Event Industry News: Coachella, Twitter changes and the Amazon smartphone

coachella Event Industry News: Coachella, Twitter changes and the Amazon smartphone Coachella thanks their fans for coming to weekend 1 of their festival.

Coachella Weekend 1: A staple of the entertainment industry and a true salute to the Southern California lifestyle, Coachella has long been the envied mecca of music lovers everywhere. The first weekend of Coachella welcomed a wave of A-list performers including Outkast, Lorde, Muse, Beck and Arcade Fire. Pharrell Williams delighted his audience by bringing out an all-start list of guest performers including Gwen Stefani, Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg. Our friends from RCS were there with their carnival rides and we are sure they had a spectacular view of all the performances!

Social media: Twitter plans to completelyrevamp their user profile layout and it doesn’t look half-bad. A large header image, larger profile photo space and customized tweet structuring (tweet pins, anyone?) make the change an ideal one for brands and consumers alike. The profile layout change is just one of many tweaks Twitter has in store for the future.

Tech: We reported rumors of an Amazon smartphone with a 3D display months ago, but now rumor is finally transforming into reality. The Wall Street Journal announced the mega-company’s plans to release a handset device in June 2014. Users will be able to view their screens in 3-D, without the use of glasses. Whether it will overshadow the iPhone and Galaxy users has yet to be seen.

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Event Industry News: Twitter changes, iPhone 6 predictions and the Wafalafel

Untitled1 1024x663 Event Industry News: Twitter changes, iPhone 6 predictions and the Wafalafel Twitter homepage 

Tweets, they are a changin’: Twitter: simple, easy to use and used by billions. The social media giant is exploring the possibility of eliminating “retweet” from its universe and switching to a “share” button. The function is the same, the name is different and more than a few Twitter users aren’t happy about it. On a happier note, Billboard and Twitter have partnered up to create the Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart which will track U.S. music trends using social media data. Twitter also rolled out photo tagging for mobile users.

iPhone 6 Predictions: The iPhone 6 is predicted to have a bigger screen and flatter dimensions than previous models: think the phone-sized version of the iPad Air. Recentlyleaked photos reveal two sizes: one with a 4.7-inch display and one with a 5.5-inch display. Meanwhile in app land, Microsoft Office has finally arrived for the iPad, making it a chart topper in the iPhone App Store this weekend.

Wafalafel: Taco Bell introduced fast food goers to the Waffle Taco. Simply put, it’s a taco in a waffle shell. The foodies over at Serious Eats took it one step further and created the Waffle Falafel, or as they call it, the Wafalafel by sandwiching falafel in between two slices of pita and putting it in a waffle machine. Unique food will always been in the Fairplex and L.A. County Fair bloodstreams so of course we were intrigued by this innovative food endeavor. Check out their wafalfel photos on their blog and your mouth will start watering. You’ve been warned…

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Event Industry News: St. Patricks Day in Los Angeles

IMG 3099 Event Industry News: St. Patricks Day in Los Angeles IrishFest at Fairplex Green Beer 

St. Patrick’s Day: St. Patrick’s Day is upon us but for most of the nation, festivities started on Friday night and wrapped up yesterday afternoon. Los Angeles events included pub crawls, parades, festivals and parties throughout the county.  The celebrations continue today with a St. Patrick’s Day party in Pershing Square which includes a motorcycle parade, concerts and Irish food beginning at 11 a.m. Perhaps the most memorable part of this year’s holiday is the “Shamrock Shake” that rocked Los Angeles early this morning.

Untitled 300x228 Event Industry News: St. Patricks Day in Los Angeles Social Media: Facebook continues down a path of change as it changes the look and feel of company business pages and Newsfeed. Staying true to their emphasis on visual content, photos and videos are now larger than ever as users scroll through their news feeds. Company pages have a new streamlined look that will eventually roll out to all accounts.

Technology: Multiple Google programs have gone down over the past two days including YouTube, Google Hangouts and Google Spreadsheets. Although YouTube is back up, other apps are still malfunctioning. You can check Google’s updates on the problem here.

Our bi-weekly Event Industry News post includes event trends, social media and technology industry updates and events news from Los Angeles County.

Event Industry News: Fairplex Weekend Recap

horse expo 1 225x300 Event Industry News: Fairplex Weekend Recap Fairplex weekend recap: Fairplex was buzzing with activity this weekend. The annual Horse Expo filled the FairView Farms stables and paddocks with dozens of horses, and vendors, artists and authors settled into our expo halls.

Thousands of horse enthusiasts flocked to the campus to hear from industry experts, watch breeding demonstrations and shop for saddles, buckles, riding attire and countless other goods.

On the other side of campus the NHRA Winternationals took over our speedway kicking off the 2014 drag racing season.

Sochi Olympics: The 2014 Winter Olympics have been interesting, to say the least. Regardless of various hotel floops and the now-infamous Olympic Ring mishap, the Opening Ceremony was a beautiful tribute to the cultural history of Russia, ending with a glorious 30-minute fireworks show. Not a bad way to start one of the largest events in the world. As of this morning, Team USA has taken a total of five medals–two gold and three bronze.

Facebook Paper

Social media: Facebook had a busy week, creating “Look Back” videos for each of its’ billion users to celebrate its 10th anniversary and launching the new Paper app. The Paper app allows users to organize their news feed based on categories, much like an online newspaper. Options include health, entertainment, crafts, sports, friends, home & garden and numerous other niche categories. Each category is composed of daily top news stories for that category with links to the original story in each post. Visually pleasing, well-organized and easy to use, Paper may be the saving grace of a falling empire.

flappybird 300x241 Event Industry News: Fairplex Weekend Recap

Technology: Flappy Bird, the wildly popular smartphone/tablet game, ended almost as soon as it began. Despite more than 50 million downloads, game creator Dong Nguyen decided to remove the game from the App Store and Google Play Store today.

“I can’t take it anymore,” Nguyen tweeted on Sunday. Looks like we’ll have to wait awhile for the next latest-and-greatest time waster. Goodbye, Flappy Bird. You were maddeningly addicting while you lasted. Photo taken from Mashable

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Event Industry News: Grand National Roadster Show, Super Bowl Munchies and Galaxy Glass

A very quick look at the Grand National Roadster Show

Grand National Roadster Show: Hundreds of cars and thousands of people visited Fairplex this weekend for the 65th Grand National Roadster Show. A number of hot rods, customs, motorcycles and other vehicles were displayed in our expo halls while sponsors and food and retail vendors set up shop along the avenues surrounding the buildings. Cars dating as far back as 1914 all the way up to the latest Ford models were featured throughout the campus and a number of lowriders were reigned in the Suede Palace. Travis Barker (Blink 182), Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) and other celebrity car enthusiasts came to check out the scene. Can’t wait for next year’s event!

The Grammys: The 2014 Grammy Awards Show was long. Really long. Duets and medleys were the name of the game this year, as dynamic musical numbers were performed by some of the industry’s greatest. Notable performances included Beyonce & Jay-Z, Sir Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr, Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams & Stevie Wonder, Robin Thicke & Chicago, Metallica & pianist Lang Lang and Sara Bareilles & Carole King. And of course, who could forget Pharrell and his hat?

Super Bowl Munchies: Despite the frigid temperatures, preparations continue at full speed for Super Bowl XLVIII. No Super Bowl party is complete without Pepsi, hot wings, pizza and a bag of Doritos and New York won’t be any different. Food sampling stations from brands like Cheetos, Doritos, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut will be open throughout Manhattan and on Super Bowl Boulevard throughout the week. Cupcakes laced with Mountain Dew and Doritos-flavored frosting, Cherry Pepsi BBQ wings and free pizza are just some of the samples being offered. It might be worth braving the cold for those flavors.

Technology: We have yet to see the mass public walking around with Google Glass attached to their faces (two words: beta mode) but the headset made enough of a splash to launch a rival product from Samsung: Galaxy Glass. Samsung claims the new product will allow users to connect to their smartphone, display call alerts and listen to music (Korea Times.) Nothing is officially confirmed but we could be looking at two types of groundbreaking headgear coming our way by the Fall.

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Event Industry News: Inaugural Bizbash Event Style and YouTube Music Awards, and Google’s virtual field trips

dollhouse 300x200 Event Industry News: Inaugural Bizbash Event Style and YouTube Music Awards, and Googles virtual field trips BizBash Event Style Awards: BizBash held their first annual National Event Style Awards, celebrating the most creative and beautiful examples of event theme and decor. Winners were announced at the BizBash IdeaFest last Wednesday in New York. There were winners for every category under the event industry sun, like Best Conference (a gorgeous display from Adobe Max), best public relations stunt (a life-sized dollhouse from Guerilla Marketing Campagin for Target) and Best Trade Show (Data Center Summit 2013.) Other categories included best wedding venue, best entertainment event and best lighting design. Just a brief flick through the album of winners brings inspiration to the brain. You can view all the winners here.

Photo taken from BizBash

First ever YouTube Awards Show: Also in New York, YouTube launched its inaugural self-produced Music Awards Show yesterday. The verdict: messy. The event was meant to be webcast to millions of viewers around the world; attendance capped at a little more than 200,000 at its peak.

Popular artists like Eminem, Lady Gaga and Avicii gave stellar performances but the real entertainment of the night was watching “spontaneous” not-so-great moments happen, like hosts having to dig into a giant cake to reveal the winners and being handed two babies while chatting with Macklemore.

The event was deemed unorganized and just a tad unprofessional by many but you have to give them a break: it was only the first (and probably not the last) music awards show from YouTube. After all, if you demand fresh and organic, sometimes things go a little awry…

Social/tech: Today Google+ launches its Connected Classes program. Using Google+ hangouts as a platform, teachers can take their students on virtual field trips to a number of educational locations around the nation. Today’s field trips include a dive into the Seattle Aquarium’s underwater exhibits and a visit at the Minnesota Zoo with the Black Bear.

For those of us who live in Los Angeles or other large cities, it’s hard to imagine choosing a virtual tour when the Museum of Natural History, Aquarium of the Pacific and Discover Science Center are mere minutes away, but for those who aren’t afforded these facilities or for schools who suffer budget cuts, this is a fantastic alternative to a textbook. Students can hear from subject experts while on a virtual live tour of museums, zoos, aquariums, planetariums and any other number of educational destinations.

Our bi-weekly Event Industry News summaries include event trends, social media and technology industry updates and events news from Los Angeles County. 

Event Industry News: SnapChat 2.0, iHeartRadio gets own theater, government shutdown affects event industry

Snapchat 2.0: If you’re a “snapper” you might have noticed a slight change in the app. While not adapting to a Facebook model per se, Snapchat now allows for a news feed of sorts, collecting your snaps within a 24-hour period and giving users the option to send this collection to their friends. The biggest change: The “My Story” collections don’t disappear after a 10-second time frame and your friends can watch your feed over and over within that 24-hour period. This newest feature mirrors the 15-second Instagram videos and 6-second Vine stories. The only difference is they have a shorter life-span and no bells and whistles (i.e. filters, cover photos, hashtags)

There’s a new kid in town: iHeartRadio, which covers major channels like KIIS FM and AMP Radio is opening its own theater in Los Angeles on October 22. The music and events venue plans to kick things off with a part for Katy Perry’s much-anticipated album release. The 20,000-square-foot venue is located at Burbank Studios.

Government shutdown = event shutdown: With the government shutdown in effect since last week, a number of events have been cancelled, specifically political fundraising events.

Event Industry News: Twitter’s 3-D Billboard grabs attention at Cannes festival

Twitter’s 3-D Billboard:
Digital billboards stopped being a novelty long ago, but 3-D billboards have not. Last month Twitter used a 40,000-lumens Barco projector mounted on a roof across the street from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. For five hours, a 3-D projection of tweets (using the official event hashtag, #CannesLion) was displayed on a 35- by 65-foot billboard. The projected tweets continued for the next three nights of the festival.

A foodie’s dream: 109 restaurants. 12 countries. 6 months. Luxury lifestyle website VeryFirstTo is bringing restaurant tours to a whole new level. The new tour invites guests to dine at every three-star Michelin restaurant on the planet. VeryFirstTo will book your flight, hotel accommodations and restaurant reservations. All you need to do is show up with an appetite. And $275,000. Is it worth it? Those with that much disposable income and time might be inclined to think so.

Social Media: Last Wednesday Instagram announced plans to allow embedding of photos and videos, making another tie from app to Web. While this shift is directed towards the media–journalists can easily share news-worthy content via the app–it is also a bonus to companies wishing to post Instagram content on their own websites. When you embed, credit is still given to the source. You can read more about Instagram’s embed feature on their blog.

The Oscars get a concert: A pre-show concert is being planned for the 2014 Academy Awards. The event will happen at U.C.L.A. three days prior to the awards show. The program will feature Oscar-nominated scores and songs.

Event Industry News: Tightrope walking the Grand Canyon, Vine — the endangered app and SnapKidz

Tightrope walking the Grand Canyon: Yesterday daredevil Nik Wallenda of The Flying Wallendas circus act did one of the more scary things in life when he tightrope walked across the Grand Canyon, no harness or safety net in sight. Using a two-inch cable rope spanning 1,400 feet across the 1,500 feet chasm, Nik successfully completed his goal despite the unexpected wind activity. The event was telecast live on the Discovery Channel and watched by millions.

snapchat 300x298 Event Industry News: Tightrope walking the Grand Canyon, Vine    the endangered app and SnapKidzSnapchat for the kiddos: Snapchat, already wildly popular with young adults–high teens and 20somethings alike–is branching out with SnapKidz. SnapKidz is essentially Snapchat without the messaging component (which as we all know is what makes the app so fun.) But for the 13 and younger crowd,  taking photos, doodling on them and saving them to their phones is all they are allowed to partake in. Snapchat currently only allows users 13+ to use the app for privacy and safety reasons.

Vine who?: As announced on Thursday, June 20, Instagram has released a video feature on their app. Similar to Vine (but better), Instagram allows users to capture video in brief spurts of time. Users have the option of creating brief clips for one video by holding down the recording button to film and releasing the button to pause. The difference? Instagram allows users to film video in a 15-second time frame–9 seconds longer than Vine. Instagram video also features a whole new set of filters that can be added to the video during the editing process. It appears Vine loses on all counts but only time will tell for what’s in store with the company that enjoyed so brief a time at the top.

Local news: It’s been a busy few days for us here at Fairplex. The weekend started early for us when Vans Warped Tour started its two-day concert series on Thursday. Thousands of fans flooded our grounds for hours in the hot sun to listen to their favorite bands, take a turn on the waterslide and chow down on food truck meals.

Check out Vans Warped Tour’s YouTube page for footage of what the celebrations looked like at Fairplex:

As soon as that wrapped up, Cheers – L.A.’s Wine, Spirits, Beer & Food Festival started up, replacing loud rock music with a live DJ and dance floor, and lemonade and Monster booths for a wine garden, spirits lounge and beer tavern.

Digital De-tox Revisited: Last week we mentioned the Digital Detox’s Camp Grounded where more than 300 people did the “unthinkable” and totally unplugged from technology for a full three days. While no tweets, Instagrams, Vine videos or Facebook updates were logged, Mashable sent one of their own into the wild. Read about his experience here.

EDM: Electric dance music (EDM) has grown in popularity to the point where it is now getting its own awards show. With favorites like David Guetta, Skrillex, DeadMau5, Swedish House Mafia and others making onto mainstream radio and festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), Hard Summer and Beyond Wonderland attracting more than just ravers, it makes sense to have a form of ceremony to honor those who are making their art known. The event is being planned by Insomniac Events and Dick Clark Productions.

Event Industry News: Digital De-tox, dronemania, iPhone cleans up

There’s a lot to report on the event industry this week, from social media and technology changes to new concepts and emerging trends. Keep reading to get a quick snapshot of a weekend of digital detox, changes on Facebook, drones in QSR and more.

campgrounded Event Industry News: Digital De tox, dronemania, iPhone cleans upCampgrounded.org

Digital De-tox: Have you ever wondered what life would look like if you didn’t have your smartphone, laptop and other digital everythings in your life? Enter Camp Grounded, a weekend-long event with zero technology. This past weekend 200 campers “roughed it” at a 1970s-era Boy Scout Camp just a few hours away from tech-savvy San Francisco.  Rules included putting the kibosh on work conversations, networking, relying on a schedule dictated by time and of course, the use of technology (including watches).

According to the camp website, campers will “create a community where money is worth little… and individuality, self expression, friendship, freedom and memories are valued most.”

Just how did the event (aka social experiment) fare? Without Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to document in real-time, it’s hard to say. Campers return home today (Monday) so I’m sure we will be hearing about it soon.

Drone mania: You have to wonder when it became the norm to drive up to a window and order a meal and have it served to you in five minutes or less, all within the comfort of a car. Drive-thrus and fast-food restaurants haven’t always been around although now (at least in America) they are as normal as gas stations and banks. The next advance in the QSR industry is peculiar–a novelty that some are predicting will grow to be as common as a McDonald’s drive-thru–drones.

Yes. Drones.

sushi drone1 300x200 Event Industry News: Digital De tox, dronemania, iPhone cleans up

(Credit: Reuters/Neil Hall)

Flying machines, currently being used to regulate poachers, are now being utilized to deliver pizzas and sushi to customers. Mashable has done a lovely job of documenting QSR drone escapades as they happen. What do you think? Would you risk having your food in the hands of an unmanned droid?

iOS 7 concept Simply Zesty 300x168 Event Industry News: Digital De tox, dronemania, iPhone cleans up

Photo from idownloadblog.com

Technology: While my phone is still comfortably settled in iOS 6.1.3, plenty of iPhone users have had the choice to preview iOS 7. The newest update makes things look “cleaner,” taking a minimalist approach to the already minimalist design users are accustomed to.

While some argue that iOS 7 goes against the vision of the late Steve Jobs, others argue that innovation and change stays true to Apple’s core mission of revolution/defining the future and should be welcomed. Whatever the case may be, iOS 7 is coming whether users like it or not.

What do you think of the new look? 

Social Media: If you’ve been on Facebook at all this weekend you may have noticed an overflow of hashtags–functional hashtags. The social network has now joined the ranks of Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Tumblr with the installation of hashtags.

So what does that look like? Similar to the other social media platforms, hashtags congregate in a specific feed for a specific topic. For example, if you put #lacountyfair into your Facebook status, it will join with other users (fans, businesses and consumers alike) into a feed all about the L.A. County Fair. Hashtags could clutter up your newsfeed now more than ever or it could be beneficial for those of us who sync tweets and Instagram photos to our accounts.

Super Bowl Boulevard: Back in the not-so-distant past we wrote about plans for Super Bowl Boulevard in New York. What will be interesting is how the boulevard adapts to the weather. The 2013 host, NOLA, had no qualms about storms, snow or the freezing cold.

The New York Daily News got a sneak-peek at plans for the week-long celebration. A 180-foot long, 58-foot-high toboggan run and concert stage are just a few of the attractions brewing for next year. Click the link above to see the artwork of the toboggan run and other aspects of Super Bowl Boulevard.

“We’re #22!”: The Grilled Cheese Truck (coming to Fairplex on Saturday for Cheers–L.A.’s Wine, Spirits, Beer and Food Festival) ranked #22 in The Daily Meal’s Top 100 Food Trucks in America. Not too bad! In fact, Los Angeles garnered the most recognition out of any other city with 16 trucks mentioned in the list. You can read the full list of winners here.