Thoughtful Thursday: Earth Day Plant Drop

Fairplex plantdrop 300x266 Thoughtful Thursday: Earth Day Plant Drop Last week 25 members from our leadership team joined Miguel Santana (our CEO) as we hand-delivered more than 400 plants from our Farm to our neighbors in celebration of Earth Day!

Taking care of the environment is a top priority for us, not only in The Farm at Fairplex, but throughout the rest of our 487-acre campus as well.

Learn more about our sustainability efforts here and here.

Urban Farming: Water Preservation

It’s no secret that The Farm at Fairplex is sustainability-conscious. We make an effort to make all our systems as energy-efficient and resource-savvy as possible, including the way we regulate irrigation.

TheFarm DayofService Urban Farming: Water Preservation Beneath the peaceful exterior of The Farm lies intricate sustainability systems 

Along with our vertical farming system, we also use a state-of-the-art weather reactive time clock with an on-site mini weather station to regulate irrigation. This not only prevents water waste, but minimizes the resources we need for irrigation. 

We save more than 12,000 feet of copper wire that would have been required if we had used the old standard of irrigation installation and wiring.

CAN0127 300x200 Urban Farming: Water Preservation As for the weather clock, it reacts to daily weather changes and automatically modifies or delays irrigation based on The Farm’s actual needs. It helps correct accidental run times that could cause excess water usage, leaching water and wasting precious soil nutrients and fertilizers past the root zones.

We are dedicated to keeping at the top of industry standards for irrigation, using the latest in drip-tape, drip-tube, drip emmitter, spitter stick and bubbler technology to minimize the waste of water through evaporation and splash.

DAN4619 300x199 Urban Farming: Water Preservation We decide on the type of irrigation to use for each crop based on how long the plant is grown and the best water supply system for each soil type (i.e. planted in the ground, on a raised bed, in a portable container etc.)

Like children, all plants have their specific needs and using the wrong system just wastes precious water and fails to irrigate soil correctly. We take the responsibility of urban farming seriously and we look forward to another year at The Farm!

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Winter Crops at The Farm

We are in the thick of winter and the views from The Farm are beautiful! Snow capped mountains and bright blue skies remind us of why we love living where we do.

Photo Jan 12 10 27 57 AM 768x1024 Winter Crops at The Farm

Although this is a season typically associated with bare trees and scant splashes of green, our winter crops are flourishing! We’re currently growing:

  • broccoli
  • cabbage & lettuce
  • kale
  • kohirabi
  • radish 
  • carrots
  • beets
  • peas
  • beans
  • mizuna
  • mustard greens 

All of our crops are harvested and used at McKinley’s Grille – our hotel restaurant – on a daily basis. Local produce is a top priority for our menus and we are fortunate to have many of our ingredients right here at Fairplex!

We are also busy preserving citrus fruits and preparing an assortment of other vegetables and herbs (more on that later.)

For more information on The Farm at Fairplex visit our website!

Are you harvesting any crops in your own urban garden? Tell us your story in the comments below!