MonthOctober 2017

Our 95th Anniversary!

On October 17, 1922 the first ever LA County Fair opened and ran for five days. 95 years later and we’re still going strong, celebrating our community, agriculture and the food, entertainment and culture of Southern California.
Only five years left until we hit the big 1-0-0!

Fair Snapshot: Would You Rather at America's Kids

If you stopped by the America’s Kids exhibit this year, you might have participated in our “Would You Rather” game. Our team told us that quite a few of you were wondering which choices won. Here are the results!

Posses the power of flight or invisibility?
Winner: Invisibility

Be a member of the Knights of the Round Table or Robin Hood’s Merry Men?
Winner: Knights of the Round Table

Find a handful of magic beans or a pouch of pixie dust?
Winner: Pixie Dust

Be given the task of destroying Sauron’s One Ring or Voldemort’s Seven Horcruxes?
Winner: Horcruxes

Cuddle up with Winnie the Pooh or the Velveteen Rabbit?
Winner: Winnie the Pooh

Live in a Gingerbread House or a Fairy Tree House?
Winner: Fairy Tree House