2013 Culinary Trends

Whats Hot Top10 300x300 2013 Culinary Trends


Yesterday the National Restaurant Association released their “What’s Hot in 2013” culinary forecast for trends in the restaurant industry.

Findings included:

  • Locally grown produce and locally sourced meat and seafood will be ongoing hot items on menus. In addition to this, hyper-local sourcing (restaurants with their own gardens) was also high on the list.
  • Food and liquor pairings as well as culinary cocktails (alcoholic beverages containing whole servings of fruits and vegetables) are 2009 trends that continue to be popular favorites.
  • House made/artisan ice cream
  • The ever popular food trucks.

We can see these trends emerging strong in several ways at Fairplex. McKinley’s Grille as well as our catering services use hyper-local sourcing thanks to our urban farm. Dr. Bob’s Handcrafted Ice Cream is a staple of the L.A. County Fair and creates new, unique flavors every year. As for food trucks… we have Food Truck Thursdays for a reason!

We are excited to begin a new year, especially with all these great trends on the horizon. But first… the December holidays icon smile 2013 Culinary Trends

Event Industry News: Technology changes events, the return of MySpace, the debut of a new hotel in L.A.

myspace1 300x225 Event Industry News: Technology changes events, the return of MySpace, the debut of a new hotel in L.A.

Photo from ourlegaci.com

This week we take a quick glance at how technology is being utilized in the event industry, take a moment to realize Myspace might actually be back in action and wrap up with some holiday fun at the White House.

Technology: Event Manager Blog released an infographic of how technology is changing the way we run events. After extensive research, Julius Solaris created an easy-to-read, very insightful “Before & After” look at the way event planners reach potential attendees, interact with them during an event and measure success after.

Social Media: Myspace has launched the first phase of their comeback. No, really. This time they are all about discovery and the sharing of your own discoveries. The new site is sleek and relatively easy to use. As someone who received a preview invite, I am looking forward to exploring. I’ll miss the old school HTML/design-and-then-obsess over your profile format though. Not.

Keeping it local: Word from Eater LA is that Los Angeles is getting a new hotel inspired by Korean and Korean-American culture, food and design. The name? “The Line.” Location: Where else but Koreantown (a.k.a. K-town). You can check out what that looks like at 3515 Wilshire Blvd. Or if you’re like us and don’t have the energy to battle L.A. traffic for that jaunt, wait until it opens in Summer 2013.

A little holiday cheer: The White House decorations are investigated by none other than first dog Bo Obama.