Rockin’ at warp speed

Fairplex Insider has an accomplice whose proficiency in Warped Tour-ese will be obvious. Enjoy!

“…I mean she even cooks me pancakes and alka seltzer when my tummy aches…” (Cupid’s Chokehold in Wikipedia, for those of you don’t know this tune) Mosh pits, body vibrating bass and awesome bands. Can a Friday afternoon get any better?  I don’t think so!  On Friday, June 20th Fairplex will be rockin’ as the Vans Warped Tour makes a stop here for yet another year of music and live action.  With multiple stages and high action sports it is a sight to see and hear!moshpit Rockin at warp speed

“Got chicks, all hot chicks…” (Clothes Off)  Anyways, there is definitely one band I can’t WAIT to see…Gym Class Heroes!  With their ever popular “Cupids Chokehold/Breakfast in America” (gym class heroes 300x121 Rockin at warp speedSampled from Supertramp) and “Clothes Off!” both from their As Cruel As School Children album.  GCH gained major fame as an indie band with a hip hop style unlike any other: They actually feature live instrumentals in their music. If you want to learn more about them check out their website, or just wander on down to the lovely Wikipedia.


“We’re the Pirates who don’t do anything; we just stay at home and lie around!” (We’re the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything) Being a teenager doesn’t mean I know every band performing.  In fact, I only know 3!  I’m such a dweeb!  I’ll take Beach Boys any day of the week, but ask me if I know who Relient K is, and chances relient k Rockin at warp speedare I’ll shrug my shoulders and go “who?”  Don’t get me wrong, I more than likely love their music, I just don’t know it’s them singing!  This next statement should tell you what kind of person I am…I know Relient K sings “We’re the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” from Veggie Tales.  I can’t believe I just admitted that.

“And I’m racking my brain for a new improved way, to let you know you’re more to me than what I know how to say…” (Must Have Done Something Right)  Well, now that you know a little about me and who is performing, are you ready to go?  I can’t wait to meet all you faithful bloggers out at Warped Tour! See you on the infield.

Fly, rock, skate

Where to begin? In just one weekend, we have birds, both feathered and on skates, a home and backyard expo and an indie, punk, goth rock music festival. Here’s the skinny, in case you’re looking for something fun to birds 300x199 Fly, rock, skate 

Recession Busters

There are birds of all sizes and breeds at Everybody’s Bird Mart in Fairplex 4. Admission is only $5 for adults; kids under 12 are free. Sunday, June 22, 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. I didn’t know that much about birds before I checked out this bird mart. For help on choosing a pet bird, click on the birds at right and view Alyson’s Pet Birds Blog.

gardening 300x199 Fly, rock, skate

Maybe you can’t afford the gas to drive to see relatives in Montana but you can afford to come to Fairplex to see all the latest in home improvement,  interior design and landscaping so that you have a lovely setting for your “staycation” (precious sound-bite term for stay-at-home vacation coined by the TV  news networks). Pomona Home & Backyard Show, Friday, June 20 – Sunday, June 22. Click on link above for a coupon for free admission.

Birds on Skates

Don’t be fooled. Roller derby is hot again. Very hot. A recent L.A. Times article describes a crowd of 1,700 derby fans finding their way to an old warehouse in Los Angeles to see the L.A. Derby Dolls. It’s part soap opera, part histrionics a la WWF, and part oval-track racing. Mostly, it’s fun…and fast. The L.A. T-Birds rollergames action mixes it up on Saturday, June 21, from 7 – 11 p.m. right here at Fairplex 9. Adult admission $17, children under 12 are $11. Discount tickets are available at the T-Birds’ website. Web site price is $5 off general admission price. Park at Gate 9 on White Avenue.


Calling all Vans fans

This is like Kurt Cobain meets the Ramones, said one Vans Warped Tour fan of the skateboard music concert and extreme sports festival that rocks Fairplex every year in June. “Warped Tour is a place for teenage kids to go and hear all their favourite bands in one day,” says Rob Pasalic, guitarist for the Saint Alvia Cartel, in Wikipedia. Among the bands appearing at this year’s tour are Jean, From First to Last, Relient K, Story of the Year, The Fabulous Rudies, Beat Union and The Academy Is.

They come by the hundreds to the Fairplex Park infield, where as many as 50 bands will play on Friday, June 20 from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. Park at Gate 17 on Fairplex Drive. Advance tickets are at for $30. More on this in our next post, when someone who’s waaay more into this than the Scoopster will fill you in.

Forget the necktie

Dads hate ties. Most dads like cars, though. So celebrate Father’s Day at the 44th Annual L.A. Roadster Show instead. Admission is actually less than a tie and you get to hang around with some really cool car guys and a whole lot of their classic pre-1935  roadsters, most of which are better cared for than a Hollywood starlet.

Anyway, here are the details: Saturday and Sunday, June 14 and 15, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Yes, you read 7 a.m. This means you can take in the roadster show and still make it hroadster photo 201x300 Forget the necktieome in time for Sunday dinner. All good, since sometimes moms don’t love cars as much as dads do.

Park at Gate 17. Hop on the tram. Admission is $15 per person; free for children under 12. You can purchase a special weekend pass for both days for $25.


Forget the necktie, part 2

You can set the stage for a perfect Father’s Day celebration at Wine & Cars Under the Stars, the sipping and noshing and oohing and aaahing (at the classic roadsters) benefit for the Millard Sheets Center for the Arts. It’s this Saturday night, 6 – 11 p.m. at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum; adults only, of course, because it’s about adult beverages of all kinds. There’s an auction, too, and dancing. Whooeee!mscaf 300x181 Forget the necktie

Last year’s event was wicked awesome, with guests enjoying a “drive-in” movie. This year’s feature film is Viva Las Vegas, an Elvis fave from 1964.

wine cars drive in movie 300x186 Forget the necktie









This year’s has some new twists that promise to make it even cooler. The new Wine World of Sports competition pitted entries from the wineries of golf, baseball, hockey and appropriately, car racing greats. It was the Dodgers’ Tommy Lasorda versus golf’s John Daly, fighting cork to bottle with racing’s Mario Andretti.

And the winner? LASORDA, Pinot Grigio, Veneto IGT 2007, which won Best Wine and Best of Class. Lasorda himself will join other wine lovers at the Saturday night soiree. He has a blog, too, in case you want to hear him sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” It’s pretty funny.

Tickets are $100 per person, $50 of which is tax deductible. For ticket info call Wendy Schwartz at 909.865.4207 or visit WCUS tix.


Forget the necktie, part 3


If you’re really serious about Dad’s special day, the Giant RV Show is here through Sunday, the 15th, in the White Avenue lot. It’s free and there are deals to be made, folks.


See you Saturday night!

June Vroom!

June Vroom!corr 300x176 June Vroom!

It looked like this on June 3 before the races started.


On Friday, June 6 through Sunday, June 8, it will look and sound like this!

Nearly 10,000 race fans per day come to see and experience Championship Off-Road Racing (CORR) at Fairplex. This is fast, dirty, fender-to-bumper action with 2- and 4-wheel drive trucks. You can see pretty much the entire action from anywhere in the stands. Friday, June 6 is practice and qualifying; races are Saturday and Sunday. General admission is $30.

What you might not know: The CORR folks literally dig up the pavement and reconstruct a part of the Fairplex grounds, turning it into an off-road dirt track. When it’s over, they repave it and it looks just like the usual mild-mannered Fairplex grounds.

Vroom with a view – and it’s almost freespeedboat 200x300 June Vroom!

If CORR isn’t your thing, you’ve still got options this weekend at Fairplex. The 22nd Annual Spring Boat Show has more than 350,000 square feet of everything that floats, from runabouts and fishing craft to ski boats and cabin cruisers. Admission is $10, but if you go to the Southern California Marine Association web site, you can get in for $2 ( Runs from Thursday, June 5 – Sunday, June 8.


You’re gonna need a motorhome to haul that new speedboat to one of the Golden State’s many recreational waterways, so you can go on over to the White Avenue lot for the Giant L.A. RV Show. Free admission to this one. Friday, June 6 through Sunday, June 15, which is Dad’s Day. Shopping opportunity here, folks.

motorhome 200x300 June Vroom!