming Fair.  In following with the Escape to Hawaii theme of the Flower & Garden Pavilion, one of our remodeled sections has been the area directly behind the garden area of the pavilion.  In place of the 15-foot Italian fountain from last year is emerging a lush Polynesian lagoon, complete with flowing waterfalls, flowering bananas and other tropical eye candies for our guests enjoyment. 


In the FairView Farms and Big Red Barn areas work is finally underway, having finished the last year- round events in those specific areas.  A new duck pond is under construction, and we will start soon on the goose enclosure.  It is a challenge to develop an interactive area that keeps the animals safe and healthy, yet allows us to view them going about their daily lives and activities.  I would never have believed that ducks can move rocks the size they do if I had not seen it with my own eyes. Industrious they are.  The gardens planting has begun and we have a bumper crop of Valencia oranges on the trees and a fairly large crop of almonds and English walnuts. 





Thanks Don. Make sure you check out the area of FairView Farms where we grow California commodities lilke kiwi, tomatoes, cashews, corn, lettuce, persimmons, pistachios, raisins, artichokes, apples, peaches, prunes, avocados and more. Bet you didn’t know we grew all those, did you? See? You always find something interesting at the L.A. County Fair, which, by the way, is 53 days away.

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Did You Say 59 Days?

Yes – 59 days, or there about, to the L.A. County Fair. As you can imagine, the frenzy is heating up around here as we prepare for 18 days of the biggest, greatest county fair in the country. Exhibits are already going up, the grounds are being readied. Every department is in full Fair mode.

Right about now, new information is announced daily, so keep coming back to the blog for more info. The End of Summer Concert Series lineup will be announced soon. You can still sign up for the EOSCS club at

Fifty-nine days until Hot Dog on a Stick, soccer dogs, robotic bugs, a 200-poound python and more!

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