Do you know what day it is today? No, not laundry day!

Do you know what day it is today? No, not laundry day!

May 21, 2019

Today officially marks 100 days until the LA County Fair Goes Pop! In just 100 days you’ll be back to seeing all your favorite sights, smells and tastes that make the LA County Fair so poppin!

We couldn’t think of just one or two reasons why you should come to the Fair so here are 100 reasons why we know you’ll love coming back to the LA County Fair beginning Aug. 30:

  1. Footsie Wootsie because the tootsies need to rest
  2. Flowers – in the Flower & Garden Pavilion and the roses along Rose Lane
  3. Frozen cheesecake on a stick, dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed Oreos
  4. Cooking demonstrations in the Culinary Kitchen in DIY
  5. Bringing mom or grandma to see the quilts from the quilt competition
  6. Seeing who won the canning competition, or better yet, entering the canning competition
  7. Cows
  8. Watching your son, daughter, niece or nephew dress up in the Land of Knights and Princesses
  9. The Budweiser Clydesdales
  10. Going round and round in the Tilt A Whirl til you feel sick
  11. Gardening classes in the Atrium
  12. The historic trains
  13. The Garden Railroad
  14. Hot Dog on a Stick
  15. Shopping
  16. Maple bacon donuts
  17. Biggest Ferris wheel anywhere
  18. Parades
  19. Pig races
  20. Blacksmith
  21. Wine tasting
  22. Chingon Kitchen
  23. Meeting up with friends and family
  24. America’s Kids
  25. End of Summer Concert Series
  26. Mackinac Island Fudge
  27. NHRA Museum
  28. Winning a blue ribbon
  29. Finding something unique at Handmade LA
  30. Holiday shopping
  31. Folklorico dancers in Plaza de las Americas
  32. Winning a stuffed animal at a game booth
  33. Taking pictures in a photo booth
  34. Cathy’s Cookies (warm and yummy!)
  35. Party Boxes with friends at the End of Summer Concert Series
  36. Walking through exhibit halls of award-winning crafts in DIY
  37. Petting zoo – especially the goats!
  38. Souvenir pictures with the family
  39. Giant cube of curly fries
  40. Ice cold lemonade
  41. Pictures from the top of the Ferris wheel
  42. Finding new décor for the house
  43. Losing yourself in the art at Millard Sheets
  44. Taking lots of selfies on The Hill
  45. Catching a movie at the “Drive In”
  46. Enjoying night time grooves at Mi Poco LA
  47. Trying everything on the $6.50 menu!
  48. Eating a mountain of ribs from Chuck Wagon
  49. Getting the latest LACF gear!
  50. Collecting the latest fair pin
  51. Mailing off the latest LACF postcard
  52. Seeing (and eating!) Chicken Charlie’s newest concoction
  53. More Cathy’s Cookies (still warm and gooey)
  54. Experiencing the old west on The Farm Road
  55. Grinding your own corn at The Farm
  56. Walking through The Farm with ice cream from Afters
  57. Catching beads from the Parade
  58. Finding your new car at the Chevrolet booth
  59. Enjoying trivia at the Clock Tower stage
  60. Catching acts at all the different stages across the grounds
  61. Getting more than 10,000 steps in one day
  62. Reliving childhood memories
  63. Seeing the Fair from the sky ride
  64. Picking up top speed on the giant slide
  65. Learning to knit in DIY
  66. Special discounts on certain days
  67. Repping your college on College Day
  68. Getting those hard to find collectibles while shopping
  69. Eating a donut bigger than your head
  70. Going head-to-head in gaming tournaments
  71. Getting scared at Haunted Halloween exhibit
  72. Catching the sunset on the Ferris wheel
  73. Chicken and waffles on a stick!
  74. Watching marching bands compete
  75. Learning how to save the planet with Smokey the bear
  76. See some of LA’s most iconic architecture on The Hill
  77. Letting your imagination go wild in the Imagination Factory
  78. Popping into Popnology 2.0
  79. Relive your childhood with your favorite toys at Toytopia
  80. Pig Races! 
  81. Eating the crunchiest bugs around at the Bug Barn
  82. Seeing the kids race on mini tractors
  83. Celebrating music at Fusion Fest on the fields each weekend
  84. Buying soap made from goat’s milk – oh, silky smooth!
  85. Date night
  86. FairKids Field Trips
  87. Celebrating the Pop Culture theme
  88. Cherishing the Fair Goes Pop collector’s box
  89. Meeting Thummer, Daisy and Lily
  90. Learning all about farm life with resident cowboy Sky Shivers
  91. Admiring the great photos from the photography competition
  92. Seeing the cow milking demonstration
  93. Learning about bees and getting a honey stick
  94. Watching a cooking contest at the Culinary Kitchen
  95. Tasti chips!
  96. Enjoying Nitro Popcorn from the Midway Gourmet
  97. Riding the antique Carousel
  98. Buying a spa
  99. And a BBQ
  100. Making memories to last a lifetime!

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