Good News for Instagram, Facebook and Uber Users!

Facebook, Instagram and Uber users get ready for some pretty cool changes in these three mega companies!

Instagram: If you love Instagram as much as we do at Fairplex, then you will be happy to know that Instagram will now allow you to merge multiple images into a single image! Hurray for Layout, the free app that will make this possible.

Instagram Good News for Instagram, Facebook and Uber Users!
Instagram homepage

According to Instagram, when you open Layout, you will automatically see previews of custom layouts as you choose photos from your camera roll.

After this, you can drag and drop photos to rearrange them in any way your heart desires. You can pinch to zoom or pull the sides of each photo to adjust its size and get your layout just right. Then flip and rotate your photos to create cool arrangements and mirror effects. Pretty cool, huh? With Layout, you won’t have to download any third-party collage apps anymore! Read more about Layout, here.

Facebook: Facebook has launched a new tool, and I am pretty sure people will love it! On This Day will allow you to look back at things you have shared and posts you’ve been tagged in on previous years.

FB On This Day Good News for Instagram, Facebook and Uber Users!
Image: Facebook

In other words, On This Day shows content from this date in the past. For example, you might see past status updates, photos, posts from friends and other things from one year ago, two years ago, and so on. Only you will see this content unless you decide to share it with your friends. Talk about re-living our past experiences! Read more about On This Day, here.

Uber: Let’s be honest, despite all of the negative comments about Uber, we still use the on-demand car service to get us from point A to point B. It’s just that convenient and we absolutely love it!

Uber Good News for Instagram, Facebook and Uber Users!
Image: Eric Risberg/ Associated Press

As if things were not convenient enough already, Uber has introduced a feature that will allow developers to embed Uber within other apps. What does this mean? It means that you won’t have to leave the app you are on in order to request an Uber; you’ll be able to do that on the spot. This is what I call user-friendly, so sign me up! Read the full Mashable article here.

Event Industry News: The Grammys — rain, LED dresses and talent, event tech and bar trends

The Grammys: Last night the ever-diverse Staples Center transformed from the Lakers’ home arena into the 55th Grammy Awards ceremony. The focus was equal parts awards, talent and technology. From Taylor Swift’s circus-themed opener (“We Are Never Ever, Ever Getting Back Together”) to Best New Artist fun.’s phenomenal performance of  “Carry On” (it rained on stage, people) to Carrie Underwood’s dress all the way to the Bob Marley tribute, this year’s show was an inspiring mixture of talented performances, flawless technology and well-deserved winners. A full list of winners and a re-cap of the night is available here. And let’s not forget the after parties

Social Media/Technology: Facebook will potentially allow users to purchase tickets to events on their site.  Flickr is back, apparently. Only time will tell if it’s the next Instagram or the next Myspace. BizBash introduced five new event technology tools ranging from speaker-to-listener interaction, on-the-go convenience and virtual seminar assistance.

New York Fashion Week: On the other side of the nation, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has so far been a success, despite the weather.

The 90s called and they’re thirsty: Mixology is the norm but who says “le art” of flair bartending should take a back seat to culinary cocktails? Flair bartending–flipping glasses and liquors in the air to create your drink–peaked in the 90s and is frowned upon in mixologist circles but who’s to say it needs to stay a thing of the past? There are whispers in the industry that the “F word” might be making a comeback.