Celebrating Dads and Cars

It’s Father’s Day weekend and that means the annual L.A. Roadsters Show is here. A 48-year tradition, the Roadsters Show offers two days full of fun for the car-loving dad in your house (or mom!). Check out our web page for tickets and hours, www.fairplex.com, and don’t miss the Dad’s Backyard BBQ at the Longboard Bar on Sunday. To whet your appetite, here is some eye candy from the show:


Food Truck Thursdays Are Here!!!

3088 1foodtruckthurs Food Truck Thursdays Are Here!!!That’s right – you knew it would happen eventually.This Thursday (and every Thursday to follow), let the frying pan fly, ditch the dutch oven, get rid of the grill and c’mon down to Fairplex for Food Truck Thursdays. The lower admin parking lot near the NHRA museum is going to metamorphasize into a foodopolis with six of the hottest food trucks in SoCal.

What, you ask? You don’t have to cook? You can eat here as you move from truck to truck or pick up some grub on the way home from work? Yes and yes. This is casual gourmet dining at its finest. Here are your choices for the inaugural Fairplex Food Truck Thursday:

- Los Saigon: Dubbing itself the Chino Latino Truck, Los Saigon offers a fusion of Mexican and Vietnamese cuisine. It’s specialty is the Banh Mi, a sandwich on a French baguette with carne asada and secret seasoning along with pickled daikon and carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, jalepano peppers, and Los Saigon sauce. They also serve Saigon Tacos.

- Cambalache’s Gourmet: authentic Argentinean food.

- Shave It+: offers dessert.

- After School Special: comfort food favorites like meatloaf burgers, pot roast dip, chorizo sloppy joes (oh yeah!). Just like Mom made for you when you got home from school.

- Bite Me Foods: healthy, local organic food.

- Brats Berlin: classic and exotic sausages

Well, I know where I’m going for dinner on Thursday. Hours are 5:30-9 p.m. Free parking, free admission. We’ll also have a Farmers Market, so grab dinner, then grab produce for the rest of the week. See you Thursday.

Dr. Detail’s Journey to Pomona

Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show is this Sunday. We have a guest blog about Dr. Detail written by Tony Barthel from the Curbside Auto Column and Car Show Calendar, who writes for Pomona Swap Meet’s Blog.

Dr  Detail 300x264 150x141 Dr. Details Journey to Pomona This issue of the Swap Meet newsletter has a thread that weaves through the stories, where people get their start because life has thrown them a curve ball and they step up to the plate and knock that curve ball right out of the park. Such is also the case with Dr. Detail, who started his business for his mom 40 years ago, after she got put out to pasture at just 70 years young.

In those days he was already coming to Pomona with the 240Z club and, as a research chemist, he set mom Margaret (Peggy) Loomis up with the detail business. Oh, that’s right, you all know her as Swap Meet Mom. “She was a bookkeeper, but she could sell as well as I can,” said son Wayne Loomis of the lady who inspired Dr. Detail. So what we’re saying here, is that a research chemist sets up a detailing supply company for his mom, who finds customers at the Pomona Swap Meet. Yeah, that’s about right. But what makes Dr. Detail different is that Wayne knows about the ingredients in the products he sells, so he can spot the winners. Wait, maybe it’s the winners that don’t spot, after all, it is the detail biz. Anyhow, Dr. Detail researches his products and also loves the Pomona Swap Meet because he can listen to what customers are asking for. From there, he visits with the manufacturers and develops a line of products that help detailers all over the world to do a fantastic job. “I not only set them up, but spend time with them on choosing products and how to use them – how to start, how to price. I’ll help them to whatever degree it takes to get into the business,” states Wayne. These products include cleaning products, pinstriping supplies, pressure washers and much, much more.

One of the more interesting things is that Wayne, er, Dr. Detail, is seeing more and more people stop by his booth at Pomona and ask about getting into the detailing business. Unlike so many opportunities nowadays, you can step into the detailing business with almost no money and get started. “All you need is a bucket and a hose,” joked Wayne. Well, actually, that’s not far from the truth. But you can step up and get a very professional rig that can be towed behind most vehicles for well under $5000 and that will mean you’ve got a very high-quality detailing machine. So here’s a business with small starting capital, where you can really clean up. Insert rim shot here.

In all seriousness, it is a good business and having someone who has your back is certainly a very good thing. In fact, Dr. Detail is holding a class sponsored by the County of Orange next month to help detailers deal with runoff. Presently, a lot of governmental bodies are clamping down on what runs into our storm drains and these workshops help detailers mitigate runoff, which helps both in compliance with local regulations, but also means they’re greener. Hey, that’s a good thing!

While Swap Meet Mom has since passed away, Dr. Detail continues with his stakehold at the Pomona Swap Meet. “It’s the best – I’d never miss a Pomona Swap Meet. People come from all over the world,” Wayne says fondly. That’s not a stretch, either. Dr. Detail has met people from countries like Australia, New Zealand and Japan and, in some cases, sold them entire container loads of detailing supplies. “It ends up being cheaper to buy and ship from here, than to buy on their home turf. Plus they get a trip to America as well.”

Dr. Detail is also available at his store in Fullerton, CA.,which is located at 1115 W. Orangethorpe. You can also reach him by phone at (714) 870-8555 or on the Internet at http://drdetailforless.com/. Of course you can find him at the Pomona Swap Meet, on Road 23, Spaces 12, 14, 16 and 18 at each and every event, where he listens to his many repeat and new customers and helps them with their own success.
If you don’t find Dr. Detail behind his booth, you’ll likely have the pleasure of meeting one of the kids he meets at church, who generally have their first jobs working Dr. Detail’s booth. “I like to give back to the community and help people get their start,” asserts Dr. Detail.

It’s nice to meet someone who likes to give back – that puts a positive spin on the story for sure.