Everything On A Stick Contest

September 19, 2014

You can find almost every type of food on a stick at the Fair. It’s one of our staples! It doesn’t matter if it’s turkey legs, corn dogs, waffles, pickle poppers or gansitos, if you can stick it, it’s here. It only makes sense that we have an ‘Everything On A Stick’ food contest!
Culinary Styles, located inside the DIY Design Studio, invited guests to create their own “on a stick” treats. Watch the video to see what creative concoctions our fans came up with:

Everything On A Stick competition at LACF 

Culinary Styles also features cooking demonstrations with Chef Leslie and fun food competitions, where guests with a flair for cooking and baking can compete for first, second and third place ribbons. To see a full list of competitions for the day, check your Daily Fun Guide, also available on our website: http://lacf.com.

What food would you try to eat on a stick? Tell us in the comments section below! 

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