What Does Your Dog Really Think of You?

2994 1missioncircuit 150x132 What Does Your Dog Really Think of You?With the annual Mission Circuit Dog Show, presented by Purina Pro Plan, at Fairplex this Memorial Day weekend, there are thousands of dogs on the campus. The multifarious breeds and barking makes me think of P.D. Eastman’s Go, Dog, Go and its boisterous dog party. As a dog lover, it’s hard to sit here and not go out and frolic with our four-legged visitors. But if I did, what would they think of me? Would they think me odd? Would they recognize my playful side that many humans don’t? Would they see just how happy they make me?

According to a story in ScienceDaily, Emory University researchers are scanning dogs’ brains via MRIs to see how they react to their owners’ hand signals. Eventually they hope to be able to determine if dogs have empathy, or if they know when their owners are happy or sad, or just how much language dogs really understand.

Interesting stuff. I know my dog undertands commands, like, “Wednesday, go get your weds 106x150 What Does Your Dog Really Think of You?leash.” Or, “Wednesday, where’s your ball? Go find your ball.” But does she get it when I say, “Wednesday, I had the worst day ever!”? Or, “Wednesday, I’m brain-dead and I can’t think of anything to write for my blog. I need inspiration!”? I think she does.

If you don’t have a dog and are thinking of getting one, or just love to see canines in competition, come out to the Mission Circuit Dog Show this weekend. More than 160 breeds (8,000 dogs total) will be competing Friday – Monday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The So Cal Portuguese Water Dog Agility Trials will also be here. Bring the family. Admission is free.

Michael Jordan Leads Int’l Wine Comp

Not that Michael Jordan! No basketballs here (altho we may see a football since Vince jordan michael 06 150x150 Michael Jordan Leads Intl Wine CompFerragamo is a judge). Famed restaurateur and Master Sommelier Michael Jordan is the new honorary chairman of the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition, which begins tomorrow. The former global manager of wine sales and wine education for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts® worldwide is expected to assist in growing and expanding the breadth of the competition, including refining its new point-system ratings.

Jordan is quite familiar with the LAIWSC, having served as a judge for many years. He is one of few to hold both the Master Sommelier and the Certified Wine Educator diplomas. Jordan created his own brand, Word Vineyards, and also serves as the host of a syndicated weekly radio talk show that is broadcast in several major AM Radio markets across the US. Jordan has had a hand in the operations of the award-winning Napa Rose Restaurant in Anaheim and the openings of Pinot Provence, Pavilion and Bella Teresa – top restaurants in southern California. He is currently vice president of food and beverage of The Ranch restaurant in Anaheim, CA.

“I am honored and delighted to work in the roll as honorary chair of the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition.  It has been an absolute favorite wine event for me, something I have really enjoyed participating in each year,” Jordan said. “I am looking forward to working with the amazing team of top industry professionals that produce one of the most seamless and well-run competitions in the world.”

pouring 150x150 Michael Jordan Leads Intl Wine CompWith the assistance of Jordan’s expertise and background, the 73-year-old competition is expecting to grow its number of entries and participants as well as increase consumer awareness. The competition is the foundation of a large public wine education program that’s available to the nearly 1.5 million visitors during the annual L.A. County Fair. Said Jordan: “The public looks to the LAIWSC to evaluate the wines, spirits and olive oils that are entered from around the world. The top award winners are also presented during the L.A. County Fair along with daily seminars and tastings given by the best and brightest in the wine industry.  It is a fun way to taste and learn!”

Results of the competition will be announced June 18. The public will get its first opportunity to taste the award-winning wines, as well as spirits, beers and extra virgin olive oils, at FUN Decanted on June 23. A food and drink festival here at Fairplex, FUN Decanted offers tastings, education stations, fabulous food trucks and great entertainment. The inaugural event last year was a total blast. Tickets are $50 each. For more info or to purchase tickets, click here.

Selling (or Buying) a Car Has Never Been So Easy

pricingheader2 Selling (or Buying) a Car Has Never Been So EasySo you have an extra car sitting around or you want to sell your existing car to ramp up your down payment for a new one. But the thought of having buyers come to your house doesn’t sound so appealing. SoCal Auto Showcase has the perfect solution. SCAS is at Fairplex on weekends with what they call a community display lot for used “for-sale-by-owner” cars. Sellers can bring their car here in a safe, mutual location.

Wallace Hagstrom, owner of SCAS, said selling personally owned cars at community lots is a new trend, one that he sees as a benefit to the seller and the buyer. Buyers can come and peruse a variety of cars in one location. Buyers inspect the vehicles and if interested they call the owner directly, arrange for a “test drive” (owner must be present) and make the deal!  Sellers bring cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, motor homes, boats, trailers and more (no cars older than 1975 accepted).

There are no commission fees, no middleman. Sellers deal directly with buyers. Sellers pay a fee for having their vehicle on the lot. Check out the website for pricing. The lot is located at Fairplex Gate 23 on Arrow Highway.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, sounds like a good deal – convenient and safe. Looks like I’ll be heading here in a few years for a certain teenager.