Fairplex Snapshot: BuildABeast Experience 2017

While we may be known for the LA County Fair, car shows, drag races and craft fairs, we’ve also hosted our fair share of the performing arts!

The BuildABeast Experience is back at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel & Conference Center for a full week of dancing. Founded by celebrity choreographer Will “WilldaBeast” Adams, BuildABeast invites dancers of all ages to spend a week learning from the pros and ultimately audition to join the immaBEAST dance crew.

It’s non-stop dancing and an incredible opportunity to learn from some of the best of the best. We love seeing so much talent gathered on our campus!

Making Things Merry at Fairplex

Every year our creative team transforms our campus from a summertime playground of Fair fun into a wintry haven of festivities.

Expo Hall 8 is one of our largest event spaces, and full of holiday cheer. The walls are lined with beautiful Christmas trees and winter vignettes, ranging from a bakery to a bridal shop, creating a cozy holiday-filled town. Check out some of the vignettes below — all are made by hand, each designed by members of our creative department:

Gingerbread House
If you have a sweet tooth, you’re sure to crave cookies, candy and gingerbead after taking a close look at the Gingerbead House vignette!

1 Making Things Merry at Fairplex

Antique Store
This quaint scene is reminiscent of a childhood Christmas past, before video games, smartphones and toys that moved and talked of their own accord. 2 Making Things Merry at Fairplex

This particular vignette pays tribute to our annual Los Angeles International Wine, Spirits & Beer Competitions, even featuring some of the medals as ornaments for the tree. Tgh3 Making Things Merry at Fairplex We are always impressed with the level of detail and DIY skill our team shows, not only during the holidays, but at the LA County Fair, Upland Lemon Festival and other self-produced events.

If you would like to have your holiday or end-of-year party with us, give us a visit at sheratonfairplex.com. We would love to show you more of our venue!

Fairplex Snapshot: BuildABeast Experience 2016

While the rest of Fairplex is fairly quiet today, the Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center is alive with high energy, big talent and tons of fun.

The Build A Beast Experience has taken over, complete with classes, workshops and performances all centered around one thing: DANCE. We stopped by this morning to see how things were going and saw a class led by So You Think You Can Dance alum Twitch. Check it out:

For more info on the BuildABeast Experience, visit immabeast.co. If you’re interested in booking other events with us, please visit fairplexevents.com or sheratonfairplex.com. We would be happy to speak with you!

Event Industry News: Venues need variety, Apple builds a spaceship and Russia creates Sputnik

Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center Event Industry News: Venues need variety, Apple builds a spaceship and Russia creates Sputnik Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center

Variety is the spice of venue life: Venues are focusing on more than just size and practicality. They are also honing their visually unique qualities. BizBash released an article commenting on how conference planners are looking for ways to break out of the mundane in venue choice. Rather than hosting business meetings in a large but boring conference room, they are looking for venues that bring novelty: an outdoor plaza, a theater, an expansive garden.

The Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center, for example, is situated on 487-acres of variety that include an urban farm, art gallery, numerous expo halls and gardens.Our property plays to many events including food truck festivals, extreme sports competitions and expos and of course, the L.A. County Fair. Variety is one of our strongest assets and we have seen conference planners and vendors respond to that.

Conference planners provide content. It’s up to the venue to anticipate client needs and create the right atmosphere for current and future events.

Apple spaceship: Apple recently released its first 3D model of its proposed new headquarters in Cupertino, CA. The model resembles a spaceship with its futuristic, circular design. Features include underground parking and a solar-paneled roof on the 175-acre property. The plan will be approved (or denied) by a final vote from the Cupertino City Council this Tuesday, according to an exclusive story by the San Jose Mercury News.

Technology: Russian telecom service Rostelecom is developing a new search engine: Sputnik. The state-controlled company has built an engine that is supposed to rival the likes of Google. The current search engine giant, Yandex, would be a stiff competitor for Sputnik but with the death of its co-founder, the company’s future is unknown. Yandex currently generates 62% of search traffic but with Sputnik launching in early 2014, that number may change.