Deep-Fried Videos

September 9, 2008

That’s right – we have deep-fried food, so why not deep-fried videos? Actually, we are having a contest. We need 10 judges for the deep-fried cook-off that will take place Sept. 19 between some of our food vendors and the Food Network’s Glutton for Punishment show. All you need to do is make a 30-second video on why you like deep-fried food, post it to, then send your youtube link to You could discover the next big deep-fried food sensation at the L.A. County Fair! Hurry! Deadline is Sept. 12. Check out the Fair’s Web page for details.


  1. I haven’t been to the Fair in about 10 years. I actually had a fun time with my friends last night. We bought the $20 pass at McD’s and received admission and free carnival rides all night. The pirate show was entertaining. The food was really good (bad for me, but really good)! Arrrgh!

  2. Sadly I dont think Im going this year everythinmg is SOO expensive

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