Behind-the-Scenes: LA County Fair Preparations

This past week has been a busy one for us! Farm animals moving in, food stands getting set up, carnival rides, games and prizes flowing through, not to mention the construction of our new exhibits .. FAIR season is here, and we haven’t seen a quiet day in a long time.

Despite our packed schedule, we’re having a blast seeing the LA County Fair come together. Check out photos below to see how things are going:

We can’t wait to welcome you to our 94th annual Fair! For all information regarding tickets, entertainment, hours and more, visit us at!

Pomona Assembly Center Plaque

Today we had the honor of unveiling the Pomona Assembly Center plaque at Fairplex. This landmark recognizes the Japanese Americans detained at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds in 1942 during World War II.

Photo Aug 24 11 17 20 AM 1024x768 Pomona Assembly Center Plaque

We were honored to have more than 100 guests and several presenters at the event, including several of the Japanese Americans detained here, representatives from the U.S. Army, the Consul General of Japan, and family members of many who were part of this history. 

Special thanks to all who made this ceremony happen, including the Pomona Assembly Center committee, LACFA members and Fairplex employees.

The Assembly Center plaque is located at Gate 1 next to the Fairplex Administration building.

Fairplex Snapshot: The Farm Road

Farming happens 24/7 at The Farm, but during the LA County Fair, we add an extra heap of energy to the normal urban farm life. The Farm Road, for instance, becomes a colorful, dynamic tapestry of Fair treats and entertainment.

Fairplex Snapshot thefarmroad Fairplex Snapshot: The Farm Road


Guests can say hello to the Budweiser Clydesdales, take a peek into popular circus acts, indulge their sweet and savory cravings, and take in the view of the Grandstand.

As we get into Fair season (Sept. 2 – 25) head over to the Hot Blog On A Stick to learn about that Farm Fair life: a dude ranch, line dancing, delicious food, shows, animals, tours and more. We can’t wait!

Throwback Thursday: Fairplex Garden Railroad (1949!)

We found this fantastic photo of the Fairplex Garden Railroad, taken at the 1949 LA County Fair! The garden railroad is one of our longest standing Fair exhibits, dating back to the 1930s. Today it thrives under the caring and creative hands of our volunteers. Check it out this year at the LA County Fair!

Fairplex Snapshot: Cards For Kids

We partnered up with Inland Empire United Way for a Cards For Kids project! Our entire team made some colorful, fun cards to give to children staying long-term at local hospitals. We hope these cards will bring a little sunshine and fun into their lives when they get them.

Behind-the-Scenes: Fair Mode

It’s safe to say we’re in full Fair mode over here. Over the next few weeks our campus will slowly but surely transform into the Fairgrounds that 1.3 million guests trek through each year.

We have just begun set-up, but you can already tell it’s going to be an epic year:

LACF Attractions jurassicplanetgate 1024x768 Behind the Scenes: Fair Mode

The dinosaurs are taking their time migrating over here, but our entrance is almost built and ready to welcome guests in September.

LACF Attractions bigredbarn e1469564925727 225x300 Behind the Scenes: Fair Mode The Big Red Barn is almost ready for our farm animals! Our petting zoo is in the process of being set up (left photo.)

If you walk a little further in, you can see where the cows, pigs, goats, sheep and other animals are going to be too.

Our team has already brought in familiar barn facades, hand-washing stations, and stages for our shows.

Sky Shivers will be driving down in a few weeks with all your Fair favorites, along with a few new friends!

LACF DIY display 1024x768 Behind the Scenes: Fair Mode One of our favorite spots, the DIY Design Studio, has made quite the transformation over the past couple months. Fair guests near and far have submitted their entries for our annual contests (jewelry, quilting, photography etc) and our team is busy putting everything up for display.

It seems like every day there’s something new that’s being built! Stay tuned here and on the official Fair blog to see what’s in store for the 2016 Fair.

Urban Farming: Meet the Animals

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know we have slowly but surely brought in animals to live with us on our newly expanded Farm! Take a look at how our residents are doing:

TheFarm bunnies e1469484230359 768x1024 Urban Farming: Meet the Animals
We house a number of these furry little friends (and have witnessed them giving birth to several litters!) They have taken up residence in our old barns, building burrows for themselves and enjoying fresh produce from our crops.


TheFarm chickens 168x300 Urban Farming: Meet the Animals Back in March we brought in several incubators and hatched a number of healthy chicks.

They have grown quite a bit since then, and have also moved into one of the old barns. Our little biddies are busy eating, clucking and now hatching eggs in our makeshift coop.

It’s pretty fun to watch them go about their daily routines, feeding, sleeping and nesting each week. It’s hard to believe they were just tiny little chicks a few months ago!


TheFarm turtles 300x225 Urban Farming: Meet the Animals Turtles
We recently built a pond to help with our hydroponics system, and have welcomed a few turtles as well! They’re quite content eating the lettuce we provide them, along with small insects, while swimming and sunning themselves as they please. Eventually we plan to bring in some fish. Ducks are welcome to swim and splash as they please!

Nala the Cat (& others!)
While we are focusing on raising rabbits, chickens and pond life, we like to care for other animals in need too. Our most recent rescues include little Nala, an adorable kitten who was left on our doorstep last month, and a set of mallard ducklings. Once the ducklings are strong and healthy, we’ll release them back into the wild where they belong.

We’ll have more updates for you in the near future! Something new happens almost every week on our urban farm…

Fairplex Snapshot: BuildABeast Experience 2016

While the rest of Fairplex is fairly quiet today, the Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center is alive with high energy, big talent and tons of fun.

The Build A Beast Experience has taken over, complete with classes, workshops and performances all centered around one thing: DANCE. We stopped by this morning to see how things were going and saw a class led by So You Think You Can Dance alum Twitch. Check it out:

For more info on the BuildABeast Experience, visit If you’re interested in booking other events with us, please visit or We would be happy to speak with you!