Bird’s the Word

turkey resized Birds the WordFirst, there’s turkey, of which you can eat an abundance at McKinley’s Grille family style Turkey Day feast. Then there aparrot face resized Birds the Wordre birds of the pet variety at Everybody’s Bird Mart, Sunday, Nov. 29 (Please be respectful. Don’t mention that you ate turkey on Thanksgiving).

Thanksgiving at McKinley’s Grille*
Thursday, Nov. 26
4 – 9 p.m.
$19.95 per person + tax
*take-home dinners available starting at $89.95 + tax (serves 5-7 people)

Everybody’s Bird Mart
Sunday, Nov. 29
Fairplex 4
9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Admission $7 (11 and under free)

Hanging with the BIG Boys at NHRA Drags

 Hanging with the BIG Boys at NHRA DragsWOW, I just went on a mini tour of the Auto Club NHRA Finals and I can safely say that I will never look at the Drag racing the same again!  First, I walked through an area known as THE PITS there I saw and heard the loudest most amazing looking drag cars and motorbikes I have ever seen in my life. Even better, I saw how some of the beast machines were built and fixed up to beat the competition.

Then I made my way to the Sky Boxes, where only the VIPs sit and enjoy an exclusive crystal clear view of the drag races and the entire event! It’s a great place to catch a photo  like the one posted at the bottom.

After my trip to the Sky Boxes, I found myself at the Staging Area. There I saw what looked like a pack of drag cars waiting impatiently to be driven at Full Throttle™ . It’s a great opportunity to check out the drag cars up close and see the hard work that is being put into these astonishing machines.

Continuing my journey, I made my way on over to the Top Eliminators Club, where food from the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel was served and eaten by me (in my mind).

After this awesome mini tour, drag racing at the Auto Club NHRA Finals will never be the same for me. It’s one thing to sit on the bleachers and watch the drag races. It’s a whole other experience to see them when you’re high–like up on the skyboxes, rolling with the big guys.
 Hanging with the BIG Boys at NHRA Drags

Do the Drags Right

Looking for a different experience this weekend?  Check out the Auto Club NHRA Finals right here at Fairplex.  Now for a step-by-step guide to looking like a die-hard fan this weekend. Do the Drags Right

  1. Arrive early!  The best time to get autographs and enjoy the pits (not to mention finding some prime parking) is before the racing starts.
  2. While wandering the pits, feel free to chit-chat with people like you know what you’re doing.  “Hey, did you see John Force’s qualifying run last week?”  Simple statements like that make you seem much more knowledgeable than you are.
  3. Before walking up to a driver to get his autograph, make sure you know his (o her) name.  Their faces are huge on the sides of their trailers and their names are always there too.  You have no excuses for not knowing who Brandon Bernstein is when his face is plastered about 12 feet high.
  4. Now this is one decision you get to make: Do you buy a t-shirt or just ask the drivers to sign the cards they provide? If you buy the t-shirt, be sure to put it on so they can sign your back (this is the ultimate in pit groupie cool).
  5. Find a good spot to sit.  Now, depending on which tickets you purchased, you may have a reserved seat or you may not. If you do, come and go as you please, but if you don’t, you are going to need to camp out in your spot for quite some time.
  6. Earlier, I mentioned Brandon Bernstein. If you do see him, wish him luck in his new ventures.  Budweiser is pulling out of NHRA at the end of these races, and he has found a great new team.
  7. Drink water and wear sun-block!  You are sitting outside all day. I don’t care if it is overcast, the UV rays still come through and you can still get dehydrated (sunstroke is definitely not pit groupie cool).
  8. And, the most important one…HAVE FUN!  The Drags only come twice a year and they can be a great experience.

If you follow all my steps you are sure to have a great weekend!  The Auto Club NHRA Finals run now through Sunday at Fairplex.

It’s a “Petstravaganza” at West Coast Pet Expo

pabst dog resized copy Its a Petstravaganza at West Coast Pet Expo Rescue and adopt a new four-legged friend, audition for The Dog Whisperer TV show, meet Pabst, the World’s Ugliest Dog and Brewster, the World’s Tallest Puppy, meet the Wildlife Waystation’s exotic residents, including a bobcat and a Golden Eagle,  meet Disney’s Air Bud, USC’s white horse mascot, Traveler, marvel at the agility cats and the handicapped Valley View Vaulters. It’s all at the West Coast Pet Expo this weekend at Fairplex.

WCPE resized1 Its a Petstravaganza at West Coast Pet Expo Saturday, Nov. 14 – Sunday, Nov. 15
Fairplex 4
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Admission: (cash only) ATMs are available
$10 for Adults
$6 for Seniors (65+)
$6 for Children ages 4-12
Free for kids under 3

Beauty and the Beasts at Fairplex

Beauty: Today is the last day to get a steal of a deal on your favorite nail, hair, skin and spa products, gifts & accessories at the SSalon Spa logo resized Beauty and the Beasts at Fairplexalon & Spa Buyers Bazaar. Beasts: Saturday, Nov. 14, is the Junior Livestock Auction, which supports college students, 4-H and FFA members who are the future of CA agribusiness. Even if you’re not ready to buy a whole cow, you can bid and donate the proceeds to charity to support these hard-working kids.Junior Livestock pig resize Beauty and the Beasts at Fairplex

Enjoy a pancake breakfast (small charge for this), bidding instruction if you’re new to livestock auctions and a look at country life and cowboy humor from the FairView Farms ambassador, Sky Shivers. The JLA is a program of the Fairplex Education Foundation.

Salon & Spa Buyers Bazaar FINAL DAY
FREE admission with coupon
Fairplex 6
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Junior Livestock Auction
FairView Farms
Saturday, Nov. 14
11 a.m.