Holidays at Fairplex, Continued!

Holiday décor can be found in nearly every nook and cranny of Fairplex, and that is especially true at the Exposition Center.

exphall panorama Holidays at Fairplex, Continued!

The walls are lined with cheery building facades, Christmas trees, brightly wrapped gift boxes, ornaments and other holiday paraphernalia. As one of our largest buildings, the Exposition Center plays host to many holiday parties, including our own end-of-year celebrations. The entire room shouts of holiday magic. Check it out!

expohall christmastrees 768x1024 Holidays at Fairplex, Continued!  There’s even a Christmas tree farm on one side of the building! In fact, there are Christmas trees as far as the eye can see. If we had to take a guess, we would estimate about 30 trees are in this building alone.

expohall ribbonsandtrees 768x1024 Holidays at Fairplex, Continued!

Not all trees are alike! A variety of ribbons, ornaments and color schemes are selected for all the trees so that each and every one is unique in its own right.

expohall northpole 768x1024 Holidays at Fairplex, Continued!  Hand-painted signs greet guests as they enter the building. In fact, many of the decorations on the Fairplex campus are made by our Creative team and can’t be found in any craft stores or event venues.

expohall bldgdisplay 225x300 Holidays at Fairplex, Continued!  An underlying theme of the entire room are the storefronts that line the walls. Our team wanted to give guests the feeling that they were walking in the wintry cold of New York, browsing shops along 5th Avenue.

Favorites like Anthropologie, Nordstrom’s, Bergdorf’s and others can be spotted, featuring clothing, home decor and holiday decorations unique to that store’s look and feel.

Small kiosks also dot the walls, carrying cozy mugs, teas, coffees and baked goods. It’s impossible not to feel the holiday cheer after checking all of that out!

The best part? Although the general decor stays the same throughout the month, we see a wide variety of parties filter through: weddings, reunions, corporate holiday parties, meetings, dinners, receptions, brunches and the list goes on. Each event as it’s own special theme, accentuated by the decor we have set in place.

The Exposition Center remains one of our favorite buildings at Fairplex during the holidays!

For more information on our event facilities, visit our Fairplex Events page. We would love to accommodate your party!

Winter Forests at McKinley’s Grille

mckinleys panorama tables 1024x768 Winter Forests at McKinleys Grille

From leisurely team breakfasts to intimate dinners, the McKinley’s Grille patio is ideal for both business and pleasure, especially during the holidays. We took a stroll through the restaurant and had to snap a few pics of the winter forest waiting for us outside.

mckinleys fireplace closeup 768x1024 Winter Forests at McKinleys Grille   A festive wreath sits atop the McKinley’s patio fireplace 

mckinleys deer 768x1024 Winter Forests at McKinleys Grille  Friendly deer can be spotted grazing in the plants 

mckinleys farmornament 768x1024 Winter Forests at McKinleys Grille  The tree just inside McKinley’s Grille is decorated with fruit, fake birds and these adorable Farm ornaments, made by the Fairplex Creative team. 

mckinleys fireplace ornament 768x1024 Winter Forests at McKinleys Grille

A closer look at the fireplace reveals ornate pine cones, sparkling ornaments, ribbons and friendly forest animals. 

The scenery is practically begging us to sit down with a hot cup of cocoa and an hour or two of relaxation before returning to the real world. It may feel like summer in Southern California but it certainly looks like winter on campus!

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