1. the first and third picture was taken from the ferris wheel!

  2. photo 1: top of race track looking out
    photo 2: that little train area OR in garden area
    photo 3 from top of the ride that goes over the park
    photo 4 from tope of slide

  3. Top photo: south side of grandstand at the intersection of the main drag & the road leading to the garden building
    2nd photo: Frontier Town, south of Garden building
    3rd photo: fun zone
    4th photo: southeast section of fair by Arts building

  4. #1 Eateries out side the main entrance of the grand stands / horse racing track. Taken from the tram ride
    #2 A model from the out door mini train expo
    #3 The small fun zone, Kiddie size, just east of the horse racing track, with the horse track in the back ground
    #4 The Big Fun Zone!!!

  5. slide show 2 taken near the grandstand down the lil street that leads you to the big slide.
    slide shoe3 taken north west of gate 1, of the fair where all the games and rides are once known as the fun zone.
    slide 4 the ferris wheel is located near the center of the fair where the fun zone use to be theres a womans bathroom near it too and other rides and games as well.

  6. Remember: guess where the photos were taken at not what the photos are of! 🙂

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