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Event Industry News: Twitter changes, iPhone 6 predictions and the Wafalafel

Untitled1 1024x663 Event Industry News: Twitter changes, iPhone 6 predictions and the Wafalafel Twitter homepage 

Tweets, they are a changin’: Twitter: simple, easy to use and used by billions. The social media giant is exploring the possibility of eliminating “retweet” from its universe and switching to a “share” button. The function is the same, the name is different and more than a few Twitter users aren’t happy about it. On a happier note, Billboard and Twitter have partnered up to create the Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart which will track U.S. music trends using social media data. Twitter also rolled out photo tagging for mobile users.

iPhone 6 Predictions: The iPhone 6 is predicted to have a bigger screen and flatter dimensions than previous models: think the phone-sized version of the iPad Air. Recentlyleaked photos reveal two sizes: one with a 4.7-inch display and one with a 5.5-inch display. Meanwhile in app land, Microsoft Office has finally arrived for the iPad, making it a chart topper in the iPhone App Store this weekend.

Wafalafel: Taco Bell introduced fast food goers to the Waffle Taco. Simply put, it’s a taco in a waffle shell. The foodies over at Serious Eats took it one step further and created the Waffle Falafel, or as they call it, the Wafalafel by sandwiching falafel in between two slices of pita and putting it in a waffle machine. Unique food will always been in the Fairplex and L.A. County Fair bloodstreams so of course we were intrigued by this innovative food endeavor. Check out their wafalfel photos on their blog and your mouth will start watering. You’ve been warned…

Our bi-weekly Event Industry News post includes event trends, social media and technology industry updates and events news from Los Angeles County.

Event Industry News: 12/12/12, Twinstagram Wars, Office Holiday Party Trends, New Event App

Tis’ the season: Office holiday parties are just around the corner, if not taking off already. However, the economy is still the economy and some corporations are scaling back…or cancelling the event all together. BusinessWeek gave a report on trends for the traditional office party while Women’s Wear Daily just released the holiday plans of several magazines.

12.12.12. – A 1-hour documentary on the Marriott – with behind-the-scenes coverage of what goes into running a top-notch hotel (or a global hotel empire) debuts this Wednesday (12/12/12). Also happening on this epic day? One of the biggest concerts in history to raise funds to help with the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy, appropriately named: 121212Concert.

Event Tech: Conference and event app Topi launched last week. The latest in event technology is, like many other apps, about cohesiveness. Finding valuable business connections at conferences has never been easier. BizBash wrote a full synopsis about it.

Social Media: The Twitter vs. Instagram war continues. To catch up briefly, Instagram no longer allows Twitter to post pictures from the Instagram app. And Twitter refuses to allow Instagram to sync Twitter followers. Also, Twitter just released its’ 2012 Year in Review. And it’s awesome.

Fun and Fancy Free: 10 Best Ideas of the Week from BizBash commemorates some of the best and brightest creative minds in the event industry.

Oh, Los Angeles. Possibly the biggest event of the year for this city, the Academy Awards are just around the corner. The host? Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. Despite the crude and often plain offensive humor of the popular adult cartoon, MacFarlane plans to keep it classy.

Top Social Media and Content Marketing Blogs To Follow

Social media. It’s no longer a buzz word but a daily part of our lives, no longer a novelty but a standard means of communication.

The event industry, like many other businesses, has changed with the rise of social media. Not only social media, but iPhones and other smart phones have opened up new opportunities and challenges alike for the industry. Every phone has a camera, Internet access, and social media apps and incidents can be shared online within seconds. An event can be branded and promoted in dozens of ways. Keeping up with the latest in social media and content marketing can truly “up” your game in hosting events.

PlannerWire recently posted a blog listing the top 24 content and social media marketing blogs event planners should follow. From Facebook marketing to strategies on generating a strong audience following, these blogs are worth a read.

See their suggestions here.